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  1. I have the '64 Belvedere kit from Lindberg.. The side panel shows an engine display stand but my kit didn't come with one... 😞
  2. $40.00????.... WoW!.. 😞 Well, I do have one.. Could sure use a couple more but not at that price.... 🙄
  3. I remember when those were new and sitting in the lot at Bob Ford on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn.... They also had the pinto and Maverick with that striping kit...
  4. Looks like rust to me.....
  5. Wow, my dad passed away at '66 also in 2004.... 😞 Makes me wonder if I only have 6 years left.....
  6. Nice build!.... I also have a cat.... She's a sweetheart..🤗
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