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  1. The AMT Opel GT kit also includes an optional "Buick V6" that might work. But you'd have to figure out the intake, because the options are a stock carb/pie plate air cleaner or Hilborn injection.
  2. I've been a part of that world (though not the competitions) for several years now. It's a great way to rid yourself of any "excess" money you might have lying around, that's for sure... My creations aren't quite as intricate as those military trucks (yet), but still tons of fun. Jeep YJ: Mama Fratelli's getaway car: My scratch-built Land Rover: WIP '68 International Harvester pickup:
  3. It's paint. I wanted to try an old trick I read about ages ago: paint the tip of a Pink Pearl eraser and use that as a pad to dab the paint on the tips of the letters. It worked really well on the fenders, less so on the "EDSEL" letters inside the coves on the rear fenders. I think the surrounding area needs to be convex for it to work properly.
  4. They were great little cars! My first car was a Mk1 Scirocco, and my second was a hand-me-down Mk2 Golf from my dad. And a good friend in college had a 4 door Rabbit. I have an old AMT Scirocco kit that I'll build eventually. They did a Rabbit too, and I think they've both been re-released.
  5. Looks great! I'm very fond of the early watercooled VWs. So cool that you're actually getting the right paint codes for things. I might have to pick up one of these kits... being a member of this site is going to get expensive...
  6. You may be right, but it sure looked like a clutch pedal... same size and shape as the brake. Anyway, you can barely see it now. Getting down to little details now...
  7. Very cool! I started to build an RC model of that Westinghouse truck a while back, but it kind of fell off my radar. Maybe I should dig it out and finish it...
  8. Wow, you really nailed that mid-80s Honda blue interior color... looks great!
  9. Nice! It'll make a cool counterpoint to my bone-stock one. Watching with interest...
  10. When my wife and I moved into our house 8 years ago, I claimed the downstairs bedroom. Can't really call it a "man cave" if there's no TV and a lot of books, so I call it "my study." Sounds better. Here's the workbench: And my collection/stash, mixed in with my RC models... The other side of the room is my desk, currently a mess as it's my work-from-home office.
  11. Did a bunch of BMFing while watching TV last night. Still getting the hang of this stuff, but I like it!
  12. Gotta love a Miata! I had to sell mine in order to buy the MG. ("Only one project car at a time!") No regrets, but I still kinda miss it... 250,000 miles on a 1.6 and still purred like a kitten when I sold it.
  13. Looks great, and brings back memories - when I worked in a service station in the mid-90s, roughly every fifth car was a GM W-body of some sort. I always liked the styling of these 2-door ones, especially the Pontiacs.
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