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  1. WOW! awesome parts. you are building a masterpiece , AGAIN!! Your methods are ingenious. hope your holidays were great. charlie
  2. i love gassers and falcons . a falcon gasser the best. great looking car. keep up the nice work.
  3. as always ,amazing! it is some much fun to follow look at your work ,the engine stand is perfect. its is a great touch for a perfect engine.you give us all something to strive for. hope all is well at your home and have a merry christmas and a happy new year , charlie
  4. marcos love your wheely bars.can i steal some ideas from you?
  5. thank you marcos.much appreciated.hi francis working .it is looking like an engine.i am working on the shifter,and finally made carb linkage.i am pretty happy with it so far.your truck is looking awesome.thank you for looking.
  6. hi marcos great idea very different and interesting.i have a friend i tryon north carolina that owns an original color me gone car .one hundred precent original. can not wait to see yours in color
  7. love scratch built and yours is looking great.cant wait to see more.
  8. sorry about the ugly distributor. that was before i filed and cleaned it up!
  9. still working on the engine. alot of little detail parts .havent got much done in the last month.been out of comission alot.i think its looking pretty good i hope you all like it so far. if you have any suggestion please feel free to do so.i am also working on the chassis .i will have pictures to show this week. got a good start on the transmission a ford top loader ofcourse. the shifter next.hope you are all being safe and healthy out there.
  10. thank you trevor and francis.a few small details left on the cards and they will be done. the bell housing is aluminum francis and i sand blasted it .
  11. i love the kurtis cars.they are amazing cars i have a couple of books on indycars and those are my favorite for sure. i have been a custom metal fabricator foe over 49 years and am now retired so i still need my fix so, models .this forum is great.i enjoy scratch building. heres a few pictures of a 32 ford i started in brass.its 1/8 scale.it was taking so long i lost interest.i have been working on 2 other projects.i thik i may get back to the 32 after i finish my 65 mustang gasser. keep up the excellent work.i will be watching your progress.
  12. wow ,a truly nice build. your louvers are awesome.i am in the planing stage of making a jig to roll curved louvers or louvers of various lengths. your machine is very cool and surely does a great job.
  13. havent been on the forum for a couple of weeks.hope everybody had a good thanksgiving and i hope everyone is well. i have been working on the mustang some .still havent taken finished photos of the corvette.got a few new pictures of the mustang engine i would like to share and see what you think.the carbs are very time consuming.i have a good start on a fabricated tunnel ram.i went to the gasser drag races last weekend in holt fla. it was great. the southeast gasser association put on a great show.
  14. awesome models .a pleasure to look at . keep up the great work
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