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  1. Very nicely done, looks so much better than the box art. Have you opened up the grille or replaced it with mesh?
  2. It may be a simple kit but the finished look is very effective, it's turned out really well.
  3. Very nice. Really crisp edging between the blue and black painted areas of bodywork.
  4. Always a pleasure to see one of your builds "Under Glass", this one's amazing! Some very inventive thinking, very well executed.
  5. Great to see, it looks really good. I have no experience of the 1:1 version whatsoever, but the V6 engine conversion certainly looks effective.
  6. A very sharp build there, nicely done.
  7. Fantastic! Your buid really brings out the interesting styling details.
  8. I built one of these Skylines approaching 30 years ago, still got it. I have a couple of other versions, this one is probably going to be a parts donor - the RB engine will go nicely into another Nissan. Might use the body to reshell my original build. The wing and muffler set is actually almost two full kits, the seller had a couple but only used the seats from one set. After the listing he found the carbon fibre decal and very kindly chucked that in as a bonus item. The items were listed as Buy It Now at a very reasonable price, so it was really good of him to do that.
  9. I think being too hard on yourself Chang, looks great to me.
  10. That's excellent Tom, and what an interior! Quite inventive and strangely effective. The nose treatment reminds me of the 'bathtub' Ford Taunus, which I imagine you're familiar with from your time in Germany.
  11. Micromesh and resin polish treatment given to AMT Corvette and Impala that I currently have underway: Suspension and interior work now the main focus of attention. Weather looks rubbish tomorrow, might bring a limited workbench set-up into the house so I can do things in the warm, rather than take cold, wet journeys out to the shed.
  12. Very nicely done, colour looks great on it. I think I've seen the odd 1:1 in something similar.
  13. Wow Chang, what a great start to the new year! It looks fantastic. Look at the reflections in the outdoor shots.....
  14. Definitely one to be right clicked and saved into the build folder....... The kit looks like it contains the right parts to build something very close to that, main things being the front windows needing to be converted to one-piece glass and losing the rivets on the rear arches.
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