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  1. Great to see a modern build with all the period custom parts. Paint colour is excellent, it's come together very nicely.
  2. A really nice set of builds you've got there, each of them cleanly done and they make for a great group. They'd look excellent in a diorama, maybe gather around a diner or food van?
  3. Great to see stuff like this being built, everything has potential! I have a couple of Citations to do someday.....
  4. Great to see the collective efforts on here, good luck to those of you still trying to get one across the line. I'm still somewhat surprised I got mine done as quickly as I did, third completion of this round?! I'm usually a bit of a last-minute merchant, I could have given myself a few more weeks....... I shouldn't have finished-up my long-term Ferrari 308 build, or the Datsun Roadster, as they would have been an ideal entries for the next round. As it stands, I now have just two (maybe three) projects that I can consider next time, and none of them are going to be easy.
  5. Looks like it's already sitting very nicely, so any work you do on the wheel backs will only make it even better. The front end panels all seem to fit nicely with each other as well. That's where something went awry on my '37 reassembly, maybe I hadn't got the upper bodyshell fitted down tightly enough onto the lower portion?
  6. Good tip there about WD-40 removing foil residue. I had an issue with that recently, more so than I have done before - I don't know if the foil adhesive has changed over the years?
  7. Thanks all for the comments. My commiserations to those of you who've suffered in a similar way. It was gutting, but I'd enjoyed the process of building them first time around and I have a lot of photos so at least I had a record of them before it happened. Eventually I'm sure they will see use in some sort of diorama. Fairly obvious, but maybe stacked out the back of a garage being reclaimed by nature? Good call Pete, I've changed the thread title as retribution did sound a tad over-dramatic! As my wife will testify, I'm not great at throwing things away so I just calmly put them to one side in the hope that one day I could do something with them. I don't immediately have photos to show, but I continued to make good progress yesterday. Honda and Skyline 4dr have both been painted maroon (TS-18?). Latter looks like it needs a quick wet sand and another coat or two of colour, but it went down nicely on the Honda and I'm hoping to get some TS-13 clear onto it soon. Toyota has been painted TS-54 Light Metallic Blue, as a change from the silver. Again it'll probably need a wet sanding session and a bit more colour before the clear goes on, but it's moving forwards. If nothing else I want to get the bodies all painted before getting too far into autumn/winter, then I can fiddle away on the details (limited as they are here) when I revert to building inside the house. Looking to do the same on a few other projects, I'm currently formulating ideas for them and seeing builds from others on MCM is certainly helpful on that score.
  8. Good progress Gareth, body and roof colour combo looks great. My version of this kit looks pretty similar. I have plenty on the go at present, but you are making me think about it a bit more.
  9. Good to see that version of the Courier - I'd far rather be building that than the stepside I've very mildly started.
  10. Retribution might be a strong word for what I'm doing here, but if I'm taking revenge against some wrongdoing then it's my own stupidity for letting this happen: Model car mishap by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Orginal photo just after it happened in 2013. I took them to a 1:1 car show on a hot, sunny day and left them on my dashboard. Imagine my disappointment when I got back and saw this had happened. They were all decent examples of my 'modern era' builds, where I'd started to pick up tips online, pay attention to ride height and wheel fit within the arches and also get inspiration from 1:1s posted on forums etc. 1:24 Tamiya sun-damaged kits by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr I tucked them away at the back of the cabinet and decided it was finally time to put things right. It took a while, but eventually I managed to source replacements for all of them: 1:24 Tamiya kits by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Two Nissan Skylines, a Silvia, Honda City and Toyota Sprinter (basically a Corolla coupe). The latter was the most difficult, I was lucky to get one at a sensible price. I've ended up with three of the Hondas, one had slightly damaged roof pillars and might end up as a speedster, don't know abother the other but it's a nice little kit that I might do another way (or maybe box stock?). I've pulled them apart to salvage whatever I can from the original builds, as much as anything so there is some continuity from the original to the replacements. Some wheels have ended up on other kits, and I may do one or two of them in a different colour for the sake of variety, but generally I'll follow the same formula. I had a production line of matt black chassis painting going on last weekend, but this is the one that's advanced most so far. I'll start off with before and after shots, then move onto current progress: Tamiya 1:24 Honda City GG by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Tamiya 1:24 Honda City GG by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr This is what I'm trying to recreate. I think it was finished as far back as 2008. 1:24 Tamiya Honda City kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr 1:24 Tamiya Honda City kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr 1:24 Tamiya Honda City kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr 1:24 Tamiya Honda City kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr After a session of prepping and scribing five bodyshells last weekend, I'm starting to get them into primer: 1:24 Tamiya Honda City kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr At standard ride height, on the stock wheels. 1:24 Tamiya Honda City kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr And on the Advan A3As that it will be fitted with. Since then I've redrilled the front axles holes and carried out some surgery on the rear inner arches which will get it sitting properly on those fatter wheels: 1:24 Tamiya Honda City kit by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr Rest of the components have been primed ready for detail painting. It's quite comic how few other parts there are, and it's a snap-fix kit, yet it still builds up into a decent little model. More on the others to come, as and when they progress.
  11. Looks great, regardless of it being built in a limited time period. Goes to show that we really don't need to get to hung-up on what we do - just build them up and have fun!
  12. What a fantastic job you've done here. The before pic makes it look like a tired clunker that's been dragged out of a barn. The finished result is excellent, great colour choice too. I was admiring a couple of 1:1 '68 LTDs of similar vintage at a show just recently, they're great-looking things with the transitional styling between the clean '60s look and heavier appearance of the 1970s models. Your build showcases that perfectly.
  13. Great to see it finished, looks really good. Initially I wasn't sure about the front end, but when I forget what it would originally have looked like then it makes more sense and I can see what they were trying to do.
  14. Good to see more progress on it. Looks like it'll need refuelling soon as well. Can't imagine quarter of a tank will get this very far....
  15. Monto Carlo for me please. By coincidence, a Monte Carlo was one of the few 'proper' American cars I saw when I went to NYC/NJ in 1999: 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr
  16. Very effective, a lot of detail there and the stainless steel body looks great.
  17. Thanks everyone 🙂 After a summer of finishing mostly sportscars it was good to do something a bit different.
  18. Yes, it was the Manta I was thinking of. I really like the look of 1970s Opels and Vauxhalls. I had a Manta A for a while, and I really like the Manta Bs with chrome bumpers.
  19. They look excellent! I can see some similarities with UK/European GM styling of the same era. Rockford, yours looks great too - the sort of thing I'd be very pleased to see at a show here or even better on the road. The Street Machine kit you posted is the one I have.
  20. Look forward to seeing it progress Gareth, vinyl roof and all! I have one to build, someday. Mine is the Street Machine version, but from memory it has stock parts included.
  21. That worked out very well, it looks excellent.
  22. Nice work! I'd never heard of the Mod Top until reading about it here a few weeks ago.
  23. Thanks guys! Thank you David. I doubt I'd have tried it if it wasn't for that well-defined recess that I could mask into - might be more difficult with the paint thickness on something flat? My biggest concern was the paint peeling, but I used decent quality tape (with a bit of BMF on the intricate curves) and the Tamiya paint seemed to key onto the previous layer well enough for it not to be an issue. It actually got masked-up twice, once for painting the champagne after the green, and then the other way around after I polished through the green....... It gave me the confidence to do the silly multi-coloured Datsun 280Z. The only paint peeling problem I had on that one was with a non-Tamiya automotive colour.
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