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  1. To the flocking question, it was simply a gray flocking that was purchased through ETSY.
  2. Building this kit now. What a disappointment! Aside from just being a reissue and horribly inaccurate to the screen car (wrong engine, wrong steering wheel, wrong exhaust, etc, etc), the molding detail is poor, the plastic is thin and brittle and there is more flash than a Flash Gordon triple feature!! They did get the hub caps right, and the front end was retooled, otherwise its just the same kit with new decals. Anyone have a 1971 two spoke Ford Mustang steering wheel they want to part with? This kit as the 3 spoke version.
  3. Hi all, was careless and ended up putting a finger tip of glue on my installed windshield for a '36 Ford. At this point in the build removing the window is not an option, I'd have too much disassembly. Suggestions on how I might get most of this off leaving window in place? It was coated in Future first, so perhaps my 99% rubbing alcohol will take both layers off?? Its the Testors orange bottle glue... Thanks
  4. Cool build! I pre-ordered my kit back in October --- still waiting for it to arrive!!
  5. This is a Christmas present to my dear older brother. This is the '66 Pontiac GTO that he owned in high school...many years ago. A fun build with a few extras added. The kit is Revell's '66 GTO. The engine was made to be a '67 Pontiac 400 single 4bbl which he installed. Plug wires were added as was interior carpet and a few photo etch pieces. The kit rims were replaced with the Crager's he had. Headlights, tail lights and dash are all illuminated with LEDs. The vinyl roof and its chrome trim was added in by me. Paint is most flat black with the 3 "primer" spots that were present on the car. License plate is correct and done through PhotoShop. Rear bumper even has his high school parking permit sticker. Happy Holidays everyone!
  6. This is a replica of the car I owned in the early 90s, a 1984 Ford Mustang GT. The build was a bit of a nightmare and included parts from multiple kits to get things as accurate as possible. Had some alignment and fit issues but overall happy with the outcome and moving from a WIP to Done. Base kit is the MPC 20th Anniversary Edition, with parts from the MPC Mustang SVO and a 1990 GT Convertible I had build years ago. Other parts were taken from the Monogram 1984 Mustang kit. Thanks to all who contributed parts from this forum! Decals are from Keith Marks, steering wheel is scratch built and I added carpet, seat belts, interior door lock knobs and some photo etch CDs in the interior (because it was the 90's). Engine is a resin 5.0 Liter from B-N-L Resin with distributor from Morgan Automotive.
  7. Ever have one of those builds that just kicks you butt at every turn?! Well this was that build for me, but I'm calling it done (for now). I present the 1984 Mustang GT, a car I owned. A bit of a Frankenstein build, the base kit is the MPC 20th Anniversary Edition Mustang, with parts added from an old 1990 GT Convertible build I did years ago (engine accessories and fan shroud), the MPC Mustang SVO kit (clear windows, front lower grill with fog lights, exhaust pipe, rear deck spoiler, interior side panels), and the Monogram 1984 Mustang kit (exhaust twin tail pipe and dual snorkel air cleaner). I added flocking and '84 Mustang decals from Keith Marks. The engine is a resin Ford 5.0 from B-N-L Resin and distributor from Morgan Automotive Detail. Also added seat belts, door lock knobs and some photo etch CDs in the interior for fun. Despite sizing and alignment issues, messing up the first set of decals (my fault), painting, stripping and repainting, I think the end build is fairly accurate to the car I owned and not to bad of a build. Time to add the license plate and call this one done and move on...quick photos from my phone...enjoy!
  8. Oldcarfan27...thanks for the response. If its a standard hood and 1:25 scale, I'd certainly like to give it a try!
  9. Looking for a standard hood for a 1967 Camaro that will fit the Revell Special Edition 1:25 scale 2'n 1 '67 Camaro SS kit. By standard hood I mean one with no grills on the hood (see photo). This is going to be a build of Buddy Repperton's '67 Camaro from the movie Christine (before it was destroyed by Christine). Thanks!
  10. Looking for a standard Camaro hood that will fit a 1:25 scale MPC Turbo Z28 body (a 1980 kit). By "standard" mean no hood scoop, cowl venting is preferred. Scalemates shows this kits is just a continuation of a tooling that goes back to 1974. The '74, '75, '76 and '77 kits all appear to have the correct standard hood I am looking for and I suspect it would fit into my 1980 kit. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mpc-1-0713-turbo-z28--963058 Looking to build a 1980 Camaro Berlinetta. Thanks!
  11. Looks like I might be able to do a mash-up of the AMT kit and a Lindberg Dakota Sport kit....thanks for the responses...keep you posted.
  12. The indestructible truck from the movie Twister. Closest match I can find is Lindberg Dakota Sport. Anyone got any leads on a better kit? Thanks!
  13. Looking to achieve and old faded/oxidized black paint finish on a car. Not flat black, but less the semi gloss. Like its been in the sun since 1966 and never waxed. Any suggestions?
  14. Any update on when the James Bond kit might be available? I am about to start a build using various other kits but might wait if this is coming soon... Thanks
  15. The kit only had the stock manifolds, no other options. I do have these however, not sure if they would work for you, and not sure what they are from...
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