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  1. Both are very impressive, but having built the R/M 308 myself I'm amazed with what you've done on it. No way of knowing that such a basic kit could give those results. In fairness the basic body shape looks 'right', but you've taken it to another level.
  2. Nice idea, look forward to seeing how it turns out. I did a fairly crude but similar exercise on this Maserati: During the process I discovered that the body fitted quite happily on a Monogram C2 Corvette chassis.
  3. Have been managing to hold back from buying much, but this nicely detailed Hasegawa Corolla was a decent price:
  4. I have a couple in the current stash: Can't say about the wheels, as I was given it without them. The bodyshell looks OK, but panel lines quite shallow. The bumpers have separate black and chrome parts to represent the different materials. Ignoring the Daihatsu, I got this Toyota for a reasonable price. Seems pretty decent to me. Has opening doors but alloy wheels rather than the wires shown on the box art. Both the above are designed to be motorized, they include an FA130E motor and wiring, but at least they have full depth interiors unlike some of the Doyusha 1:24 range. The battery compartment is within the engine bay, so as typical for many Japanese kits of thi era they don't have an engine. I used to have this Skyline R30. Certainly a step or two up from Fujimi's miserable attempt at the same car, and at least on a par with Tamiya's version if not better - I recall it having separate bumpers, for example.
  5. I opened up a load of boxes and took lots of photos, I'll report back tomorrow. In the meantime, the Advan HFs in RX7, Skyline R33 GTS (not GT-R) and Mitsubishi 3000 GT are all shown as 225/50x16. They seemed bigger than that to me. The R33 GT-R has the Expedia 255/45x17s you're after. I looked at a Fujimi Altezza with 17s, they were 245/40. Aoshima 17" accessory wheel sets had similar.
  6. Remind me to have a look over the weekend, I have most of those Tamiya kits. The NSX also has different widths front to rear.
  7. I've been trying to avoid buying more stuff recently, and I haven't built anything for a few weeks, but I couldn't resist this one: The side window frames are a completely separate plated oulding, so there's minimal foil work required.
  8. Interesting to see something about this kit, and the 1:1. I have this slightly different image which I scanned from an unknown publication: It's a nice period piece, but I'm not sure if I'm going to build it OOB. More likely to swap parts with another MPC 620.
  9. Nice start Gareth. Hope your work on the 1:1 has got everything sorted and you'll be back on this soon. Not a generation of Charger I'm very familiar with, but I took photos of a nice 1972 318ci that was at a local show the other weekend:
  10. A wonderful replica of the original, it looks fantastic.
  11. Nice work Anton, I think you've got the look of it just right.
  12. That's fantastic. I know nothing about the 1:1 but your perseverance, workmanship and colour choice have really worked out there.
  13. A useful batch of Skyline R32 parts, well under £10: They replace pretty much everything I robbed from another Skyline for my entry in last years CBP Community Build, and it's particularly useful to have the competition parts so I can upgrade a road car.
  14. Yup, those Nascar wheels suit it well. I used a set years ago on a hi-po Dodge Monaco I built, I think I was able to use the AMT kit's fat treaded tyres on the Monogram wheels that time. I hadn't thought about using the Grand Cherokee tyres on anything else, but I'll bear that in mind. I have that one in the stash and I was going to use its wheels on something else. Good luck with this new build! I still haven't made any progress on mine.....
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