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  1. I wet sanded early this am and shot another coat everything is great thanks guys. Mike
  2. I’m posting pics of my W-925 Kenworth cab and hood. The first set is my very first time utilizing an airbrush I shot 3 coats of pearl aztek white letting ample drying time between coats then after a very through drying time I wet sanded with 2000 girt sand paper and shot 2 additional coats. Please critique and by all means I accept constructive criticism. I think I did well for the first time. Mike
  3. Here’s my W-925 AMT Kenworth cab and hood after a session in the paint booth
  4. Well gang I spent the morning practicing with my passche H with #3 needle so I got brave and started painting my KW W925 AMT kit and here’s my results. Please critique as this is the first time I’ve ever held an airbrush and I shot with pearl aztek white as my base coat and afterwards I’m gonna mask and do stripes. Mike
  5. Your cab looks amazing James very clean. You airbrush or rattle can? Mike
  6. I’m trying the no primer approach on my next build james my Revell 359 Pete is on the back burner lots of painting errors etc so I boxed it up and after my next 3 builds I’m gonna strip it and start over. Thanks for your input. Mike
  7. Thanks guys I hope all y’all aren’t getting tired of my questions some of this I have experience with some I don’t. Appreciate all the feedback. Mike
  8. Does Aztek paint require to be thinned when using an airbrush. It looks pretty thin in the bottle just don’t wanna mess up or do anything unnecessary. Mike
  9. Is there anyway one of you more experienced and accomplished model builders who builds the semis would do a YouTube tutorial on painting custom stripes on the cab and hoods. I’m the type I can read about it all day and not get the gist but when I see the technique being applied and hearing the explanation being done it sinks into my hard head a lot faster. I hope one of you nice folks could do this. Mike
  10. Has anyone on this forum put one of these kits together? I know it’s pretty much a snap together kit but good golly the fit is shoddy at best. The fuel tanks aren’t going together all the way some of the holes I had to drill and glue and on the right side air cleaner the tit for lack of better term that the chrome piece fits on is backwards so the air cleaner doesn’t butt all the way up like it’s supposed to just an all around shoddy kit. This is the kit where I posted the bad primer job on. So I’ve ditched painting and gonna put it together all white and be done. I’m not going to any model shows or anything like that. I do have 3 more rig kits that are gonna look sharp and detailed. Mike
  11. Charles I’m going to try 91% alcohol as this is all I can afford right now. Have you used it to strip your builds? I see others on this thread have. I’m on fixed income and can’t afford a lot right now. Mike
  12. I’ve used naptha to clean my pedal steel guitar all the parts and I have this readily available
  13. I found aluminum tubing for stacks for my rig models. I want to try to keep to scale and my math skills are not that great. What size tubing will I need to emulate 5” straight stacks and keep to scale? Thanks Mike
  14. I need to add I used rustoleum primer(mistake should’ve used krylon) I did find 91% alcohol at CVS so I’ll pick me up a bottle tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have this rascal stripped down and re-primed tomorrow evening. Thanks for your advice. Mike
  15. If I have to use alcohol how long do I soak it before I start stripping it? And thank you for responding. Mike
  16. Thanks for the advice brother I think next time also I’ll shoot gray primer then white primer so I can see a little better
  17. The super clean you’re speaking of. Is it in like a purplish jug? Mike
  18. Thanks buddy I will try this method thanks for the feedback. Mike
  19. I used a rattle can primer Rustoleum to be exact. What do I use to strip it and start over? Mike
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