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  1. I attended the show myself once back around 04 or 05. I scored some nicely built vintage model cars at fair prices such as a bronze painted 1965 Caddy and a red 1963 Plymouth Fury both by Johan. I still have the Caddy but I sold off the Fury and the other cars a decade later when I was in a bit of a money pinch.
  2. Thank you Jim. It's less that 30 minutes up I-93 from my house.
  3. Would any modeler in the New England area know of any model car shows that are upcoming in the Fall especially in Eastern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire or both? I looked online and wound up batting zero. OPPS! If a Mod sees this, can it be moved to the "Contest & Show" column? My bad. 😞
  4. You have a point. With my personal debt just about paid off, I have some cash to burn and it won't be long before the buying bug bites me again.
  5. Both are builds that I on E Bay and price wise, they were surprisingly reasonable.
  6. It's model rated but I finally got two vintage car models in the mail just a short time ago and I've been after both for a while. They're a Johan 1968 Chrysler 300 minus the tires and an AMT 1972 GMC Stepside pickup. Both are well covered in dust but will get a bath soon. A visit to my tire bin will yield new shoes for the Chrysler. My collection is now complete.
  7. It's getting off to a great start.
  8. She graced the bridge of the Enterprise with style and class. RIP Nichelle.
  9. Walter Koeing who played navigator Chekov is still around.
  10. I still have parts from a Marauder junker from years ago. I'll check.
  11. A thunderstorm came though early Sunday evening and displaced the hot and humid weather that was hanging around here in the Boston Metro Area for the last few days with much cooler and drier temps. Today is much more pleasant and we got some much needed rain to boot. It's time to go cruising.
  12. Those are the ones Kevin. PM enroute.
  13. Looking for the following parts for a 1958 Chevy Impala rebuilder by AMT. 1) 2 rear coil springs. 2) Front grill with the two twin round grill inserts for both ends. 3) Front bumper 4) One piece front bumper bracket/filler insert. Thanks.
  14. Great work thus far Tom. I've built models of Square Bodied Chevy and GMC trucks before but the one in the first photo is the first that I've seen with the engine molded into the body. What brand is it?
  15. He was in the right place and at the right time. And he had a cool ride to boot.
  16. I think I'll watch it again tonight.
  17. He also played the role of J.J. McQuade's old friend Lakota in the 1983 Chuck Norris film "Lone Wolf McQuade" He's the 5th actor that passed away inside of a week. 😞 May they all RIP.
  18. I just saw his passing on my local news online and posted it. We lost James Caan, Larry Storch and now Tony all in the last four days. 😞
  19. We lost James Caan at 82, Larry Storch at 99 and now Tony Sirico at 79 all in the last four days. ;-(
  20. Correct. Both had great chase scenes. You can see "To Live and Die In LA" and for free. There's a website out of the UK called Bit Chute that I saw the movie on it recently. Type in the movie's title and the year that it was released and sit back with your popcorn.
  21. I checked his bio and he was less than 6 months from turning 100 years old. RIP Larry.
  22. Director William Friedkin who directed the 1971 Crime Drama classic "The French Connection" also directed another Crime Drama film from 1985. What was the name of the film?
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