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  1. My 97 Honda Accord passed the annual state safety inspection with flying colors on Friday.
  2. Just got in the mail yesterday two nice built Road Runners. One's a 1976 from MPC and the other's a 1969 from Johan. The model that I want is a 1974 Chevy Caprice by MPC which I hope to find with a vendor at The Classic Plastic model car show in Lawrence Mass. on the second of October.
  3. A very sweet looking build Dave. And welcome aboard. Lots of good folks here.
  4. I have a wooden flat bed that came from a 1/25 scale early 90s Ford Short Bed PU junker that I got to cannibalize parts from for a rebuilder. It's well done and has two supports that attach it to the frame rails. I have no use for it. Anybody who's interested in it can zap me a PM.
  5. He was one of the very first anchors at CNN when the network broke ground as the first to bring cable news to the masses way back in 1980. He was heavily involved in the reporting of the 1991 Persian Gulf War or "Operation Desert Storm" in the conflict's opening hours.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I was able to secure what I need.
  7. It was the Fake Out Mustang that introduced me to the hobby back around 1974 or 1975. The last 50 years just flew on by.
  8. I'll be at the event on 10/2/22. It's going down at the Elks Lodge In Lawrence Massachusetts from 8AM to 3PM. I hope to meet fellow modelers from Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire who are members of this site there. Also, I hope to find from the vendors two rare plastic gems from MPC that have eluded me for years. A 1968 Dodge Coronet convertible with the old U Haul style trailer and a 1974 Chevrolet Caprice 2 Dr.
  9. I'm having problems uploading pictures but open wheels are ones without the hubcaps like the ones from the auto makers.
  10. Looking for unpainted open wheels, wheel backs for the metal axles and tires for a vintage AMT 1960 Ford pickup. Chrome open wheels will work just as good. Will trade.
  11. John M.


    Those are the ones I need. PM enroute.
  12. John M.

    AMC 6

    Nothing turned up Lee. Sorry about that. All the best in your search.
  13. John M.

    AMC 6

    I may still have one in my junkyard stash but it's from an MPC AMC Pacer annual kit. Will that work? I'll look just in case.
  14. John M.


    Looking for a left rear taillight for a 1965 Rambler American 770 4 Dr. promo that I recently bought at a local yard sale. Will trade.
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