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  1. I was wondering if I’m the only one who has a problem with my workbench surface? There’s a whole bunch of little questions I’d like to asked. I use the mats that we all have. I even have a piece of duct tape that I put my CR glue on to, but it still gets funky. I love to hear what you all do.
  2. No you're not too late. I ended up not painting it pearl yellow. I had a can Testors White Lightning which is a pretty awesome pearl paint that just felt better for the little Atlantis Altered.... The contrast of the white pearl body against the black frame and tires just said all business for a competition altered. Thanks for writing... I really appreciate it. Oh and i did use white Tamiya primer....:-)
  3. I wanna thank you guys for your suggestions i ended up buying TS-97 Tamiya Pearl Yellow. Seems like Tamiya always come through. Thanks again!
  4. I'm working on the altered that Atlantis makes. I thought yellow was yellow.... how wrong I was.... I had some Testors spray yellow enamal, Did the Tamiya white primer thing and did the decanting... and did a first coat... Yuck! Drab yellow....now i wanna go to the other spectrum. I'd love to have a few suggestions... I'm thinking metalflake yellow....What's the brightest yellow out there for models???? I'd love to find something that's stunning. Thanks in advance everyone.....
  5. Thanks guys. The suggestions are all great! I really appreciate it. No more popping and lost parts!
  6. I’m so tired of picking up tiny parts with my tweezers and having them pop out to lose them! Any pointers on how to not do this? (I’m smiling here but serious, kinda)
  7. This is great! In fact, Max was from born and raised in my hometown of Fairmont WV. The sad part about this is that I lived in Van Nuys Ca back in 1979- 84 and Max was still alive and only a few miles away but it was before the internet and found out only after I moved back east. I have talked talked to people back home who knew him. One of my big regrets not to visit him while I lived there. Great work on you model. I’m sure Max would have loved it!
  8. What is better, 28 or 26 AWG solid core wire for 1/24-1/25 scale spark plug wires? Thank you in advane....
  9. Thank you guys for the info. I appreciate it. Got my airbrush ready... I've learned my lesson with rattle can's inconsistency with splatters and messing things up
  10. I had one can of Model Masters High Gloss Clear and just used it on my latest build. 29 Ford Model A.... It is just what I wanted, so glossy and shinny.... I love it....BUT they don't make it anymore! Dang....Any suggestions on what the equivalent is? Any suggestions? thank you all in advvance.....
  11. Does anyone make 1962 or 63 Pontiac Catalina Super Duty decals that don't cost a fortune? Am I going to have to try to make my own?
  12. I'm working on the engine of my 1/16th scale "Green Elephant" funny car. What size spark plug wire should I use? Thanks to all...Joe
  13. I'm building the 1/16 scale Green Elephant funny car. I've seen some great examples of it here on the forum. I'm at the point of detailing the engine and chassis and want to order braided fuel line and stuff like that but I can't figure out the correct sizes to order. I was wondering if anyone could help me out... thanks in advance I'd really appreciate it.
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