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  1. It seems as we all get older, we get pickier about everything. I grew up buiding kits with metal axles. they were cool, once you built the car you could actual roll them around. BTW, did you every look at the carbs on the MPC prostock kits? They were pretty bad compared to todays kits. But, for the 1970's I guess they were the best MPC could do. And have you seen how much mint old mpc prostock kits go for?
  2. good show. will post some of my buys later.
  3. Hey bill, is gary t going to make it back for the show?
  4. your right, the chassis were pretty crude/simple. but, I contend johan's hemis were the best(stock and racing versions)!
  5. just found out my buddy I was going with got hung up out in new york state and will not be back in time to make the trip. pretty bummed out as I was looking forward to meeting some guys from the fourm. maybe next year.
  6. not sure where our tables are at Indy, think they will be against a wall. At kirkwood, I will be in my same spot back in the corner by the contest reg. table. come by and say HI. Will be wearing a red "MOPAR" hat.
  7. Two good model car swapmeets and contests this weekend. I'll be at both.
  8. SUPER PLACE! No worries! also,check out amazon.com, sometimes they have the same parts with free shipping. Yes, I was supprised to find out that amazon.com sells car parts.
  9. try to locate glass for a old 63 imperial hardtop. the person who I got the car from has lots of glass, but doesn't know what the glass looks like. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks! steve
  10. $6.19 for a 3 oz cans figures out to be $263.00($2.06 x 128oz) a gallon. Still less than printer ink(lol). Do you think all the EPA regs. has anything to do with it?
  11. http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20121004/OPINION03/210040350/Model-cars-big-fun-builders?odyssey=mod%7Cnewswell%7Ctext%7CFRONTPAGE%7Cs
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