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  1. Nice build!!!!... I blame this guy that made me blow up my models in the early '70s.... R.I.P. Ron...
  2. Nice! Very nice.... 🙂👍
  3. That one turned out Super Nice!!!.... 😎👍
  4. You could also cut up a boom box antenna with a tube cutter... I think those are made from chrome plated brass tubing... I save old junk like that...🙄😁
  5. They never seen my house.....🙄😞
  6. Please post pictures Snake!!! Thanks bud!... 👍
  7. Great! Now I got Gatorade coming out of my nose... 🙄ðŸĪŠðŸ˜
  8. I should double-check the Daytona yellow paint... I just might be wrong... 🙄
  9. That's^^^^^what I like!... 😁👍 Lots of elbow room...😉
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