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  1. Hello guys, just an update on this build I sanded the 2K clear coat with micromesh (6000-12000) and then polished the body panels with the "ultimate polish system". The assembly of the body is done now. You can also see a tool rack and kind of a tool box that I scratch built for the interior. I only need to add the windows and a few more details and this build will be done.
  2. Thnak you Andy Thanks Bernard much appreciated Wow...thanks Greg..actually photography is my other hobby after model building...but I'm still a beginner
  3. Thank you Francis! I'm happy that you like the body-interior colour combo
  4. Really nice build Tim and I really enjoyed reading the story behind it
  5. You are the ultimate master on model car photography Sergey ?
  6. Hahahaha thanks for the warning and the advice Jim...I will watch out for those
  7. Hi again David, I have done a bit of scratch building to add a toolbox in the loading area. I have also made some tools. I will post some pictures of those soon.
  8. Hey Phil, I'm happy to see that my post motivated you to have a look to your old kit. You should definitely give it a go. It is a very nice kit for sure.
  9. Thank you Joe. I still want to grind and polish the paint job to make it more even but still waiting for the compounds and micromesh. Some deliveries are taking forever these days for obvious reasons. Once I get it I will posting some updates.
  10. That sound really cool David, I really like the 48 Chevrolet body, that low cut on the back is sexy. I'm sure looking forward to see the outcome...have fun building it.
  11. Really nicely done...I love the colour and very nice job with the antenna!
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