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  1. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic It's official….   

    Rich, my commute is brutal now. From Queens to Deer Park (27 miles….) can take an hour or better coming home at night. Mornings are 25-35 minutes now. If I add 15 minutes to my Wife's train ride, I can trim a 1/2 hour drive home at night. As for the taxes and expenses, me & my Wife are frugal at home. Besides, our expenses aren't going to be that much more after all things are considered
    Jim, never. My Sister lives in Winterhaven now (she used to live in Orlando & Homassassa) and she can't wait to move out. I've been there 4 times and with the distraction of Disney on the first visit, I never enjoyed being there. Besides, Long Island is closer to my people…..
  2. FASTBACK340 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    It's official….
    …… house hunting has begun. After settling into this house we get to pack it all up. Again. (We just did this 5 yrs. ago!) But the up-side is I'm definitely getting a hobby room with heat-A/C- and ROOM! My cubby hole was useful, but not inviting. Kind of like an outhouse.
    Wife requires min. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths (at least one with a full size tub for soaking), and potential baking area in the basement.
    I require min. 1 1/2 car garage, better hobby room, finished basement with outside entrance.
    We want bigger yard, bigger driveway, and more room. Good-bye Queens, hello Nassau County.
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  3. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic New format   

    I'm finding posting pictures a hassle right now. I'll figure it out….. Might be a MAC thing, might be me.
    And yes, the lack of a preview button. For someone like myself that (when he's building….) likes to post how-to / in-progress threads with photos and text the no preview feature is an inconvenience. 
  4. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic Polar Lights 64 GTO   

    I'm getting to know one of these very intimately! Nice to know the kit is "workable" if the customer wants a replica!

  5. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic Guitars   

    The Acoustic Honer & the American Fender I still own. The others have all moved on….. The 8 string Schecter was a monster sound.

    My Ibanez BTB's I just sold. 18V active electronics too hot for my style.

    Being a huge fan of Jack Bruce from my childhood, I got a reproduction EB3-L. Mine is in Black, very rare.

    I also own a Warwick Double-buck Corvette.

    Horsepower is Gallien-Krueger 1001RB into a G-K SBX410. For big rooms, or outdoors, I add the Carvin single 18" for added depth.
    On the left is my newest addition: Schecter Stiletto Stealth. On the right is my Hot Rodded P-bass hybrid that I'll NEVER sell.
    I also use a Digi-tech Bass processor and a Volume pedal. I just added a Furman surge protector and a Korg digital tuner to my rack set-up. I also have a Line6 wireless unit that was having issues when these pictures were taken.

    Yeah, Hot Rods…. Models….and Rock-n-Roll. It's like a lifetime of being 17 yrs. old…..

  6. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic 1:1 Projects   

    First of all, thank you all for the comments. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement. Doing work like this full time is a dream come true and I'm always on the lookout for new details. The carbon fiber 4D wrap is really neat stuff. It's hard to "show" what it feels like, but it has an actual "weave" texture to the finish.

    And it's thin. Bump it with a heat gun and you can get it to pretty much follow any contour (within reason….). My air cleaner lid has one or two small imperfections, but I'm not complaining. The kid did a great job on both the air cleaner and steering wheel.

    Again, I wish I could better show the texture…… Bill, if your curious enough, you can find it on e-Bay in varying amounts and prices. You can gamble less than $20 and play with it.

    Last year I had bought a carbon fiber dash overlay for my car. When I ordered it I asked if they could delete the heater and radio openings. This is what I got. BTW: Look at the horn button done with 2D carbon fiber. It's basically printed on a glossy finish. VERY low-rent, but all that was available back then….. But the dash is from DMT (Detroit Muscle Technologies). Jim reproduces TONS of hard to find and one-off gasket and body seals for 1:1 muscle cars. The factory hood insert gaskets on my car are made of un-obtainium, so Jim sent me a set of prototype gaskets he made for me to try (I used to be a moderator over at a Mopar site….. and it had perks) for these impossible to find gaskets. Great guy, great product.

    So here's the steering wheel throwing down the next challenge: BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH thing is too close to the dash, I need a spacer/thicker mount. The directional stalk is about 3/8" from the rim, and the pistol grip shifter hits the wheel going into reverse. It's like a chess game.

    BTW: That's a Halon fire extinguisher on the trans tunnel. Halon is pricey, but so were those aluminum cylinder heads and 6 Bbl. set-up. Carry one guys. A simple fuel leak can cause enough heat to ruin stuff fast. The Halon won't corrode the aluminum or ruin your wiring harness like Home Depot $20 Kidde units. Keep those in the kitchen. Carry it and make it ACCESSIBLE, not in the trunk!
  7. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic 1:1 Projects   

    First order of business was to strip-out the grilles and lights.

    I also upgraded the headlights to H-4 Halogens. I spliced in the required relays and circuit breakers. And since I was adding the H-4's, I bought a set with the Halo's.

    Some #0000 steel wool, a piece of Wadding clothe, a spritz of argent here, some flat black there, a new set of parking light lenses…...

    And the Mistress gets a facelift.

  8. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic 1:1 Projects   

    I also decided to update the look under the hood….

    Instead of body color for the 6Bbl. lid…….

    Again, 4D carbon fiber wrap.

  9. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic 1:1 Projects   

    I have manual steering and at times it's a PIA….. I also have a custom wheel, which is 14 1/2" diameter. The stock wheel is 17", but not really "stylish". Grant finally released a larger diameter (16") aftermarket wheel. Although it was a $45 wheel (cheap….) I wanted the larger diameter. Soooooo…….

    Here's the wheel

    After a visit to my local tint/wrap shop for some nice 4D carbon fiber wrap. Cost me a $20 tip..….

    The final detail is a chrome lapel pin mounted on the horn button.

  10. FASTBACK340 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    1:1 Projects
    Made my own LED reverse/tail lights for my 1:1 `Cuda.

    Now THAT'S a reverse light!

    And the LED taillights…...

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  11. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic clear sprays...tamiya or testors wet look...whats the best...   

    And in the VERY NEXT POST they run past you and continue the debate! Nothing changes around here!

    As for the clear-coats, just test-shoot spoons. This way you can offer a simple answer if the question is ever asked in the future.
  12. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic Wow, what a ride so far…..   

    Thanks….. in 2 weeks we'll have the memorial and move on. Quite literally…..

    We're going to be house hunting this fall, maybe sooner. The activity never slows down around here! But on a positive note I'll have the Barracuda back on the streets in a day or two. I forgot 2 pieces at work today, otherwise I'd be in the garage right now. And yes, therapy is good. My wife was baking last weekend, something she loves to do. So we're getting back to doing what we do.

    But the thought of sorting and packing up this house………
  13. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic Post-Poned modeling due to this:   

    Me & the Mrs. have been talking about moving. With moving comes the love/hate of searching for what you want and what you need. I'll concede the 2 car garage down to a 1 1/2, but I need a bigger hobby area. With light and ventilation and windows. Post these pictures and give me another item to add to our wish-list: bigger hobby room. I look at peoples work areas and try and find something useful. I've gotten a million ideas from some of the posts. Good job re-organizing!

    As an aside, Queens is officially full. Long Island here we come. It's gotten too BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH congested and too much dumb is moving in. It was nice while it lasted……
  14. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic Wow, what a ride so far…..   

    First week we both worked a full week since February! Amy is doing OK, we're both still surprised how quickly she deteriorated….. And yes, she's fortunate she didn't suffer and erode away further. It was just awkward, not heartbreaking yet……. we have a memorial service planned so out-of-state family can come in. Now we adjust.

    Meanwhile way back in January I had dis-assembled some of the car in the hope of doing some up-grades. As life prevented me from doing everything in a laid-back manner, now I'm picking & choosing what I want/must get done, and what could wait so I can get it back on the road. Over the past week I finished a quick spit-n-polish on the grilles. It felt good to spray some paint and makes stuff nice.

    Tomorrow I throw in 5 Gal. of VPVintage and fire her up from the l-o-n-g sleep. Drop her off the stands, tend to the couple of items I must do, and give her a sponge bath. Looking forward to pulling a few gears….
  15. FASTBACK340 added a post in a topic Wow, what a ride so far…..   

    Today is the first day we're actually "back to normal" as far as our usual routine is concerned. Amy is doing well, but it's just been nuts. First she lost her Father in March, now her Mom. Oh, BTW: Her Brother was hospitalized last month and HE has health issues too!

    Wow…. time out.