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  1. Beautiful looking truck! Very sorry to hear about your friend.
  2. Finally had some bench time this weekend. Made good progress on the build. Fenders both front and rear, valves on the pneumatic tank, and finished the front of the trailer by adding 5th wheel plate and front crossmember. I will work on the front and rear supports next.Slow progress but making headway.
  3. That is a monster! Very impressive attention tot detail. You have really done an awesome job here. Definitely a build to be proud of.
  4. Very beautiful build! Your hard work definitely paid off. Outstanding!!
  5. Thanks Dan. I agree on the frame rails. Much better size and strength.
  6. Ok, back in the saddle after another change of plans. Valves and rims from Moluminum are in. Chassis is near completion. I need to move the landing gear back a bit and start cutting out the frame rails so the tank can settle in. Using 5 hole Budds for rims with Italeri tires.
  7. Looks good Brian! I really like these older kits too.
  8. Great looking build Stephen! I saw a similar kit on EBay a few months back. First time I had seen the kit. I thought it looked really cool.
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