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  1. Fresh off the bench, AMT classic F 100. Bedfloor and ratchetstrap in photoetch from highlightmodelstudio.com, worn out engine, antenna and mirror from my scratchbox.
  2. Speechless.. that is an excelent build extremely realistic, including the enginebay-detailing
  3. Outstanding showroom perfection, great colorcombination too? Med andre ord: den er sk... flot Anders.
  4. Perfection in scale, and great to read your history on the Admiral too. It was very rare here in Denmark in its time.
  5. Very nice, always a pleasure when a fellow styrenenerd dares to choose a bit different color.
  6. A charming couple of Ebbro kits, Renault 4 Fourgonnette and an early Citroén 2CV. I challenged myself, weathering the Renault with Tamiya weathering Master. Both kits in great quality, almost no moldlines or flash at all. Very enjoyable. Tx for looking
  7. Wow Patrick! I build that Airfixkit back in '79 or '80. Great to see the TR7 again, here in Denmark one of our best rallydrivers back in the day had a fully prepared and British Leyland importersupported version for the national championship. Great sound and lots of power (going straight it was fast... narrow twisty rallystages was quite a challenge for the noseheavy TR7).
  8. MEAN look you captured on that nomad. Great!
  9. Latest project off the workbench. AMT Cobra 289, modified with parts from the "leftoverpartsbox". Beefed up originalengine, electric fan, rebuild exhausts, carbondecaled dashboard, bonnet and tailgate. 4 point racebelt in drivers side. Tx for looking.
  10. Always great fun, to let the "left over box" decide the way a build goes.. Great looking roadster!
  11. try search up Gilles panizzi, there are several clips around.. on onboardcdlips, you can see that he hardly blinks an eye throughout a complete rallystage.. Definetly a true talent.. With a very brave brother by the way, as he was codriving him throughout his WRC career?
  12. You have captured the spirit of a true german classic to perfection. Great colorchoice and attention to detail.
  13. Very nice finish and colorchoice.. and great looking underneath too, especially the finish on the exhaust.
  14. Great build. Took me right back to the 80/90's magazines and customshows.
  15. Stunning build, great colorchoice. I know that feeling to sometimes let the "left over parts box" choose the direction of a bulid.
  16. Great colorchoice on that groundshaking '55 and convincing looking weathering on the manifold, btw i do like that "Gösserstand" you use for painting the body? Im looking forward to see more wip on the project.
  17. A few old builds... that's an understatement my friend. That's an excellent collection you got there!
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