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  1. Jefbo added a post in a topic IPMS Contest question   

    I'm not an IPMS rules expert but I have some info and hopefully someone in the know will chime in...
    But no Aaron, that's not the case at all. I'm not sure of all the do's and don'ts but I know for a fact you can drill out the exhaust and use black wash. I found out recently from an airplane builder, they do things differently for the different types of models you build, for example, on a WW II airplane, if the box art illustrates an antenna, with a wire going back to the tail... you can add it, if it's not in the box art, you can not... even if the real airplane has it.
    the IPMS shows I have competed in with "out of the box" you can not use any parts that are not offered in the kit including after market parts. (by the way. you must have the instructions included under the model to compete) No wiring or pluming. No opening of doors, trunks. No body mods... chopping etc... however, you can cut open that hood if it's an option with the kit for that supercharger. You can do bodywork to fix flaws in the plastic. Now you can do all kinds of paint, I believe you can use decals that are not included in the kit... but I could be wrong on that one. also, and I could be wrong on this as well, I think they will let you use flocking. It would be nice to get some better clarification on the actual limits.
  2. Jefbo added a post in a topic South Florida Mopar Model Car Show   

    Here are the front and back pages of the flyer.

  3. Jefbo added a post in a topic South Florida Model Car Show Nov. 14 2015   

    I have my models packed, finishing up one more. Now I just need to gather my boxes of models for the vending area. I can't wait.
  4. Jefbo added a post in a topic Mopar show March 8, 2015 - Davie, Fla.   

    Here is another collection of photos from the event.

    Thanks Marco for taking these wonderful photos.

  5. Jefbo added a post in a topic Mopar show March 8, 2015 - Davie, Fla.   

    Here is a link to some photos from the 27th Annual Florida MOPAR Nationals Model Car Show:

    Thanks Wayne Stevens Jr for posting these photos.

  6. Jefbo added a post in a topic Florida car/truck builders   

    Hey guys, The All Mopar model car show will be held at "The 24th Annual Florida Mopar Nationals" - University Dodge, Davie. Sunday, March 4, 2012. The Model car show is MOPAR's only, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler. But also AMC & Willys products. Adam and I will get more info out soon on the show. Nice photos from the pumpkin run.
  7. Jefbo added a post in a topic Florida car/truck builders   

    Thanks MikeMC & Dr Cranky, for posting the links to the photos you took. It was great meeting you guys as well. I wish I could have spent more time hanging out with you all! Man I could have spent all day talking shop with you Dr Cranky. We are already at work planning next years show and fixing the little snafus that put us behind time wise. Thanks again for coming to the show.
  8. Jefbo added a post in a topic Wooooooohooooooo!!!!!!!!   

    That's been working for me big time lately.
  9. Jefbo added a post in a topic What's Your Favorite Ype Of Model?   

    Ford's! Although I collect and build a little of everything, I love the Ford's. From Model T's to Ford GT to Aeromax. I must have close to 100 mustang models alone. Next would be Mopars. Funny thing is, I don't think I've finished a mustang model in fifteen years. What I've been building the most of lately are Hemi 'Cuda's and Street Rods.
  10. Jefbo added a post in a topic Just Curious What Kind Of Airbrush Dose Everyone Use!!!   

    Hey Stanley. Are you writing a book? I use a Badger XF 150 that I have been using for over 35 years. I have about six Badger 150's and one Paasche VL1 also about 30 years old. I keep the VL1 around because it will always work every time if I need to paint. Not as bad as your Aztec Simon but the badgers are a much more delicate airbrush then the VL and very precise. A breeze can bend the needle Back when I was working everyday with the airbrush and when in good working condition, I used to spay lacquer and sign my name on 1/8 inch masking tape. Can't do that with the VL. With my eyesight now, I'm lucky to even find the 1/8-inch tape. I too have wanted to get a new Airbrush. I've heard a lot of good things about the high-end brushes.

  11. Jefbo added a post in a topic Packards On Display   

    Another sweet drawing. Makes me want to dig out my colored pencils and some paper and give it a go. I may have some old pencil sketches buried somewhere. If I can unearth them, maybe I'll post something.
  12. Jefbo added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    $ $ $
  13. Jefbo added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    I'm an artist. I do fine art paintings. I also do custom automotive paint (murals, Flames, etc.)

    This is an oil on canvas called "swap meet" 48" X 84" or 4 X 7 feet. It's on the workbench.... er... easel This painting is about 40% done.

    This is a Harley Sportster tank I'm working on. It's not for a client, It's just to show what I do. It is 90% done and needs to be cleared.

    If you like, you can see some more of my art in the auto art tread. I also have some stuff up on my fotki site.
  14. Jefbo added a post in a topic Mural On A 1:1 Kawasaki   

    Yeah, I couldn't see myself doing it either. I stressed big time. But it was for my good friend. She was not old at all, I believe in her 30's. We talked about how she would look as an angel; you know every thing being perfect and all. I think most women might see themselves as younger, no wrinkles, etc. This makes her look younger in this painting. Very challenging but Willie loves it.