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  1. Looks like I might be able to do a mash-up of the AMT kit and a Lindberg Dakota Sport kit....thanks for the responses...keep you posted.
  2. The indestructible truck from the movie Twister. Closest match I can find is Lindberg Dakota Sport. Anyone got any leads on a better kit? Thanks!
  3. Looking to achieve and old faded/oxidized black paint finish on a car. Not flat black, but less the semi gloss. Like its been in the sun since 1966 and never waxed. Any suggestions?
  4. Any update on when the James Bond kit might be available? I am about to start a build using various other kits but might wait if this is coming soon... Thanks
  5. The kit only had the stock manifolds, no other options. I do have these however, not sure if they would work for you, and not sure what they are from...
  6. I'm building a replica of a car someone owned.
  7. Thanks all! The car had minimal screen time, mostly parked at the curb or a few pull up scenes. No dramatic car chases unfortunately. But I'm a movie car builder and thought this would make for an interesting build and add a splash of color to my collection. Not sure where I'd find a roof for it either...
  8. Here is a replica of Breathless Mahoney's (played by Madonna) ride from the 1990 Dick Tracy money. The kit base kit is the Lindberg Auburg Speedster Kit No 369, and the instructions identify it as a 1935 model. From there the build went complete off the books... First off the kit is not particularly pretty, with thick plastic, poor match up, incorrect proportions, minimal and shallow detail, and raised panel lines. Those were the first to go, sanding them off and then scribing all new lines. Then the modifications...the movie car is a George Barris invention so lots to address to make it screen accurate. Engine, the movie car held a Ford 351 Cleveland, the kit had the stock Auburn engine with a solid floor in the engine compartment, molded to look like the bottom of an engine from underneath. That was cut out and a resin 351 put in. The kit only had 3 side exhaust pipes all on the drivers side. I fashioned new side panels and added the 6 exhaust pipes. Small bits of styrene were added to create the 4 door hinges. Wide white wall tires were added to the kits wire rims and spinners were added. Front fog lights were added, they don't match exactly to the screen car but close enough for now. Interior dash was updated to reflect the movie car and carpet added in. All finish off in Krylon Rasberry paint! Not my best build but it certainly was a challenge and fun to work on. Hopefully Dick Tracy's 1936 Ford will be a better kit to work with when it gets to the build bench. Enjoy!
  9. I am in need of the driver's side exhaust manifold from the Revell 1:25 Revell Muscle ’66 Pontiac GTO kit. Mine was not fully formed on the sprue. You can see what the passenger side one looks like in the photo. I reached out to Revell but who know how long a response will take? Doing a build that I need done by Christmas! Thanks,
  10. I have a pair of these, among other items from that same kit. They do have a light coat of flat white paint on the lens section. PM me if interested.
  11. Looks great! I did the BTTF II Aoshima kit a few years back. Some pics posted here. What did you use for the main body color?
  12. I've got a small windshield piece from an Auburn Speedster that I need to buff clear...its got some discoloration to it. Any recommendations on a good process to make clear parts clear again? Thanks!
  13. Anyone have good process for replicating a vinyl top when the kit is not molded with that detail? Doing Revel's '66 GTO and need a vinyl top, but kit is totally smooth.... Thanks,
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