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  1. say has amt re-issued the great 427 66 Fairlane recently ? a great kit and car.
  2. very nice, I've seen that kit and was wondering about it. looks like the front clip fits pretty well to the body.
  3. Anyone hear of this one? Looks like a lot of it is pre painted. https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/builds/agora/build_agora_gt500.shtml
  4. Is the 69 Chevelle going to be a 2 version or 1 version kit? would like to see a street rod or drag version.
  5. very nice, like the wheels, let's see a few more pix.
  6. that AMT kit with the 427 is very underrated. One of their best if you upgrade the tires, wheels.
  7. the one with polyglas tires definitely.
  8. stevez

    1977 Pinto

    member Faust where are you?
  9. would be great if they did a 68-70 dodge or Plymouth superbee/roadrunner, the revell/AMT kits are a bit dated.
  10. Thanks, I was referring to new new kits, not variations of previous kits. I do think the AFX 65 Plymouth is great, no issues from me.
  11. Slixx used to have lots of generic decals. check their website.
  12. OUTSTANDING Sir!! Love that Mono 41 Lincoln, wish they would bring that back, wonder if Atlantis now owns the kit?
  13. stevez

    '67 Camaro

    masterpiece by the master modeler.
  14. good show, the third reich aircraft are a sub specialty (cult) subject known as Lufwaffe 46, which has spawned a whole cottage industry of what ifs.
  15. Hyperscale, aircraft resource center, cybermodeler, modeling madness. Scalemates is an encyclopedia for modeling, every kit and aftermarket item available, including cars.
  16. GREAT pix, the winner better have a coupla loaded guns to kill all the snakes living in that thing since 67.
  17. are these now available??
  18. Luv the nosebleed, attitude, man, death proof.++
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