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  1. The lettering on the fender of the Edsel is about 1/8 inch high. It is slightly raised above the surface of the fender. See picture. How do I paint something like that? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. Sure glad the instructions are so clear
  3. I am starting the AMT '58 Edsel pacer. In the very first step, I see three symbols that are not explained in the instructions (should I know these?). Throughout the instructions, there are stars (solid and open), snowflakes, and petals. See the image below. Could someone please clarify what these mean - or send me a link to the explanation. Thanks.
  4. I am using Tamiya TS-43 Racing green to paint a model Bentley. I need a brush-on green to match that color. Tamiya has only X-5 - not a match. I can't find any Testors or Model Master that's close. Any suggestions?
  5. I am attempting to paint a ‘chrome’ finish license plate with raised letters. The directions say “wipe black paint into the number plate and rub off the numbers before dry.” HA! A get all black if I wipe too little or all chrome if I wipe too much. I’m using Tamiya acrylic paint. Of course, the image on the box shows exactly how it should like. Is there a method to do this properly?
  6. The problem with trying to polish is that the color changed. It went from blue to black. Is this blushing?
  7. I am a relative newbie to the hobby. I am painting a DeLahaye 1/24 sedan with Tamiya TS-10 (blue) rattle can. I did 2 coats of Tamiya primer - good coverage. I did several very light coats of the blue - OK. Waited 24 hours. The problem began with the wet coat. Even though I saw the wet shine while painting, within seconds, the paint turned dark (gray/black) and the finish went flat and dull. I sanded some of the finish off and tried again (24 hours later). Same result. I am painting in the garage with the temperature of 72 and humidity of 67%. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix this? HELP. Thanks. PeterB
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