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  1. Hi, In july a buddy of mine was packing up at the Louisville show. He is loading up his car and he notices that a box of goodies he has just bought at the show was GONE!. I just talked to another friend that lives in NM. He did a toy show there and someone walked off with an old hotwheels and matchbox cases of cars. I know that theft has always been a problem at shows(people stealing models off the contest tables), but could it be that the bad economy is bringing the crooks to model shows? r66m

  2. I live in the bootheel of Missouri and I was curious of if there are any clubs/meets around here or somewhere close... If not is anyone else on here from around here who would like to try to get people together?

    I'm not too great at models... I don't paint very well.. i end up making glue bombs.. but I'm trying to learn/do better.. which is what is most important right!? Well I was just hoping to find something.. just to see stuff first hand and maybe learn some things! I would love to learn things and see works or hear of builds.. stories.. you name it!

    :lol: this stuff just really interests me.. I've never seen a meet or anything like that and hearing you guys talking about them makes me jealous! :D

    HI, There was a club in scott city. I'll try and find the guys address. There are two model show/swaps comming up in st.louis. IPMS is having a show in Erueka MO right next to six flags on sat sept 12 and there is a model swap/contest Oct 25th in kirkwood Mo. Please pm me for details. Thanks r66m

  3. If anyone here runs/owns a hobby shop could you conact me? Have some questions about buying from the model companies.




    HI, I good friend of mine was a dealer and bought direct from both RC2 and revell. At the time revel's min. order was 5,000. I can't remember what RC2's was. He had to pay for shipping. r66m

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