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  1. Zurbert82 added a post in a topic Gas Prices - GEEZ!!   

    I'm currently in Hamilton, NY this weekend bringing my GF back to school from Thanksgiving break, and its about $2.25 here. It's around $1.85 back home on the CT shoreline. I don't remember prices being this low since ~2005.
  2. Zurbert82 added a post in a topic Cleaning Your Models   

    I use display cases that I have purchased from a local KB Toy outlet. I don't have to clean them at all.
  3. Zurbert82 added a post in a topic Audi R10 is no more   

    There are no such rules in place mandating coupes for 2010. They were only proposed, nothing more. The R15 and new Acura LMP1 will both be open topped LMP's.

    Here is a link summarizing an ACO press conference from September http://www.planetlemans.com/2008/09/13/aco...ess-conference/