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  1. Its my first bike and it was a really fun build. I add the street rider figure for a little flavor. To ook more ''80's, I get rid of the hood, I add a mustache and a cigarette ( a simple brass rod).
  2. The Vallejo mud is quite good, its actually looking like the real stuff...and its easy to add some paint over or add some ink, etc...its also acrylic, so not really toxic.
  3. yeah its out of scale, comes from the mcfarlane's Leatherface figure I bought many years ago.
  4. My old general lee was badly painted and built, and I to give him a new life, create a little mud diorama and take some funny photos.
  5. I had a very badly painted general lee I did long ago, and instead of throwing it in the junk, I decided to custom it a bit and add a mud template, quite easy to do.
  6. I start recently building/painting scale car models, even if I have experience in painting figurines since a long time (40k, 15mm figures, diorama, etc...). I bought a salvino jr kit, Bobby Allison Tuf-Lon. I noticed when checking if the parts fits after a pre-built that there is a fairly large gap between the chassis and the body , at the height of the driver's seat. It does not seem that I have forgotten to cut elements of the dashboard. Even by forcing a little, the two sides does not touch. I am quite surprised by this gap, and by checking on youtube, a modeler build this particular model from step A to Z, and when he shows under of the vehicle (very quickly tho), we can also see this same gap ... so I imagine that it's typical of this model built. Should I sand the dashboard part so that the two sides fit perfectly? Or is it normal ...? Im afraid if I sand it it will create other problems. I know we learn by making errors, but...I dont want to ruin this model by ''learning'' too much in one shot! I have other models to built and its not the biggest problem, cause its under the model, but I have mix feeling about this gap..especially for a new kit (with awesome decals). Thank you for your advice.
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