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  1. Well from my experience with ebay you can't get a bad rating because if you give a bad rating it reflects on you and your rating. I've never agreed with that policy but it's their rules and if you don't like don't buy or sell.
  2. Because I stray from my norm of muscle cars and drags I've as of lately started building SCCA type cars...…. Here is my question or more of a query: I've ordered a couple of Corvette's from "Reliable Resin". My order was the first part of Dec 2019 now it late April 20. The money is paid but I can't seem to get into the email provided. Is "Reliable Resin" still in business? If so how does one get a hold of the owner so I can try to retrieve my monies.
  3. Hello my name is Frank LuQue and I build mostly drag cars and muscle cars...… I do stray from my norm from time to time, well maybe more times than not.
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