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  1. Nicely done Alex! I like the spread axles and the flatbed.
  2. Finally putting this build under glass. The build took longer than expected but I think it came out well. I used the Revell of Germany Stepps Peterbilt wrecker as the major components for the build. 3D printed items include the POWERLINER cab ( designed by 3dmodlermon on CG Trader), additional storage box, rear wheels and tires, and air horns. Decals came from the reissue AMT reefer trailer and various other kits. The color is rose gold over black automotive black primer. The interior is caramel with black seats. The interior was made from 2 AMT Freightliner kits. The upholstery was made from the seal of a coffee can.
  3. Great night at the bench. Finally got the interior to fit and in place. All decals, slam locks, and lights are on the wrecker and decals are on the cab. Needs a little touch up paint, breather stacks and caps, running lights, steps, and mirrors added. Getting so close!
  4. Thank you! Yes, invest in a printer! There are so many parts to print, along with full kits too. You can design your own as well. 3D printing is so much fun. I have learned a ton from Chris at Scale Speed Garage. Check out their website.
  5. Great idea. The front part of the box now has a set of gauges and the very front has a radiator screen which would have the compressor inside.
  6. Love this build Ken! I have the conversion kit and decals. Hopefully mine will look as good as yours!
  7. All I can say is WOW! Very impressive Steve. The paint/ decal combo looks awesome along with all the details make this build superb!
  8. What a great looking model! I think you nailed it. The truck will go well with the New Ray trailer.
  9. This build came together really well. Excellent detail! Well done!
  10. Great work here. I have one and plan to do the same.
  11. Great looking build! I really like all the chrome trim work and details.
  12. Getting closer. Windows are in, cab tilt cylinders are on, and cab detail painting is finished. Need to work on the rest of the decals along with fitting the interior.
  13. Good night at the bench. Wrecker body is finished Added all the lights and slam locks and all the hand rails on the wrecker. Added the shift tower and linkage. I have a sheet of photo etched slam locks for the extra cabinets somewhere in this mess.
  14. Quick update. Wrecker body is nearly finished. Decals, lights, and winches are on. Just need to add final details. I reprinted the cab and made a few dimension changes for better fit. Cab is going into paint tonight, working on interior bits as well.
  15. Looks good so far. Nice work on the tire/wheel package.
  16. Excellent work Jeff! Really love how the group has come together to help and inspire.
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