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  1. Getting closer. Fuel tanks and boxes are on. Still some touch up and detail painting to go. I am also working on straightening the stacks and looking for new wipers.
  2. Looks like a pretty cool build! Can’t wait to see the final update.
  3. I think the colors look great together. Good subject for a quick build. Nice work.
  4. This build is gorgeous! Love the detail and the diorama.
  5. Your build is amazing! It came out great. I really like the single round headlights. Great job.
  6. Thank you. Yes, you are correct. The material is so brittle though. I will probably be replacing these at some point.
  7. Thanks Jeff. I wasn’t sure about the red frame at first, but I think the decals really set it off.
  8. I really like the look of these cabovers as well. They really draw attention to themselves. The kit itself was easy to work with. Just minimal cleanup was required on the cab. All the other pieces were flawless.
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