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  1. Myles added a post in a topic 1/24th scale Pro-Touring Tires and Wheels. Gauging Interest   

    Those look good! I hate buying kits just for the wheels/tires so it would be nice to have another option for tires. Now, if you could figure out a way to make some G-Machine chassis (Art Morrison) etc you would really have my attention
  2. Myles added a post in a topic Very Sad News from ModelHaus Today   

    Our modeling stuff can wait! No one should ever have to bury their child. Prayers and condolences to your family.
  3. Myles added a post in a topic House of Kolor Paint, Where do I get it?   

    You can also get HOK from Coast Airbrush (They do not thin there's so you will have to do it), TCP Global sells it pre-thinned and if I remember correctly, they both sell everything that HOK offers.
    Coast offers 1 ounce; 2 oz; 4oz and even larger sizes if you want that much.
    TCP offers 2oz and 4oz sizes.
    Slixx also offers the HOK from Black Gold. And these are the REAL stuff so be sure to have a respirator when using it.
    The metal flakes in the KBC series (a mixture of pearl and kandy paints that needs less coats) of HOK paints are small enough to be more in scale.
    Hope that helps!
  4. Myles added a post in a topic Revell '06 Shelby GT-H   

    I agree with you Bob!
    Aftermarket needs to come up with some modern tires and wheels that are what you might find on vehicles at a Year One Event or Good Guys show. Including some of the newer offerings from Mickey Thompson (they don't have to say that to avoid licensing fee's). Some of the available offerings by Aoshima and the like are geared more towards tuners and lux type cars.
  5. Myles added a post in a topic Custom Paint Masks???   

    Two other do-it-yourself options are self-adhering tracing/masking paper and Artool's Ultra-Mask. Your local automotive paint store (NOT AUTO PARTS) should carry the paper and Coast Airbrush now carries something similar in varying widths. 6"x30' in clear or semi-transparent should work for models.
    RBL Products is the one I have Part No. 371- Matte Finish and it comes in a 12"x24' roll. It is repositionable, low tack that will not leave a residue, conforms to curves and irregular surfaces, and best of all is solvent proof. You can draw right on it then cut it out with an x-acto.
    Artool Ultra Mask is avail at Coast Airbrush
    This is a tinted film and has many of the same properties as the paper above, but is stretchable. If you have a plotter/cutter you can run it through that as well.
  6. Myles added a post in a topic White Sandable Primer   

    If you have Carquest Auto Parts nearby, they should have all the Plasticote Primer's. You may have to ask them because some locations do not have them sitting out in front, due to local city regulations. Plasti-cote will not craze the plastic like Dupli-color can at times with some Revell kits.
  7. Myles added a post in a topic 70 Buick Wildcat pro touring custom   

    NICE! Like the added flame touch.
  8. Myles added a post in a topic Custom Paint Masks???   

    Try RPP Hobby! He sells about 20 pre-cut one's and he might be able to custom make one for you.
  9. Myles added a topic in General   

    Tech Shop....oh YA!
    April issue has some shop called Tech Shop in Menlo Park Calif.
    I hope these shops make it. What a good idea, being able to make some of your own parts for models. I know I have been wanting more modern wheels for Pro Touring cars and other items that are just not offered anywhere. And you could learn to make these on your own and with the tools in these shops and some time..... Only downside is the $$$, but maybe a month membership?
    Gregg may I suggest in the future visiting say (Art Morrison, Boze Alloy's, Edelbrock, etc...) and maybe they could pass along some knowledge that could benefit the modeling community. Maybe some insight on what goes into designing a frame, how wheels are made, maybe some dimensions on a couple products they make Something you could take measurements on if you had the part near by? Just a thought!
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  10. Myles added a post in a topic Mr Biggs Build's.   

    Excellent builds! now we need a tutorial on how to knock'em out quickly like that Biggs
  11. Myles added a post in a topic HOK enamels - need other reducer options for airbrushing   

    Indeed...you must get it from an auto paint supplier. Some Carquest Auto Stores have custom paint mixing capabilities, so if you can find one of the stores that does, chances are they will have the reducer's.
  12. Myles added a post in a topic HOK enamels - need other reducer options for airbrushing   

    You can thin them with PPG Reducers or Acrylic Lacquer Thinners. The DT 870 Reducer from PPG works excellent!
  13. Myles added a post in a topic '66 Nova   

    VERY NICE Dirk! I really like the stance. What tires are those on the back?