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  1. I think that integrated airscope is better
  2. finally done! here the last parts about construction.
  3. I realized that switching panel is really awuful :P... I make another , much better
  4. today making interior design. I bought chinese cheap photoetched 5 point harness on ebay (see here) and steering wheel for 1/10 rc car (it was made in metal!!) For the price are excellent! On other site I bought the 1/12 switches for switch panel. The dashboard lights made from clear frame of the kit (it hold rear window, headligh t glass etc). Also I make some details for nos tank. I use large pistol primer for gauge and handle.
  5. Yes, but is very hard to find...however it has the perfect shape!
  6. installing brake pipe, fuel pum , gas pedal leverage etc etc
  7. Hi James, thanks! I'd try 222 but not good it's too little , I have also tried 6.5x55se but it result too long. Perfect diameter for this exhaust type are .45 cal, but 45 acp is short. luckily I had some old 45 colt . If you want to use something with shoulder you'll must try .458 or similar I think
  8. Today make a parachute. I take old ammo holder and cut a square section, the bag was made by used nitrile glove, eyelet are used primer, wires are earphone cables (thin cable ) and old usb cable.
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