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  1. this one just didnt finish up as well as it started out. I might go back and smooth things out someday, but for right now Im done with it. Im also done with AMT kits. at least till I get more experience dealing with their way of doing things. stuff just doesnt fit right, and I find out about it too late in the game. talk about frustrating!! Im too old for this sh!t...
  2. That's definitely an improvement over the stock version...
  3. thats funny. thanks for making me laugh this morning....
  4. I didnt like the car all that much when I started it, but it's starting to look pretty snappy after all the work. Good luck with yours, and be sure to take your time for best results. 🙂
  5. If you didnt know much about BMF before doing this car, you could be close to advanced after your done with it. next stop will be in finished cars.
  6. The photos you've all been waiting for !!! lol. just kidding. however, this is the first paint job I've done that is my personal best. even though I had to strip and repaint the hood 4 times before it finally became satisfactory, overall I am very pleased with the result. I used a product called Speedo Kote 2k clear. next up is bmf and then final assy. Again, I thank you all for your comments and encouragement...
  7. you pulled it off real well. love those mags !!
  8. cruiser66

    1967 GTX

    nice work Jim...
  9. 2 more with hood this time and better lighting that almost shows how good the paint looks in person..
  10. Im not ready to pull the tape to show the cream white color underneath, but I am ready to say Ive been doing this all wrong for awhile now. The new color I chose is a bottle Ive had for a long time now and it was going to go on a 68 mustang. getting it was a chore. It is called Bullitt green from gravity colors usa. I still have 1/2 bottle left and one full bottle from Matte for his poor handling of my order. However what I meant about doing it all wrong, is using rustoleum or duplicolor rattle cans. air brushing is definately the way to go. Im not sure of other brands, but this gravity stuff flowed out and on the car so smoothly and effortlessly I couldnt believe it. Also, it's the first time I used my Paasche H air brush. I had been using an Iwatta double action, and that was pretty much harder to get used to than the one touch Paasche. as soon as it dries, I will pull the tape and apply a glossy clear coat which will put me in to final assy. I appreciate all you fellow modelers for your comments and encourgement.
  11. this makes me want to build a 57 Ford of my own. Thanks !!
  12. Love the detail good job.
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