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  1. Happened today destroyed hasegaw decals for lancia stratos hf kit from 2004 and looking for new ones. I will strip color and rebuild once I get this Alitalia decals set do you know we’re can I get it from ?
  2. Hi guys thanks for the help. i will give revel paint another try . Here in Israel it’s pretty hard to get all the paint I see on you tube so I’m trying my best with what I can get ( few tamiya and revel ) it will work for sure. I don’t know if it’s the right place to ask another question but I’ll give it a shot im was try to building hasegawa 1:24 lancia stratos hf and since it’s old kit from 2004 the decals was very delicate and destroyed while trying to position on the body. my question is if someone know a place I can buy this same decals ?
  3. Thanks for the replays I try to use the revel colors for clear coating my search after good glossy finish continue . can anyone recommend glossy finish I can then polishing and get the best look possible. I’m using 0.2 air brush and build rally cars and f1 Thanks meiri
  4. I’m using 1;1 and try 1 paint with 0.5 thinner
  5. Does anyone ever use revel email colors ? I’m trying to thin number 1 colore for airbrush and the results always bad I’m using color mix by revel and email color with 0.2 nozzle. thanks meiri
  6. Thanks everyone and I really appreciate the warm welcome
  7. I have just started 6 month ago my skills improving each model i finish and i have lot of question
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