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  1. Thank you guys for your time to check this out Exhaust. very happy with the final result. Here i used AK extreme aluminium and sealed it with clear flat from alclad. After all is dry i applied raw umber oil and slowly slowly started to clean it with a dry paint brush, leaving just a filter on the pipes.
  2. thanks for your comment. I find oils very good to use, gives you time to work and you can blend them very easy.
  3. A bit of more progress on the Pagani cockpit almost ready with most of the upgrades fixed. then is engine time and so far i'm very happy how it's coming along together. Hope you like the following pictures. Filter was made out of miliput.
  4. Here is an other update, Working on carbon fiber which this car has a way too much. continuing the interior and the start of the engine. Hope you like it. I dont know if me, but im seeing that the photos im post are really big. dont know if im doing something wrong.
  5. Very simple but effective. as you can see in the picture i used a base color saddle tan. After first base is dry i used oil paints raw umber. Then, directly from the tube. Removed the execs on a sponge and you can started to touch the brush gently with the part. I suggest to use the most worn brush so you will get a better unsymmetrical effect. Hope this helps
  6. thank You guys 😀✌️
  7. Well this were i was swearing most with this f$%"£ carbon. But yes i love the out come. Found the tamiya carbon decals very easy to use compared to other brand. Also i used some masking tape to create a template. will let it to dry for few days and lacquer will be sprayed.
  8. Yes true in fact i fixed them. thank you for pointing it out Dann.
  9. Thank you .. will post more pictures soon
  10. i'm not very sure but i followed this reference photo.
  11. Front bracket ready and also i added a bit of scratch build. Also front part is ready and CF is fixed. Next, Seats and leather effect. Using zero paints saddle tan and raw umber oil paint.
  12. Thanks Dann, yes infect i saw your post and that's what inspired me to sign up to this forum. Really loved the way you scratch build the locks. Hope fully when i get there, i'll try to do something like that too.
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