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  1. The 66 Caddy is owned by Michael Madsen, the actor, it was also in Reservoir Dogs. The Karmann was also in Kill Bill. https://automobilefanatics.com/quentin-tarantinos-once-upon-a-time-in-hollywood-used-over-2000-vintage-cars/
  2. check out the last 15 minutes of Once upon a time in hollywood, DeCaprio in his pool.
  3. that revell kit looks really nice, and a great build there!!
  4. what happened to the chevy II gasser? I was drooling over the possibility of that one.
  5. hope revell does a super stock drag version.
  6. stevez


    un f-ing believable.
  7. great build, I built the original kit for a IPMS review and it's great.
  8. I hope hope hope they come out with a 2n1 stock/super stock drag version, like the Dart, Nova, Charger etc. Great news.
  9. nice, let's see the bottom.
  10. Funny car, think the Chevy II had these also. Carpet ate 2 of mine. Thanks in advance. Steve
  11. have you tried hyperscale and aircraft resource center. both have buy sell trade forums. might be better than here.
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