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  1. Revell's 1977 Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am, with a couple of extras to make it really screen accurate...
  2. We've got a heartbeat! Engine and transmission are in. This was a resin 5.0L from B&L Resin. Belt and accessories along with fan shroud and upper radiator hose were from an old 1990 GL I had built years ago. Add plug wires (in correct firing order), photo etch battery terminals and wires, wiper motor and master cylinder. For a major kit bash project, over all alignment of items is acceptable.
  3. Sorry all....looks like I have some post carpet installation clean up to do after looking at the close up photos! I hate flocking...it gets everywhere! Wasn't that a line from a movie? Oh yeah, that was sand....(Star Wars reference).
  4. Making some progress...interior is mostly done. Additions include scratch built headrests, steering wheel, clutch and brake pedals, door lock knobs, and seat belts. I added carpeting and for fun some photo etch CDs, as that was the media format at the time I owned the car. If you look closely you will see a CD half ejected in the stereo. The kit dash panel did not have the level of detail I had hoped for but did what I could. Working on the engine now...
  5. Thanks Leo64, that is actually were I went in the end. Its a little more that what I need, but he did have exactly what I wanted.
  6. Looking for some 1977 era Trans Am decals to wrap up my Ban-One build from Smokey and the Bandit. Specifically looking for the "Trans Am" for the front fenders and rear spoiler. These were not included in the Revell kit. Anyone?? Thanks.
  7. I was wondering if paint and then a layer of Krystal Klear might work? Thoughts?
  8. Anyone have good tips on how to make chromed headlights a little more realistic? The solid chrome just does not work for me and no clear parts were included in the kit. See part 101 in photo below for an example. Thanks!
  9. Lindberg produced an Auburn Speedster kit. I am currently building one as Breathless Mahoney's car from Dick Tracey. The kit has some accuracy and fit issues and not very well detailed, and you will have to deal with raised vs. recessed panel lines,. You might find it on eBay.
  10. WIP -- 1st coat of primer went on today. Some clean up work to do but making progress. Mods to the body from the kit include rear spoiler, front air dam and photo etch locks.
  11. Thanks vamach1 -- I do already have the Keith Marks photos for this same build. Ray had some additional details that I was interested in.
  12. Tried to message him, got a popup saying he cant accept messages.... 😕
  13. Has anyone recently worked with Rays Kits for decals? I have been trying to connect with him for some decals I want to order but not hearing back. Website has recent post from May 30th so seems like its still active....have tried the web submission on his page and a direct email to the account he listed....nothing.... Anyone have other options? Looking for a more complete set of decals for an 84 Mustang and some additional Camaro Berlinetta items. Thanks,
  14. Looking for a Ford A/C compressor and wiper motor 1:25 scale to fit a 1984 Mustang. Does not have to be exact but close. Thanks!
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