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  1. One solid piece.. so it's basically a heavy block of resin ?? Bet it looked like that before you gave it the works ... Give us a clue, what kind of vintage are we contemplating ?
  2. Wow, they look real good, especially the Western models. Good thing I didn't know about them :-). I once had a go at the Auto Kits Porsche 904, but decided after some trial that I wasn't going to get a proper model out of it. Must still be somewhere in my stash. I do love the heavy feel of metal kits, often stick some lead in my styrene models to get at least some of that same feeling.
  3. I now remember where mine come from, they are based on MFH tires, I think from the 275 GTB/C, but narrower, and cast in urethane rubber. Can cast more, if anyone is interested.
  4. Ingredients : 1 Italeri Ferrari 250 GT SWB 1 R&MCoM 250 GT engine kit 1 set of Dunlop tires, provenance unknown 1 sheet of VRM decals 1-2 dashes of Hiro photo etch 1-2 dashes of Gunze Ferrari 250 GT SWB 2 table spoons of Mr. Surfacer 3 table spoons of Zero Rob Walker Racing dark blue 4 table spoons of Zero Clearcoat Lacquer 1 teaspoon of Mr Color Super Metallic Super Fine Silver Various paints and bits and materials from the larder to taste Preparation time : For the engine : 30 days For the body : 300 days – well, maybe not all of them I hardly think the car needs introduction, but for the youngsters (..) among us, the recently deceased Sir Stirling Moss drove it to victory in the 1961 Tourist Trophy at Goodwood, UK. Yes, that’s him on the right. Clearly pre-Covid days … And no, this time I wasn’t there. Although I found it to be quite a challenge, I enjoyed building Norm Veber’s beautifully engineered and cast engine kit, and learned several modeling tricks in the process too. Yes, my “workshop” gets to be a bit dusty at times … The Baroclem battery is scratch built (and not in the right place, I know, but well, at least it is there, the kit doesn’t provide one). Cables have been added in the meantime, for nobody to see. The PE radiator grille fitted rather well into the Italeri grille surround, to my pleasant surprise. I think the exhaust tips are from the Gunze kit, in any case they are polished white metal.
  5. Another GT40 : 1041 P This was intended to be a quick curbside build of GT 1041 P as originally bought in 1966 by Jean “Beurlys” Blaton, and won at Zolder at its first appearance, against admittedly meager opposition of Léon “Eldé” Dernier’s Ecurie Francorchamps Ferrari 365 P2. Not a very important race, no, but .. I was there (sadly without camera, couldn’t afford one at the time) I had to either mask and paint (not really my cup of tea) the yellow striping on the car, or find suitable striping on the web (so much for the “quick build” ..), and then choose between 2 options available. Or buy both, of course … Turned out Renaissance/Interdecal was the best option. The wire wheels are period correct for the race, but the ones Fujimi supplies in the kit were not to my liking, so I used a set that I once got in a big box from California (thanks again Chollie). And no, they were not outside laced like early GT 40’s used to be fitted with. Only other additions were fuel filler caps from Scale Production in Germany.
  6. Nice pair, Rich. Love the Ford France. And congrats on your seat rivets/grommets/whatever. I finished a GT40 a couple of months ago, my go at them was considerably less successful 🙂
  7. Super clean build, Russell. And the subject isn't half bad either 🙂
  8. OK, thanks. And since we're talking details, the small pipe at the rear is fuel tank overflow, sort of ? Never saw these pictures, btw. Different race for the first one, apparently, that one seems to have dual carbs. And less tape 🙂 I have both the coupé and the roadster from Mini Exotics, 'bout time I did something with those !
  9. OK Gary .. if this is a teaser, then I cannot wait to see more 🙂 I am impressed.
  10. Beautiful build of one of my all-time favourites ! Thanks Scott and Gary. Question .. what are the hooks on the roof for ? Never seen - or at least noticed - that on any photo ?
  11. Good morning, May I point out that the 1994 Viper RT/10's had 10 spoke wheels ? Attached is how far I got .. before my fluo paint job decided to crackle up completely (it apparently did NOT like the clear that I used …) IIRC, the wheels are based on a Fujimi set that used to be sold separately. W.
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