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  1. Spray can, doesn't have to be full, just need for touch ups.
  2. That's the photo etch grill from the mazmanian revell kit, released about 2000.
  3. The hot weather is great for wet coats of Tamiya light sand metallic. To clear or not to clear? I wet sanded between coats with 4000 and higher, then used novus 1 clean and shine, and a little final detail wax applied with moist cloth. If I go with clear coat, will the wax repel it? Interior will be Tamiya flat sand (non metallic), I think, or maybe white seats and doors.
  4. Does this need a clear coat over the base?, Tamiya light sand metallic. Was lightly wet sanded between coats, about 4 or 5.
  5. Anyone have trouble getting the snorkel and snorkel intake to fit?
  6. Nice, does the rear tab on the chassis get glued to the body,or maybe cut it off?
  7. Does the tab on rear of chassis glue to bottom of body? Or cut it off? Instruction is vague.
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