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  1. Just booked my room & flight to SEMA this year….. I PROMISE more pictures than you'll want.
  2. You all just KNEW I'd be here for this old school, bare knuckle beat-down. DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!! There is no such thing as a DODGE Barracuda. It's a NEW NAME. Please continue to do so and name it as a NEW muscle car!!!!! Signed Barracuda owner
  3. Hmmm…. if I can't mention Ellen, Kathy, Laura, Eileen, Donna, or Diane I guess I'll mention the Porsche incident….. I used to work for DOR Porsche/Audi in Port Washington as a technician. Our long road test loop took me up into Port Washington to the water and we would hook back down along side of Bar Beach, a commercial area that was 2 lanes in each direction with a 200' wide center island. Wide open, plenty of visibility, perfect area for "high speed" testing. Safe. Except for the rise in the road……. visibly to the end of the road. A friend worked for a private telecommunications outfit and he was walking to his van across the street from my dealership, located on Northern Blvd. I beep and wave him over, as I always promised him a ride in a Porsche if I ever saw him in the area. I saw him and I was driving a (then) new 928. He got in and off we went on the "long loop" as we called it. After sedately cruising up to the water, we turn south along the beach headed back to Northern Blvd. and I stand on it. I start reading off our speed as we accelerate: 90-100-110-120-and as I say 130 we crest the rise in the road and there's a Nassau County cruiser with radar in the median. In a momentary decision to have dinner with my family and with not in jail, I kept my foot in it, proceeded to the Northern Blvd. merge and ran back to the dealership, where I parked the car waaaaaaaay in the back of the dealers lot, my friend got out of the car with rubbery legs. Fun indeed.
  4. The correct term for the medical condition that has afflicted Chris is called "GAS". Guitar Acquisition Syndrome __________________________________________________________ My bad for not complimenting you on your stash. Only 14?
  5. Looks like I may have 1 build to knock out before I stuff everything in boxes and move. I need to finish a Christmas present early and I have almost everything except the license plates. Who'e the go-to source for nice scale plates? TIA…..
  6. I had CUDA 2GO on my car for over 10 years. Too often it was confused with Cuda 260, which makes no sense. I had enough and did a search for a new plate. This is too cool. Can't believe it was available !
  7. Isn't this like the third time in as many years as we've had this change?
  8. Nah…. I want to move closer to my job! Besides, I already did Pa. for 5 yrs.
  9. Thanks Harry. I affectionately call the `Cuda My Mistress and Amy is OK with it. No jealousy…..
  10. I found a how-to on swapping out the resistor in a standard flasher, but for $6……. It works like a champ! http://www.ebay.com/itm/111121307667?item=111121307667&viewitem=&sspagename=ADME:X:AAQ:MOTORS:1123&vxp=mtr
  11. Yeah, I know we have some work ahead of us. But the thought of a real backyard and a better house is nice. My Wife (bless her….) is showing me houses with 4 car garages. The problem with that is the property taxes are insane….. like $14K a year or higher! Yikes!!!! If we shop for a modest house, 2 car garage, deep driveway, and a hobby room/basement space where I can stretch out it would be nice. And as for introducing the neighbors to the `Cuda, I may yank the engine when we move in (rear main & pan is leaking….) and make friends. Once we know each other and have shared a BBQ or two, I'll put it back together and rattle their windows. Just want out of Queens. The last parking space was taken last week. It's full.
  12. Although the modeling will be on hold for a while, I'm still always looking to fabricate and create stuff (my job is a great outlet) so I finally finished my LED tail lights I made for my car. I did the research on circuits and material, made a few failed attempts, and built a set. I have the dual filament function for brake/signals and I also made LED's for my reverse lights. I also found a higher resistance flasher relay for LED use. Check it out! With reverse lights Without reverse lights
  13. We're getting the house ready to sell so we have to store 3/4's of our stuff until we can sell/buy the house. It's kind of exciting since the 2 stipulations I made was a 2 car garage (electricity, detached, deep driveway) and a hobby room big enough for both me AND the dog. My current situation is more than most have, but severely compromised as it is. Tiny doesn't begin to describe it….. the room is about 10' X 10'. Amy has her list of demands too, but they are reasonable. Namely 2 baths and a finished basement with a second kitchen for holiday baking. Otherwise 2 bedrooms, yard entrance from back of house, and some other much less important details. The new accommodations require: A/C - Day Light - SPACE ! And of course music, maybe a TV, small `fridge. A bathroom close by would be nice too….. But mostly space. To be able to roll my chair back further than 11" without hitting something would be a nice experience. And a display cabinet. All my stuff is in boxes and cases now. We've only been here about 5 years but it's time for change. Packing up sucks, but staying here would suck worst. Actually I will contact you. I know your always looking for materials, kits, and supplies. I'll be in touch….. ;-)
  14. So starts the process of sorting and packing up a household. My family has owned this house since 1969 so there's a few things to go through…… Throwing out un-needed stuff, pairing down necessities, and boxing and storing. One of the first casualties is the model room. Talk about a daunting task! I'll pop in occasionally to say hi, but my building is on hold until, well…. until i un-pack wherever we end up. Later guys, build on…..
  15. I use Apple/MAC and I have them pop up occasionally…….
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