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  1. Sorry fellas.... I ain't bitin'....👎 This ain't my style....😕
  2. Actually 52.9 something inches long.....🙂 That be almost 4 and half feet long.....🤗
  3. It's a dang shame there isn't that many detailed pictures of the ship or I'd buy one.....
  4. The cheapest price I've seen on the net is like $467.00+shipping....
  5. Has anyone seen this yet???... Sorry I didn't know where else to post this.. My bad....😟 The kit has over 1300 parts.... It is huge!!!!...😮
  6. Yeah, what they^^^^^all said!.....👍😎👍
  7. I plan on using the 500s on a Duster build when I get a chance.... I think they'll make it look mean.....😠😁👍
  8. That almost looks like the '66 used in the "Jeepers Creepers 2" movie..... 👍
  9. I've always wondered what one of these would look like with a set of Magnum 500 wheels on it.... 😉😉
  10. Thank you Chris!..... I watched your video on that build and I'm planning on getting one of those...🙂👍
  11. You know me.... Thumbs up!..... 😎👍
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