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  1. That particular one cost me £25 shipped, which seems to be good going for a recent Hasegawa release. The seller has at least one other on eBay, they list at £35 you can make an offer. I put it in my watch list and got a notification that they'd sell for £25. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hasegawa-1-24-Nissan-Skyline-GTS-R-R31-Damaged-Box-C29/154033187682 Haven't yet received it, so I can't say in person but the built-up photos with the listing look very good: The standard wheels aren't very flattering, some BBS RG or mesh wheels will better. Will be interesting to see whether the underbonnet area would be suitable for an RB26 swap from Tamiya's R32 GT-R. A quick look at the instructions on HobbySearch shows it have decent-looking suspension. The Fujimi versions I already have aren't too bad, certainly better than their terrible R30 Skyline, and they do 4-door versions as well which appeals to me (I rescued a South African spec 1:1 saloon from a scrapyard some years ago). You have to accept with them that the chassis detailing is very simplistic, so best regarded as a kerbside.
  2. A package arrived yesterday containing this lot: I think the Skyline kit contains five different grille options. It was the Laurel one on the box art that I was keen to get hold of, I had a couple of 1:1 examples of the car it's taken from some years ago. I used the fine grade polishing compound last night, not quite as easy to use as I'd hoped but it seems to have done the trick. And a couple of eBay Buy it Now items that are on their way to me: I assume this is the same as the older Monogram issue? At just over £15 shipped it seemed like decent value. Was cheaper than usual due to a damaged box. Will be interesting to compare it with the Fujimi versions I have.
  3. That's stood up to the test of time very well, and the overall look isn't particularly dated either. It would be very interesting to see a modern rendition of it.
  4. Sounds intriguing. How much of an adjustment can they make, should you test builders think it necessary? Are you looking at overall proportions and detailing, or just buildability, quality of instructions etc? I assume you have to put yourself in the mindest of an 'average' builder.
  5. That's done the trick, it's sitting very nicely now.
  6. Good luck, it appears that you're off to a great start and I look forward to seeing how it progresses. Good work on the aluminium body panels! I built one when I was in my teens, I don't know if I could handle the delicacy of it now. I recall it going together nicely, it's still 75% complete with passable brush-painted Humbrol bodywork - I should start locating the other parts to get it on display again....
  7. Good call on using some parts from the other one, no point making life too difficult. It looks like it's coming together very nicely. I imagine the sunroof must have been an aftermarket item, I don't recall them being offered as standard or a factory option, certainly not here anyway. Some impressive details and authenticity in the kit, does it all go together OK?
  8. Impressively comprehensive work on the chassis there, not much of the original left?
  9. Thanks Tom, just about to nip out to the shed to finally complete the Roadster, and I look forward to seeing the Alfa finished!
  10. I've pondered this one too over the years. For Britain, I suppose we only started going decimal on money and metric on measurements in the early '70s, by then Airfix and others were already doing their thing so they'd have stuck to an imperial scale. It could be that other makers followed on and matched the scales made by the dominant kit manufacturers?
  11. Spottedlaurel

    Butter 32

    I really like the understated bodywork, light paint colour and dark wheels, it works well, and very nicely built too.
  12. Wow, a lot of work going into that, and to great effect. Good luck with your continuing progress on it.
  13. I look forward to seeing how it progresses. I picked up the Revell Europe issue of what I think is the same kit just yesterday, at a good BIN price off eBay.
  14. I love seeing how your projects come together, this looks like another good one.
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