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  1. Just had the trusty 97 Honda Accord in the shop today for a routine oil change and tire rotation and have a very annoying squeak in the driver's side rear door taken care off. And the bill was quite reasonable. With car running like a champ, a lady friend and I will be heading to a couple of flea markets on Sunday in New Hampshire just to get out for awhile. She likes deals as I do. I scored a couple of plastic "Diamonds In The Rough" at one of the flea markets awhile back and for dirt cheap.
  2. Very nice indeed. I have a 59 Plymouth in my collection of "Crown Jewels"
  3. She's coming together quite nicely. Can't wait to see what it looks like after it's completion.
  4. I got two crank calls one after the other sometime after 3 AM while sleeping.
  5. It was a screw bottom model and it came apart with ease and the window unit wasn't glued in.
  6. Yesterday, I got a vintage 1961 Buick Wagon that I got from E Bay in the mail. It's nicely done and slightly hot rodded out. However, the windshield and back window that are one piece were painted over in flat black paint and I wish to remove it without harming both considering the plastic is over 50 years old. Any tips, advice or a line on a product that'll do the job is greatly appreciated. It's something that I haven't done before.
  7. I like the attention to detail especially since it's in 1/43 scale.
  8. I pulled the plug on my cable TV last year from Comcast whom I also get my internet service from. It was costing me $220 a month and I had base cable and Comcast didn't say nothing when I told it that I was laid off from work due to the Covid situation and I had to make a financial decision. Getting rid of the cable more than halved the monthly bill and I'm now only paying $95 a month for the internet and I've been back to work for a year now.
  9. Two things pleased me today, 1) I lost my cell phone last night but I'm having another one overnighted to me via the USPS Express service thanks to my carrier Consumer Cellular. 2) It's Friday and I'm away from my school busing driving job for the weekend. Time to relax.
  10. I bought one from E Bay dirt cheap that was a real glue bomb but it had all the parts I needed for a 40 Ford coupe that was made in the early 60s.
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