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  1. I've been struggling with decent lighting since I moved house, I've just ordered one of those lights and hopefully it'll help me get a decent build area set-up again
  2. You'll probably have it finished by Thursday evening! Of my own stuff, these are the mock-ups of uncompleted builds. Sadly none have progressed too far recently: AMT Ford Courier that's going to be fitted with a Thunderbird V6. The multi-piece bodywork and rubbery quality of plastic isn't enthusing me, must somehow get to grips with it. Toyota Hiace has since been painted. This was as far as I got with everyone's favourite Charger back in 2007/08. Humbrol (Esci) Fiat 131 that I originally built as a rally car a long, long time ago, now being rebuilt as a fast road car. I need to progress these and get one or two more on the go - I seem to have stalled a bit on building since my recent house move and getting some new ideas fermenting might get me going again.
  3. This City playset is an unusual thing, I can't recall seeing one before. Is it roughly of the smaller 1:64-ish scale?
  4. I'm trying not to add too much to the stash this year, but...... This incomplete Mini in a tatty box (but with extra bits and bobs) seemed like good value at a Buy It Now of £11-odd posted. I already have one which I plan to do as a '70s custom, it'll be handy to have a spare bodyshell in case that doesn't go well. Wheels will also be of use on other projects, and if the original one does work out OK there's enough of this new one to build it as a short oval/grasstrack racer. An extra couple of pots of Revell enamel will be handy too. I want to merge this with my MPC California Sunshine Datsun truck to create one standard-ish version and a more radical, late '70s stepside custom. I suppose I could have got the recent reissue, but I like having older boxes and artwork in the stash.
  5. That looks fantastic Luke! A lot of work done to it, yet it looks like it came that way out of the box.
  6. Great to see one of these built, nice work. The box art is amusing, the rear axle looks somewhat awry.....
  7. Really nice work on this one Mario, it looks fantastic! Any problems with it going together? I have a slightly older issue with different decals that I'm looking to build someday, probably as a 1980s style rod.
  8. Good to see it progressing Anton. I should get those road car parts off to you tomorrow, I've just packed them up.
  9. I was concentrating on finishing another build over Christmas/New Year and I've only just started to get anywhere with this one: Polished out my 35+ years old brushed paintjob this morning. I'd never heard of Micromesh back then and I was wary of spraying after a bad experience or two! I just relied on getting a glossy finish with Humbrol enamel straight off the brush, and hoping not too much dust would get onto it during drying. I managed to get the glass out without damage, then gave it a gentle wet sanding with 1200 grit paper followed by 3600 down to 12000 Micromesh, then Zero Paints fine polishing compound and finally some Autoglym resin polish. I gave a brush coat of #21 gloss black Humbrol to the hood scoop (the original had ended up on another kit) and glued it to the hood. The latter hasn't been fully polished yet. A comprehensive BMF exercise on the brightwork will deal with most of the places where I went through the paint, and elsewhere I can just touch it up with a brush. I'm pleased with how it's turned out, far from perfect but a good improvement on what was there. It's not meant to be a squeaky clean new build, it'll just be good to have something from my younger days back on the shelf. Also spent some time playing with wheels and tyres. Although I do have the 5-spokes it came with it didn't always wear these as I played around with different styles. This time I'm thinking of going for the Centerlines from Monogram's 1970 Chevelle - not sure yet if the matching set, or big-n-littles. I'll see how it looks when I've got more of it together. I need to find (or build) the leaf-sprung rear axle, but I've managed to locate pretty much everything else. Headlight lenses will come from an Esci Mercedes rally car kit and I found the grille badge since my original post. Might also use the blower from the Chevelle kit. I can imagine it as a clean early-mid '80s street machine, obviously modified in the period but not drastically so, and before the colour-coded pastel paint and billet days......
  10. Great progress Gareth. The interior and exterior colour combination will look excellent, certainly of its time! Is the Vauxhall colour a recent one, or from the 1970s/80s?
  11. Super-slick, looks really mean. And that black paint!.......
  12. Very nice, I'd happily cruise around in that at 1:1.
  13. Nice start Tom, the wheels, stance and colour are going to look great on it. I struggled with final fitment of the chassis/interior/glass/bodyshell on mine, it felt tight around the dashboard, so do keep trial fitting.
  14. Great to see the Sunny Truck now making progress Luke. Your lowering job is very thorough! I didn't have to go through such radical surgery when I did mine, I managed to work with the standard truck bed and arches. This is a lovely kit, so delicate and characteristic of the real thing (I owned a 1:1 2-door saloon until last summer, and a 4-door back in the '90s).
  15. Looks great! I built one as a road car, that Hasegawa version goes together very nicely and looks really good on completion.
  16. Very nice, the wheels look perfect for it and I really like the subtle colour choice.
  17. Excellent work Steve. It looks sharp enough in primer, will look amazing with that colour on it.
  18. I look forward to seeing it progress. Haven't seen too many of these being built. I have a couple in the stash, nenver noticed the headlights before - your conversion there looks really good. Will have to think how to do something on mine. My mum had one when I was 13-15, so I have a little bit of a soft spot for them even though I wouldn't want to own one at 1:1.
  19. Esci/Italeri Renault 5? I only thought of that when I saw the WIP thread on here.....
  20. Nicely done, the wheels work just right on it.
  21. Had to spend a bit more on this than usual, but it's a nice kit and I remember them from when I was young - my uncle who worked for Ford had one. It's been started, but nothing too significant and the bodyshell is unpainted. I'm debating whether to drop in a 1980s/90s Mustang V8. South Africa had an XR8, so it's plausible. If I was more skilled then I'd move the B-pillar forwards and convert it to 5-door bodystyle, as that represents what most Sierras here looked like, but I can see me starting that and it not getting finished.....
  22. It's great to see what Hasegawa are coming out with at present, they really seem to be on a roll.
  23. Great work Gareth. The straight black paint and hubcaps give it a subtle, formal look.
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