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  1. I finally got a chance to take some pictures of the finished model. I used my actual 85 Corvette for reference and made a little clone so I can display it with the car at shows. I started with Monogram’s 85 Corvette kit and used Revell’s 2002 Camaro SS kit for the wheels. I have to complete the engine rebuild/refresh on my actual car so no comparison pics of that, yet.
  2. The air dam should be flat black or rubber. There is no gloss to it and it’s not smooth on the real car. Also, the complete underside of the hood on these cars is satin black. Your model looks great! I love seeing the progress pics. I thought about drilling a hole for the power antenna too. I have to take some measurements off my car to get it in the right position. Let me know if you need that.
  3. Love those Pontiacs! I built a 1/25 70 GTO years ago, I think MPC made the kit. I used my neighbors 70 GTO as a model for painting and even duplicated the vinyl top. Looking forward to seeing more of your project.
  4. Looks really good so far. I look forward to seeing your progression.
  5. Throughout the series, the mirrors match what is in the picture you posted, but I’m going to check the later episodes. Note the red reflector above the tail light as well. Station shots with the Squad also show those mirrors. I think when it was restored, the mirrors were changed, have to do some more research. Those are the mirrors I plan to replicate. The crew cab squad looks awesome!
  6. Totally agree. For example, I purchased a set of running boards from Three Inches Under and while they look good, they don’t attach directly to the rocker panel of the cab, they‘re supposed to hang down a little lower, so I’ll have to modify that. The utility box I have is flat, the doors aren’t pillowed, but I’ll live with that unless I can come up with a way to make that, maybe airbrush the illusion. There are also two different type of side view mirrors along with the different antenna thru-out the show. Interior door panels in some shots are red while in other episodes they are black. The pillar for the butterfly window is similar, red or black. The bed in the restoration only has the tanks and tool box, it omits the extinguisher at the very end. Also, the rear bumper has hooks at times and other times, no. From what I remember, three different Squads portrayed 51 in the show so that might account for the differences. I do have my Code 3 1/64 Squad to use for some reference but that was patterned after the restoration (it has dual exhaust), but still a good replica.
  7. Me too! Never missed an episode. It’s been quite a challenge to get pictures and screen shots of the Squad as it appeared on TV. Most the pictures online are of the Squad after its restoration and they didn’t restore it back to how it was on the show, they made some changes. I’m building mine to match how it was on the show.
  8. Nice build! Awesome looking interior! Looking forward to seeing your progress. I'm currently in the process of getting my own Squad 51 build underway. I purchased a utility box off eBay from a local seller, it looks similar to the Ranger one. It's made of sheet styrene as well. I don't have to stretch the chassis though. I decided to use the 78 Dodge D100 pickup kit from MPC instead of the Red Wagon kit. The box fits like a glove, wheelbase matches, and I don't have to stretch the driveshaft or exhaust. I might have to shorten my driveshaft actually to fit the transmission I'm using, the MPC kit comes with a 360 engine w/manual transmission and I'm going to use a 440 w/automatic like in the real thing.
  9. I need fender flares for the utility body of a Squad 51 replica I'm building. I can make a set of flares, but I wanted to see if there was a ready made set I can modify and use.
  10. I built the MPC 84 Vettes when I was a kid, both the 1/25 and 1/16th scale. The 85 version should be the same kit with the exception of the TPI intake and the exhaust tips, otherwise, the cars are identical. BTW, I believe it was MPC, or maybe AMT, that made the promo C4 Corvettes for the dealers.
  11. That's typical GM 80's quality there LOL My 85 C4 is a garage queen and the console cover did the same thing.
  12. Chassis looks great. Close to what an under coated car would of looked like or what a restored car would look like with new floor boards. I had a 79 Malibu and when the undercoating peeled off the floorboard, the color was a mix of overspray body color and a dark gray. The interiors of these cars used the standard GM fabric at the time. It wasn’t velour but it wasn’t a smooth cloth either. I had the same fabric in my two 80’s Trans Ams. It’s hard to describe and replicate as the color would shift depending on which way you rubbed the cloth. I did see you painted the door panels the same as you did the dash which was a hard vinyl. The upper part of the door panels, front and back, were fabric colored if I recall. There’s a MC SS on eBay with the interior you’re painting if you’d like reference. https://ebayvehicle.com/app/6gXQF3DUb1Spz9aQ8 Great job and I look forward to seeing more progress and the finished product.
  13. E.J.

    Wanted - Fender Flares

    These look like what I need.
  14. Almost there, just some final detailing, adding the hood graphic and a polish.
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