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  1. Just as I hit submit, I thought of another option for markings. How about an ex police car sold at auction with the original markings over sprayed with primer? It would have the police car look, but not be tied to a particular area.
  2. Just catching up on this thread. If it helps, the Arizona Highway Patrol runs some cars with low-vis markings. The car is silver with flat black markings. On another front life, parts, & making things realistic from the mundane point of view ( windshield wipers, mirrors, alternator, AC compressor) has slowed down the #22-'41 Willy's project, but it has given me the opportunity to brainstorm & try a few things. I am not ready to post anything yet. I have a new front end in place to replace the straight axle and am working out some clearance issues.
  3. Very interesting build. I especially like the way the splitter is integrated in the front bumper. Is that a Mopar big block wedge I see?
  4. There is a thread under the Community Builds. I don't have a thread yet as I am still working things out in my head and parts kits. I am hoping to start building and a thread soon.
  5. Different years may have had different block colors, but it appears they may have had different engines as well. The above photo shows an elephant Hemi. I am doing the same kit for the Cannonball ruse 2021 and it contains a 392 whale Hemi. Somewhere along the line I have seen a photo of this car with a red block 392.
  6. Dave, can you refresh my memory, was the #22 Bruce Jenner again or someone else?
  7. Ash, I think I have a good photo of this car from the 24 Hours of Daytona. I will keep looking for it, but in the meantime I came up with some photos that you can possibly extrapolate information, although most of it is related to the window nets. Sorry about the quality, but I was just starting to learn my camera, telephoto lens, and then a multiplier. First up is the Tim Richmond #25 Folgers car from the 1986 Riverside NASCAR race. I'm thinking with the sponsor promoting the same branding, the color should be similar to the Mustang. Also notice the window net that NASCAR was using at the time. The next photo is from the LA Times 6 hour at Riverside in 1983. It is a Roush IMSA GTO Mustang driven by Bruce Jenner. Among other classes, IMSA sanctioned the GTP, GTO, and Renault Cup classes. The following photos show a Zakspeed/Roush Mustang GTP, I think driven by Bobby Rahal and a Renault Cup car. Even with the differences in speed between he classes, the have the same window nets. As a side note, this Renault Cup car was purchased by Andy Pilgrim about a year or two later as his first dedicated race car when he cane to the States. The next photo shows a Roush Mustang GTO at the 1987 Riverside race. The same car model, the same team, but 4 years later with the same type of window net. And finally, IMSA sanctioned the Firehawk series which were stock automobiles with minimum modifications run on Firestone Firehawk street tires. This is from the 1987 Riverside race, driven by Andy Pilgrim. Again it has the sam window net seen in the previous IMSA examples. I also checked out some of my old Paul Oxman World racing calendars for window nets in IMSA GTO cars. It would make sense that the photos are from the year before the date of the calendar. On the 1989 calendar, the Roush XR4T had the window nets as shown. The 1990 calendar did not have a clear shot of any window nets, but Roush debuted the Cougar. On the 1991 calendar, at the 24 hours of Daytona, Robby Gordon's Roush Cougar had the wide straps on the window net, similar to the Tim Richmond car above. I hope this helps or gives you food for thought. If my memory is correct and I find the other photo, I will post it. I also have some photos from the IMSA Road America in 1986 as soon as I figure out what I did with them. I will see if they have anything useful.
  8. Great photos Kurt. Glad to see the truck was OK with the trip. Nice wheels. I went to the Mogollon rim near Heber the weekend before your trip and was surprised to still see the Twin Arrows still standing. I am not surprised by the snow, I never went through a spring finals week at NAU without at least 1 snowfall.
  9. I just found this thread, but if you need detail photos of any specific areas, I can go out and take them of my '71 Demon.
  10. Is the chassis the same old original torsion bar/leaf spring suspension or same old revised a-arm/truck arm suspension? Also, does anyone know when Petty switched from Hemi to big block wedge in Chargers?
  11. As Bruce explained this is for a dry sump oil system common to NASCAR. However, if you don't want to mess with the plumbing or finding space for the oil tank you can just eliminate it and call it a wet sump oiling system. From the instructions, the oil pan looks like it might be deep enough to pass as a wet sump or you can swap out an oil pan from a street based small block Chevy.
  12. On his website, Peter Brock said that all of the Daytona Coupes were slightly different from one another. I just noticed in the photo above that the windshield wipers of the #16 car go in the opposite direction of those on the #13. I don't know if this is due to a difference in stop positions or the blades themselves. The pivot points look about in the same place, though. BTW, I am really enjoying this thread. Keep the good work coming. The Daytona Coupe has been my favorite care ever since I bought a K&B 1/24 slot car (on sale no less) somewhere between 1966 and 1968. Yes, I still have it.
  13. While I was looking for parts for my Cannonball ruse build, I noticed the box art of the model shows a Vee drive in the Hemi Hydro.
  14. Yes, that. After I thought on it the photo I saw with two shafts was in a Top Fuel drag boat with counter rotating props.
  15. One option might be a Casle inboard boat V-drive like the '38 Chevy pickup with the Jacobs aircraft radial engine or Hurst Hemi Under Glass. I forgot where I saw it, but I remember seeing a V-drive with a second driveshaft going forward for 4 wheel drive. Oops, maybe it is '38 Plymouth P/U.
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