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  1. Jefbo added a post in a topic 15th Annual Table Top Nationals -Deerfield Beach, Florida   

    As for the "Make & Take". We had a great turnout this year hear are a few more pics from the M&T...

  2. Jefbo added a post in a topic 15th Annual Table Top Nationals -Deerfield Beach, Florida   

    Some more photos:

  3. Jefbo added a post in a topic 15th Annual Table Top Nationals -Deerfield Beach, Florida   

    The show went well. Turn out was down a little from last year, but the quality of builds were superb. The Make and Take was a real success this year.
    Here are some pics. I hope you enjoy...

  4. Jefbo added a post in a topic IPMS Contest question   

    I'm not an IPMS rules expert but I have some info and hopefully someone in the know will chime in...
    But no Aaron, that's not the case at all. I'm not sure of all the do's and don'ts but I know for a fact you can drill out the exhaust and use black wash. I found out recently from an airplane builder, they do things differently for the different types of models you build, for example, on a WW II airplane, if the box art illustrates an antenna, with a wire going back to the tail... you can add it, if it's not in the box art, you can not... even if the real airplane has it.
    the IPMS shows I have competed in with "out of the box" you can not use any parts that are not offered in the kit including after market parts. (by the way. you must have the instructions included under the model to compete) No wiring or pluming. No opening of doors, trunks. No body mods... chopping etc... however, you can cut open that hood if it's an option with the kit for that supercharger. You can do bodywork to fix flaws in the plastic. Now you can do all kinds of paint, I believe you can use decals that are not included in the kit... but I could be wrong on that one. also, and I could be wrong on this as well, I think they will let you use flocking. It would be nice to get some better clarification on the actual limits.
  5. Jefbo added a post in a topic South Florida Mopar Model Car Show   

    Here are the front and back pages of the flyer.

  6. Jefbo added a post in a topic South Florida Model Car Show Nov. 14 2015   

    I have my models packed, finishing up one more. Now I just need to gather my boxes of models for the vending area. I can't wait.
  7. Jefbo added a post in a topic Mopar show March 8, 2015 - Davie, Fla.   

    Here is another collection of photos from the event.


    Thanks Marco for taking these wonderful photos.