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  1. Here is the latest off the workbench. I used a few photo etched sets to spruce things up. This may be the last build for a few months. We are relocating back to Illinois and between new jobs and moving, not much else is being done.
  2. Here is something a little different this month. The Lego kit was a Christmas present. These were easier to build than I thought but have so many working features. Very cool builds. Hope you enjoy. I added a few pics of the Lego Challenger as well.
  3. Thank you. I bought the trailer from a friend. Not sure of the origin. Thanks Larry Thanks D. I may buy another. Learned a lot from this one. Thanks Brian thank you. Thanks Thanks JT. Much appreciated.
  4. Thank you. I really like the look of these trucks. If I can find another kit, I would definitely do a better job.
  5. Great job on the Eagle! These trucks and their paint scheme are truly beautiful.
  6. Dan, these look amazing. I love the detail on the cages. Excellent work!
  7. Finally calling this on done too. I will add smaller detail in time but this finally takes everything off the “waiting to be completed” list. Not as good as I envisioned but I’m happy with it nonetheless.
  8. Thanks! thanks Jeff! I have another project coming to an end here soon that I think you will like.
  9. Thank you. I will add a pic soon. I just took the measurements and applied to the cad drawing tool. It’s not perfect yet but it fit.
  10. Thanks Jason. Thanks. Thanks Bill! Much appreciated. Thanks Mark! They are good. Love the secret menu too.
  11. Thanks Brian. I bought an Ender 3 printer a few months ago. There are some really good files out the for big trucks and I have recently started to design a few of my own. Still have lots to learn but it is really fun to play around with.
  12. Thank you! Thanks! Thanks Larry. Many thanks. Thank you Sam.
  13. Finished while waiting for the Ford parts. 3D printed fuel tanks and rear fenders. I designed a rear cab insert to convert to a day cab on TinkerCad and printed as well. Decals are from ModelTrucking.
  14. Figure I’d better post in the right place.
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