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  1. i nolonger can think of anything to say. you must be a some kind of super alien from a faraway planet. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! that rear belongs on a shelf buy itself for people to admire.
  2. the more you build the more amazed i am. your craftsmanship is off the chart.
  3. thanks marcos.i put screws in the float bowl and put on the linkage.i also put allen bolts in the manifold bolt holes.alot of stuff happening in a small area. i hope to put the orange paint on the body tomorrow, the white came out nice.
  4. thanks you guys .hi francis .thanks for looking Ian. thanks all of you.still working an small details.there is alot happening in a small area on these carbs.gotto finfsh the linkage it ai made i need to glue it in place. need screws in the float bowls also
  5. thank you all for your comments and encouragement. it means alot coming from such a talented group .i dont get on here as often as i should and i have to constantly remind myself to take pictures.here are a few of my master cylinder and the start of the pedal assy. wilwood as you can see. and the colors i have chosen.i hope it will look good in these 2 colors . i pinted the doors and trunk for practice and to see if the colors went together well the door is just set in the opening to show the colors. what do you think,are they going to look good together ?
  6. things are slowly getting done. i shouln't paint all the scratch made parts but i like them as they would be if i built it full size.
  7. been in and out of the hospital lately,havent got much done.back at it again. old age is not for the weak. pretty happy with my driveshaft. took incentive from francis and gave it a try and i think its ok. starting to finish some parts and preparing for paint. thank goodness for rb motion.his small parts are awesome. they are hard to see but the studs and nuts on the oilpan are great. making the drain for the radiator. will have some finished pictures of the headers next week. hope you are all well.thanks for looking and please comment good or bad its all a help in the end.
  8. i find delrin is also a great product to test or experiment with. its also great for making your own tires. if you need a size that you cant find, they look pretty good.you can get it pretty resonable on ebay.
  9. got started on my carb linkage and air cleaner. had to come up with a way to do the radius on both ends of the air cleaner. waiting for parts from rb motion for the linkage. i m almost finished with the transmission linkage. i drilled and reamed 2 holes on carburetor centerline and pressed a .500 pin in the hole to locate the part for milling. milled one end then changed the pin to the other end. this worked great for the bottom. the top will be another issue.
  10. finished machining my steering wheel.the previous picture is the plastic from the kit.the wheel is one piece except the little center hud horn button.the outside of the ring is grooved and i will fit a thin rubber oring on to it.this is an aftermarket type of column and the car has doors so i skip the quick release. in two pictures you can see how not to finish a part.
  11. heres a few pictures of the stamping die for the aluminum panel. the brass pins are for alignment of the 2 halfs. being clear lexan they are hard to see.also a few new pictures. i need someone with tiny fingers to put the 1 mm nuts on these carb studs. also the beginning of my 65 mustang steering wheel. i want a stock looking wheel.heres a picture of one from the kit.
  12. WOW! that rear cover is a picture from the summit catalog and you put it on your forum. you are an incredible artist. your engine and stand are the best.i am enjoying your fotki account.
  13. just getting caught up on all your insane work.the gauge panel is over the top.the steering column is perfect.i see you are still having fun with anodizing.what do you use for a power supply.i have been looking around at different site trying to decide what i need to anodize as well.
  14. hi francis.sorry i havent been on more often. the tank is delrin. for the aluminum panel i machined a male female stamping to emboss the panel.ill take a couple of pictures of it and put them up this week.i have some 1 inch thick plexiglass that was scrap at work before i retired. has come in handy for many things.
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