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  1. All I have is a bunch of 20 year old Dupli color cans....
  2. Yeah I also used to watch the Ghoul on Saturday nights.... 🙄😁😞 A lot of my models were destroyed by fireworks....
  3. Will the stock caps/wheels and tires from the Revell '57 chevys work???? Those look a little better.....
  4. Hope mine looks half as nice when I get it done.... 😎👍
  5. Deuces ll

    1967 GTX

    .....and I just love the shine!!!..... 🤓🤓🤓👍
  6. I starting to hear "that song" in my head again.... 😎👍 Nice build to..... 🤓👍
  7. $1450.00 bucks????..... No thanks!.... 😟😬😡🙄
  8. If anyone wants to see what the 1/8th scale kit looks like, let me know and snap some pictures of it and post them on here....
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