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  1. First build in 30 years and it shows?. I tried to do a semi gloss clear over black primer but that didn’t work out to well so I will knock it down and try something else. Ruined 2 decals so I think I’ll go decal-less on this build for now
  2. Hey all, been lurking for a few days and finally had to say hey. I haven’t built a model in over 30 years, yes that’s right 30 years, so after losing my job over the coronavirus and not really having anything to do I started surfing YouTube. After watching a couple builds of the 29 Model A roadster I ordered one from model round up. I will probably do a box stock build and maybe order another for a kit bash build, nothing radical but I’d love to put a flat head in it after I find one. Thanks for allowing me in and hope to see more wonderful builds
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