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  1. Hello all together. I am modelmaker by accident. Only as a young boy I made some models of paper - and never more since than. When I was 10 years employed in my company the general manager gave me a Pocher Testarossa kit as a gift and I builded that model. Since than (1995) it stood in the corner and was disregarded. Therefore there came some damages every year and finally I had to decide if I give it to the trash or rebuild it. I decided to rebuild. The result is to be seen here. The report of building (comments in German) can you see here klick. But that's enough of experience. I will build no model anymore.
  2. Hi Scott, here are my answers step by step: The engine is not metal but original plastic from Pocher. But it's painted with a metal-colour and airbrush. "kaputt" has been my first Testarossa that I built in 1995. It has been treated very badly by children, friends and so on. Therefore I decided to restore it and bought an incomplete second Testarossa-kit as a donator of spare parts. Then I found some transkits from Tremonia (Germany), AMG (Germany) and PCM (Italy), all of them discontinued. But I got them - guess the last ones. In addition I took the interior-transkit and the engine transkit from Scaledetails in Las Vegas. But the quality of those parts is a little bit poor. If you are looking for a good transkit, I can recommend the full transkit set from AMG that is still sold by Scaledetails. That is better than his one ones. And soon there will be on the market a very, very thrilling new transkit from Tommaso Iuele from Italy: https://tommasoiuele.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/ferrari-testarossa-transkit-1-8-may-2020/ But for that I think you will have to pay about 700,- Dollar. Have much fun Mathias
  3. Hi Scott, beautiful solutions. I recently have finished my Testarossa K59. Have a look on my building report https://www.wettringer-modellbauforum.de/forum/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=69576 . Maybe you can find some further inspirations. Have much fun with your kit.
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