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  1. Here is the next project on the bench. It’s a resin Dodge LS 1000 from AITM on an AMT GMC chassis. Doing some minor weathering on this one.
  2. Having a few issues with the trailer. Starting a new frame due to my stupidity. The truck is almost finished. It’s on the shelf for now.
  3. Thanks JT! My pleasure. I hope they come in handy.
  4. That is an awesome looking trailer! Great work, the detail is amazing!
  5. This looks absolutely beautiful! Awesome work and the details add that next level realism.
  6. These trailers are everywhere here too. We run a fleet of vac trailers for plastics and our shop/wash bay is located right next to Buzzi concrete. We have BBT and CCRM that are big in this area.
  7. Much appreciated. The trailer will be an ongoing project as I am not the greatest scratch builder. I agree with you on the dash board. I’m glad they have decals and the CTM photo etched kits out to help.
  8. Thank you. I tried to replicate our fleet trucks the best I could. Minus the dirt, lol!
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