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  1. Here is the latest off the workbench. I used a few photo etched sets to spruce things up. This may be the last build for a few months. We are relocating back to Illinois and between new jobs and moving, not much else is being done.
  2. Here is something a little different this month. The Lego kit was a Christmas present. These were easier to build than I thought but have so many working features. Very cool builds. Hope you enjoy. I added a few pics of the Lego Challenger as well.
  3. Thank you. I bought the trailer from a friend. Not sure of the origin. Thanks Larry Thanks D. I may buy another. Learned a lot from this one. Thanks Brian thank you. Thanks Thanks JT. Much appreciated.
  4. Thank you. I really like the look of these trucks. If I can find another kit, I would definitely do a better job.
  5. Great job on the Eagle! These trucks and their paint scheme are truly beautiful.
  6. Dan, these look amazing. I love the detail on the cages. Excellent work!
  7. Finally calling this on done too. I will add smaller detail in time but this finally takes everything off the “waiting to be completed” list. Not as good as I envisioned but I’m happy with it nonetheless.
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