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  1. Saw this on my way to work this morning. I believe this to be a 39 or 40 Studebaker.
  2. WOW, Amazing build! Great photography too.
  3. Thats awesome. That movie scared me when I was a kid haha
  4. Looks great! I love this style truck. I built one these kits just a few weeks ago.
  5. Wow that crazy. In Canada they are around $1.50
  6. You must have seen the 850R BTCC that hotwheels came out with
  7. I love that 850! I want to get one to make a replica of my friends 850 but those kits are pretty pricey.
  8. Looking good! Here an under hood picture of a local 72 Celica that has a 1UZ swap. There are some engine bay differences with this being an earlier car.
  9. There ya go. My Celica has the same facelift front clip as your model so this is all accurate to what you're building. If you want any other photos let me know.
  10. WOW! This is awesome!!! Let me know if you need any pics of a 1st gen Celica for any detail things. Mines a coupe not a liftback so there are some differences.
  11. Very cool! I certainly have a soft spot for 1st gen Celicas.
  12. It was a very clean restored car by the looks of it. The car was sold to a guy not far from me who parted it out and used the whole floor for his own car. I was able to get the bumpers, headlight rings and door handles for my fathers car.
  13. Just like the Trailer Park Boys I am also from Nova Scotia haha. When I was just a baby my dad had a huge garage that Mike Clattenburg's (the creator of TPB) band would practice in. Mr Laheys car was Mikes daily driver at the time.
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