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  1. In this weeks YouTube video, I show how to build up the 1/24 NuNu Audi R8 into the 2019 KFC R8 Australia GT Championship car. https://youtu.be/HGFsKcpyxmE Here is the finished build pictures - Thank you to Indycals for making this build possible!
  2. Here are the finished results for my Castrol Ford GT YouTube build. You can check out the video here! Be sure to LIKE and Subscribe because I will be posting a new video every Monday morning! https://youtu.be/BszkVliyOpA
  3. For this weeks video, I show how to build the 2019 Castrol Ford GT using the Revell kit with Indycals Decals and with my new resin rear diffuser upgrade kit. Subscribe to my channel as I will be posting, every-single-week! Yes! It's crazy! and be sure to smash that Like button, because it helps WAY more than you could ever believe! https://youtu.be/BszkVliyOpA
  4. This weeks video is on converting the 1/24 Hasegawa Porsche 962c into a 1985 BF Goodwrich IMSA Porsche 962 using my new resin conversion parts. Please Like and subscribe! Will be posting a new build video each week https://youtu.be/3aGQ92Weaxw
  5. Here are the finished results for my latest YouTube build. You can check out the video here! https://youtu.be/uKRRuOGHAWY
  6. This weeks video is now posted! The build-up of the 1/24 Hasegawa Lancia 037 Group B monster! Be sure to Like, Subscribe and comment anything down below! https://youtu.be/uKRRuOGHAWY
  7. Here is the build-up shots of the Tamiya Toyota TS050 used in my YouTube video! If you haven't seen my video! Come on! its not a long boring build video its fast pace and gives you instant gratification! And a healthy dose of dopamine. https://youtu.be/4bDOsVyVPs0
  8. Here is my latest video. Please like and subscribe! This is my best editing job yet! https://youtu.be/4bDOsVyVPs0
  9. Thank you! It makes me feel good everyone is liking my very first video! I still have LOTS to learn! There's already a HUGE list of things I will be fixing and improving as my future videos come out in the coming weeks....
  10. If you want to build the 1966 Daytona 24 hr winner, I have the resin parts to do that! It will be different from everyone else. https://themodelcarchannel.store/products/12-1966-shelby-american-ford-gt-40-daytona-resin-conversion-for-trumpeter-magnifier-kits
  11. Thank you! Im really becoming obsessed with these YouTube build videos and figuring out the algorithm
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