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  1. stush17 added a post in a topic Real Or Memorex?   

    After seeing the photo of the real car in the previous post, I retract my previous reasoning. I am unfamiliar with this type of car and did not know that the window net and wheels look very cheap. I still feel that it is a model, but the decals in the other photos don't quite look right.
  2. stush17 added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Cleveland Model Show 11
    Check out my fotki link to see photos from the IPMS show on Sunday, November 4 in Cleveland. There was a excellent turnout and a great deal of quality automotive entries. The show has outgrown the current facility and is moving into a larger venue next year. There were tons of venders. Enjoy the photos.

    Cleveland Model Show 11 Photos
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  3. stush17 added a post in a topic Real Or Memorex?   

    Definitely Memorex. The window net and the wheels are dead give aways that this is a model.
  4. stush17 added a post in a topic Real Or Model #12 Finished!   

    I believe it is real. It looks as if the photo was taken at Chip Ganassi Racing in Charlotte, NC. The same car is on display there.