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  1. Definitely a monster! I’m not a fan of the space between the exhaust and wrecker body. I am working on a storage cabinet to fill the space.
  2. Just a quick mock-up. Doing some touch up and detail painting next. Starting to come together now. Printed some 5 hole Budd wheels and tires for the rear. Just realized my hydraulic cylinder is upside down. Dang it.
  3. Thanks everyone! Hopefully I will have more updates this weekend.
  4. This is a cool looking color combo. I like the way it’s turning out.
  5. Very nice! I like how the small sleeper adds to the sleek look. Well done!
  6. Really sharp looking build! Very well made.
  7. Really nice work here. The weathering looks great!
  8. Beautiful truck! Mad skills on your scratch building abilities.
  9. Amazing work Jeff! I am absolutely blown away by your talent. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
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