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  1. When did Bobby drive this car? I seem to remember seeing Buddy Baker driving it at Pocono in 1981. BTW, nice build and nice photos.
  2. Just Wow! Very impressive work. It's way beyond what I want to do (or can do) at age 66. But it is wonderful to look at and it can give one ideas for a few "extras". If I give this a "100" for details and extras, I am probably thinking of maybe "12 - 15" for what I'm doing for fun (and to preserve a little NASCAR history from 45 - 55 years ago). We each have our own ideas and goals, I am glad that you can do this so well. (I just worry about mundane little things such as where to find dirt-track tires and the right headers for a 1966 Fairlane or cowl-induction air cleaners for other projects.) I have other interests indoors and out, such as nature photography, building front yard rock gardens, tending native plants, mineral collecting, light indoor carpentry, … aside from my planned model building. [My second wife is a retired Occupational Therapist and she makes jewelry to sharpen her "fine motor skills" and that is a similar benefit of model building.] As long as it's fun, keep doing it.
  3. During this time of semi-quarantine (other members of the household are at-risk, due to existing health issues and age), I decided to do something about the stacks of model kits that remain in my basement storage. I haven't actually built anything in at least 20 years and when my first wife passed away 5 years ago, I sold off a number of kits and gave away my parts box (darn it X 3). I primarily kept 1990s reissues of 1960s kits that could be converted to period NASCAR GN and Sportsman cars (middle-1960s to early-1970s. Due to the long layoff, I am doing quite a bit of planning in order to "get it right". Glue choices have changed, paint choices have changed, and the hobby shops I used to visit are gone. So getting headers and GN dirt-track tires (for one or two projects) will be a challenge. (I have an errand to run. I plan to be back later.)
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