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  1. Thankyou all..cant wait to start the next one.
  2. all done. looks fairly nice. the Penzoil bumper sticker is there to hide a problem with the pin stripe. covered it up just right. hehehe...
  3. last photo in WIP. more will go in under glass. finished
  4. my best clear coat yet. looks much better to the naked eye.
  5. like I thought, the installation of the decals was murder. I would recommend to anyone thinking about doing this kit to consider cutting some of the larger decals in half for easier application. ?? next stop, paint booth for 2K clear .
  6. so...being unhappy with the results of Tamiya acrylic mixed with window washer fluid, I sanded the whole thing down with 3000, 6000, and 12000, and reshot it with same paint this time mixed with lacquer thinner. I dont know why some people get good results with washer fluid, but the thinner makes the job easier with stunning results. went down smooth as a baby's butt.
  7. thanks Gareth, the wheels were the main thing I picked this kit to build. I was hoping to duplicate the real thing, and I believe I came about as close as possible. Following is photos of the black paint job pre clearing and maybe a little sanding. The gold trim is just a reflection off something.....
  8. Thanks. the dash is one of the toughest parts for me, so when it comes out nice I try to make the rest of the model live up to it..lol..
  9. I've seen that in a local hobby shop but havn't tried it yet.
  10. The gauge bezel is all one piece on the chrome sprue. no gold chrome in the kit. thanks all for your nice comments..
  11. looks great so far. looking forward to the build.
  12. here's my progress on this project. It's going together pretty uneventful. I have a feeling the decals may be the hardest part.
  13. 6.6 litre engine assembled very easily. all primed with gray rustoleum since that was what I had on hand. I sanded the body to smooth it out, and I like the results so far. I am going to try and put Tamiya X1 black for the main color. It's all pretty straight forward..
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