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  1. Thanks a lot for all of the tips! I appreciate it. I’m waiting for my new compressor, I got a master airbrush tc40t on the way. I think glowing the proper pressure with a better water filter will help. I also decided to order a quick connect setup with in in line air trap just for extra help lol im definitely going to try the epoxy on the next build, I will be making an active thread I hope you all follow and chime in on! i have added bmf around the windows to the willys, didn’t come out as clean as some of the work I have seen but it wasn’t horrible. I had issues with the bmf pulling up and tearing as opposed to being sliced through. I will be searching the forums for more guides and definitely looking into those headlight threads
  2. Yes thanks a lot! I started with ca glue and was very upset. I was then using restore clear parts cement using a toothpick to apply drops in just the corners. The results got noticeably better. I seem to get lots of finger prints while doing the finishing touches. I was hoping someone would comment a clear I can use. I’ve also been searching for threads on making headlights more realistic. Are you guys painting colors over the factory chrome of the kit? I appreciate the input guys! I look at the other under the glass cars and they are immaculate, I guess we all have to start somewhere
  3. Here’s my first three attempts at a model kit. Overall I’m happy with them but definitely could use some improvement. Right now I’m chasing a gloss mirrored finish, cleaner glueing, and I need some work with bmf im hoping to get some tips, suggestions, and advice and grow my skill! Thanks in advance. First one I did was the challenger, then the chevelle, and I finished the gasser last night. painted on a p.o.s. Undersized compressor using a badger 105 and zero paints. You can definitely see improvement in each of them. Please hit me with comments, suggestions and critique
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