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  1. I would like to join in with this ’41 Willys. As luck would have it, I got my new Hot Rod today and there was a short article about a ’41 Willys with Art Morrison coil over chassis and 2015 Corvette LS3. That isn’t exactly the way I was going, but the limited photos in the article may provide some inspiration. I have a couple other ideas for a more Interstate friendly suspension. I plan on keeping the 392 hemi and automatic, but converting the intake over to either a stack or barrel EFI. If time and skill permit, I may try to make some type of coil on or near plug conversion with either a FAST or Mega Squirt controller. I am also toying with the idea of trying to put a Porsche whale tail on the trunk so that from the rear it looks like some kind of weird Porsche. A word of advice, don’t google search Mega Squirt, but try diyautotune.com
  2. Another suggestion, if you don't mind is when you install the gauge faces rotate them as needed so that at normal operating conditions the needles would point straight up. The theory being a quick glance would tell a driver or co-driver during a special stage that something was Abby normal if a needle was not pointing up.
  3. Yes, if I remember correctly, the rally ran down that way in April 1976.
  4. That is outstanding. It is interesting looking at the technology for the day.
  5. I am asking this just in case my original idea disappears faster than my brother-in-law when the dinner check arrives. I have two Corvair issues, but without the spiffy Yenko box art that Snake posted. Now that he let the cat out of the bag, would I be able to use his box art if I went this way. Here are my boxes along with a Corvair rally car as a replica to a friend's that he ran out of Flagstaff in the mid '70s. The photo of the actual car shows it before the Pro Rally door number panels. BTW Snake, I like your Corv8 plan so the reason I got the second (& third) Corvairs was for the same thing with IMSA BMW type flares and wing.
  6. I am thinking about doing this as a first community build but was wondering how much of the original race car kit would need to remain. For example, if one where to start with a John Mazmania Willy's gasser could it be converted to a coil over front end? That straight axle would be brutal on the Interstate, let alone back country two lane.
  7. Sorry, both articles are from "Road & Track"
  8. Sorry JC, I don't have any photos of Goodwin's car. I emailed a friend of mine to see if he has any. Two of the factory cars were shipped to the US for the 1979 rally season. Danny Goodwin got one for West Coast Rallies and Jim Walker got one to run the East coast Rallies. The cars were in Alitalia livery with appropriate changes for identification for NARRA or SCCA Pro Rally. f I did things right, there are a couple photos of Jim Walkers car from the 1979 20 Stages rally in Michigan. If you click on "1978-79/" of the link below it will bring you to a directory of articles on the cars being brought over to the US. If you click on "1980-81/" of the link you can find the "Car & Driver" and Road & Track" test drive articles of the cars. The "Car & Driver" article has some interior and engine compartment photos. http://www.realautosport.com/images/mcmahon/Rally Data/ Bummer about the engine size, but love the work going on.
  9. Nice build on a great project. I haven't thought about one of these since the mid 70s. Kind of makes me want to build a Danny Goodwin version.
  10. After lurking for close to a year, I finally found the time to sign up. Like a lot of members, I built models as a kid, but life got in the way of the building part. I still acquired kits & accessories as I came up with ideas to build. I also kept up with magazines and books for all types of scale models. Every few years I would get ambitious and start building something. This usually lasted a couple weeks. Now that I've been mostly retired a few years, I am hoping I have enough home projects done that I can get back to building. My interests are Petty cars, Mopar drag cars, cars of other favorite teams, engineers or drivers, from all forms of racing, and the occasional oddball thing. I am technically competent with computers, but was so focused on getting the technical work done that I am a complete novice on the social aspects of forums and computers, so please excuse my mistakes and point me in the right direction when I go wrong. I have learned a lot already and hope to contribute soon.
  11. Thanks Ian, that is what I kind of figured.
  12. I like this project about lesser known cars and a personal connection. I have a question though based on your experience. What type of finish did the underside of the funny car bodies have? Was it raw fiberglass with the exterior colors showing through or painted black. I haven't found any photos that really show this. Thanks and keep u the good progress.
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