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  1. Thanks! It will be a little while until I get to this build, currenting working on a 1/350 Enterprise Refit build with all the lights and after market upgrades (massive project) but will post when I get to it eventually.
  2. That would be cool, let me know, send a photo if you have it. My kit is still available. Thanks!
  3. Complete and not started, but opened. Looking for these kits: 1979 Porsche 928 1965 Lincoln Continental 4 door sedan 1949 Packard Custom Eight Victoria Convertible 1966 Mustang Coupe
  4. I have this kit available. I bought it as a partially started kit and I have used the engine elsewhere so that is not included. The body and side mirrors have been painted (one mirror attached, other loose) but no other work done. Let me know if interested.
  5. I have 4 older Star Wars kits I'd be willing to sell if you are interested. All boxes are open. 3 are not started and all parts/instructions present. The X-Wing has barely been started -- Fuselage glued together and some work on laser guns, that's it. All parts/instructions/decals are included. Let me know if interested and I will figure out some pricing. Glenn
  6. I am working on a build that requires a short strip of lighting. Ideally my though would be to use side glow fiber optic but because of the scale, I need to use .25 mm diameter. The smallest side glow I can find is .5 mm and that's too large. I was told by a fiber optic vendor to run unjacketed .25 mm fiber through some 000 steel wool and that might work, but again, because of the size, the light being emmitted is not sufficient for the effect I am looking for. Looking for suggestions...it does not have to be round, but can't be much larger that .25 mm. What I am trying to achieve is a light strip around the opening of a driver's helmet.
  7. Thanks! This was the Aoshima kit. Yes, very very thin fiber on the overhead console and the console behind the drivers seat. I have a standard LED illuminating the dash gauges and 3 interdependent flickering LEDs for the Flux Capacitor. I wanted to use some florescent panel film on the exterior blue bar that runs around the car but could not get it to work. The battery and switch is in the stand so I can easily replace when needed. I did the same approach with my Christine build. Some build shots below show the lighting a little better. 20161203_204325.mp4
  8. Delorean Time Machine from Back to the Future II
  9. Christine -- nothing more needs to be said....
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