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  1. Thanks Ian. I’m taking a bit of a break but will get back into it soon. I got burned out so I need to get re-motivated. I’ve been busy restoring a 1954 AG6 Maserati at work.
  2. More progress on this build. I glued the gearbox assembly to the back of the engine without any issues. I may do the same to my next build which will be the 1/12 Tamiya Ferrari 641/2. Next step in building up the exhaust, connecting all the oil lines and clutch and brake lines. Also will continue with adding details from the top studio upgrades.
  3. This past week I added more plumbing to the water system and worked on the airbox. If you’re building this model in the future it’s best to glue the AN fittings to both the oil pump and water pump before gluing to the engine. The instructions from Top Studio doesn’t mention this but it’s much much easier to do it when the pumps are off. Also the orientation of the plumbing leading to the engine should be glued after gluing the radiators to the car. It’s not really clear on the instructions from TS what the position on the water tubes should be. Everything else from TS is straightforward and a big improvement in the parts and detail from the standard a Tamiya bits
  4. Thanks Art. Appreciate it. Working on the airbox and hope to have pics soon
  5. So I bolted the engine to the back of the tub and it was a bit more difficult than was necessary. A piece of advice to those who are building this kit. First don’t add the right side aluminum cover till after you bolt the engine and in fact you may have to modify it to make it fit. Second and most important as I mentioned this before for those who are adding the lower mount shims and valve covers from TS is that it will push the engine back and not allowing you to screw the engine to the floor. The holes will not line up by half a millimeter. Not good so you must file away the mounts which should be done before adding all the bits. I didn’t even bother with the rear bulkhead plate from TS which would make it even worse. Third it’s better to glue the water pump and oil pump assemblies after bolting the engine to the tub because it will make it easier to screw on. The screwdriver Tamiya apply unfortunately Makes you screw the screws at an angle not getting a good fit to those tiny heads of those screws. 4th and last I would enlarge a bit the mounting holes where the screws go through. I found it to be a bit tight. Other than that it should be all good. Here are some pics of the results
  6. Thanks. That was painful but glad it came out nice
  7. Ok so it’s been a while but I’ve been a bit busy and the finalizing the engine has taken a bit of time. I finished most of the wiring but the engine loom on the head covers are done. I had to wait on some parts to arrive and took a bit longer thanks to Covid. I finished the back end of the engine and scratched some linkages and out a throttle return sting in there as well and the rest was TS stuff. I will add more detail to the engine like more wiring but after I bolt the engine to the chassis and glue the gearbox to engine. I should bolt the engine in a couple of days to the chassis and see what extra details I can add. Here are some pictures. Hope you guys are enjoying the build.
  8. I’ve been waiting on some hardware from RBMotion but there had been delays. I’ve added some additional scratch building detail from reference pictures from the Formula Perfect manual. I added plumbing to the fuel injector rails and sensor. Also added an oil line coming out of the oil pump from the left side to the front fuel rail if that makes any sense. At least that’s how I interpreted from the pictures. Currently I’m working on the TPS sensors st the rear of the engine do hopefully I’ll have pics of that at the end of the week. Hope you guys are enjoying this build.
  9. The variable trumpets introduced later in the season had black trumpets and looked quite nice. However most of the pics had the chrome look on them so I stuck with that look.
  10. So much for my break. I decided to continue with the engine and concentrated on the throttle linkage on the engine. The linkage really adds to the detail of the engine. This little engine is getting heavier and heavier lol. I put the engine aside and decided to focus on the trumpets and tray. I painted the tray black and CF in two different shades. For the inside I used the Kevlar looking decal and for the outside I used black pewter decal using lots of Microl Sol and heat gun. I then sprayed black smoke all over it just to darken it. I then added a very thin brass rod and glued it on top of the butterflies followed by the trumpets taken care of the rotation alignment so they sit nice next to each other. I was contemplating painting the trumpets black but decided to keep it chrome. I mocked the tray to the engine to see what it looked like. It certainly got more heavier and I still need to add more parts front and rear.
  11. Making progress with this engine. Top Studio has a nice upgrade for the engine and it’s been fun to build but also a bit stressful as well. The main problem is not loosing those tiny rivets. I’m about half way done with it and so far it’s looking nice but it can probably look better. Working with these tiny bits is a handful. The biggest challenge I think will be the wiring loom. I’m taking a break and charge my batteries before I tackle the rest. Here is a couple of pics of the progress so far. I haven’t scratch build anything yet but will do for the second part.
  12. This car was at our worshop back in 2015 or so. Some of my friends were restoring it while I was restoring an F1 Surtees TS-16. I remember the engine being massive.
  13. More progress on the engine. Painted the insides of the valve covers flat white. Glued the exhaust flanges to the heads with Tamiya cement instead if using CA glue so that I can manouvre the flanges in place till I got them lined up correctly. I detailed the alternator even though you won’t see it. Also added the water pump on the left side. I will add the oil pump on the right side another time.
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