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  1. Sweeeeeeet!......😎👍
  2. A split window with a big block... Sounds like the best of both worlds to me....😁👍
  3. Why not get the Monogram or Revell 1/12 scale kit???... It has the skirts also....😉
  4. Wow has it been that long????..... I bought mine also when it came out back then... I opened the box and checked out all the goodies and then put it away.... Yep! It's another one of those "some day" when I get a chance to build it kits....🙄😞
  5. Is this a problem with all the "new tool" Revell '57 Chevy kits????...
  6. Yep! That one brings back memories... Well done!... 🙂👍
  7. Plus he has good taste in music ðŸŽĩðŸŽĩðŸŽķðŸŽķ.... 😎👍
  8. I have a couple of these also.... I love the valve covers in this kit.... The intake is a nice high rise piece....
  9. Twisting the sidewall of the vinyl tires back and forth on a small piece of scotch brite does a beautiful job....
  10. Thank you sir!... 🙂👍 I should have known to look on the Revell site...ðŸĪŠðŸ™„
  11. I have a whole box of the ultra fine pads that I ordered through work.... I have enough to last me a lifetime.... Think I only paid 13 bucks for the box at the time....
  12. First I dip the body and hood in a clean tub of Super Clean to disolve the mold release oils.. Do what final prep the body might need likes mold lines and what not... Then use ultra fine scotch brite (the grey stuff) on the body and hood just to remove the shine in the plastic and last but not least, wash those parts with warm water and dish soap... Let dry for a day and then paint....
  13. That "floater" is gone!!!!!.... YaY! 😎👍
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