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  1. Fancy curtains! Looks like you have plenty of room. I look foward to getting to that stage. My accomplishment is something of a step backwards, as it looks like our house move should happen at the end of next week and I realised I'm not going to have time to finish anything off. Before: After: That lonely-looking little bundle contains most of my current WIPs. Spent a fair bit of time at that bench (actually an old drawing board), now it's on the skip pile and everything's boxed-up. The built models were packed and moved to my workplace a week or two ago, the unbuilt kits can wait a few more days
  2. I really like what you're doing here, it's worked-out very well.
  3. I failed to complete this during my two-week holiday, which ended three weeks ago! With the forthcoming house move my time and attention has been required elsewhere, but this weekend I found a couple of hours to make some progress - I'm determined to get one more across the line in my time here! Interior just brush-painted with various shades of Revell/Humbrol enamel. May not be super-accurate, but it looks the part. With the standard suspension fitted I could see how it worked with the accessory wheels - some work required! This is where I'd got to at the end of my holiday. Moving-on to this weekend. Underside shot, for what it's worth. I'm treating this as a curbside build, so what's happening here is just to hold the wheels in the right place. The kit's suspension is really nicely recreated and went together well, it gave me an appreciation for how these work at 1:1. If I built one in more standard guise it'd certainly warrant more time and effort, but that's not the purpose of this exercise. If I can I'd like to retain the posable wheels up front, so after lots of trimming and shaving this is where I am: The wheels are just mocked-up, I still have a bit of work to do on their final position and the ride height, but it's nearly there. Only other significant job to do is paint the dark trim inside the glass, then final assembly. I was going to fit a larger rear silencer, but the accessory set is now packed and not immediately accessible. I may try and find a set of front brake discs - those with the kit are too small but it depends on what I can find with the few kits I have easy access to.
  4. They sound like the wheels I got with an Aoshima Y30 Cedric, they went very nicely on a '65 Corvette.
  5. That looks great! I can see there was a lot of work required on the window trims and other brightwork, it's come out really well.
  6. I saw this first time around and liked it, then came back for another look and comment and it'd gone, so I'm glad to see it's reappeared! Nice work, a very '90s Honda colour for it and the OEM bumpers have turned out really well. Could the bumpers off an Aoshima Accord wagon also be used I wonder?
  7. Yes, good luck Pierre! Hope you get some out on display again soon Chris. Having spent most of my recent spare time bundling-up quite a few thousand old car magazines and getting them down to a rented 20' storage container along with books, brochures, my children's old toys and random stuff from the house that we probably shouldn't have kept/still be keeping, I shall be moving onto the models and diecasts this weekend. As our move is very local I don't have to worry about them surviving a long road trip or being handled by the removal guys, but I'll still be using plenty of bubble wrap etc. I have some spare space in my office, might even get them down there so they're completely separate - I'd hate for them to suffer due to an avalanche of inexpertly stacked 1970s magazines!
  8. Always a treat to see a new build from you Chang, and this one certainly doesn't disappoint! So clean, and fantastic paintwork - really something to aspire to (although I know I'll never get anywhere close!).
  9. Very nicely done Steve. I'd happily run that as a 1:1.
  10. I can't remember if I had anything for it "Under Glass", but there are some completed photos of it on page 62 here:
  11. You certainly do like the C210/211 Skyline! I have one or two, recently got a 4-door and a late C110 for the nice OE alloy wheels they came with - I want a set to create a close replica of my 1:1 Laurel C230.
  12. I built a very loose replica from the Monogram '55, started in the '90s and finally finished at the very beginning of this year. Some good tips here on what not to do! I used to watch it every so often on a VHS recorded off the TV, somewhere I've got a DVD.
  13. Interesting, I'd have thought it was more complicated to get a racing car licensed as there'd be the sponsors and the original manufacturer? Also, I suppose racing cars sell better and they can spin-off numerous versions to collectors with just a different decal set.
  14. A nice survivor, it's lasted the years very well.
  15. Great to see this one, and like Les I'm also interested to see what road car options might become available. The Sierra and Sapphire were hugely significant cars here, I think they topped the sales charts for much of the 1980s and almost everyone will have a memory of them. My mum and stepdad had a 5-door XR4x4 which I drove a few times, a different beast to the Cosworth but I liked it. A couple of tidy Cosworths I've seen: If it could be converted to non-Cosworth spec then even more options become available: I could even recreate my grandad's Sapphire: Would be great if a 5-door bodyshell was offered, or even an estate!
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