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  1. Nice start Gareth. Hope your work on the 1:1 has got everything sorted and you'll be back on this soon. Not a generation of Charger I'm very familiar with, but I took photos of a nice 1972 318ci that was at a local show the other weekend:
  2. A wonderful replica of the original, it looks fantastic.
  3. Nice work Anton, I think you've got the look of it just right.
  4. That's fantastic. I know nothing about the 1:1 but your perseverance, workmanship and colour choice have really worked out there.
  5. A useful batch of Skyline R32 parts, well under £10: They replace pretty much everything I robbed from another Skyline for my entry in last years CBP Community Build, and it's particularly useful to have the competition parts so I can upgrade a road car.
  6. Yup, those Nascar wheels suit it well. I used a set years ago on a hi-po Dodge Monaco I built, I think I was able to use the AMT kit's fat treaded tyres on the Monogram wheels that time. I hadn't thought about using the Grand Cherokee tyres on anything else, but I'll bear that in mind. I have that one in the stash and I was going to use its wheels on something else. Good luck with this new build! I still haven't made any progress on mine.....
  7. Realy nicely done, and great to read your story behind the inspiration for it.
  8. That looks fantastic, well done for persevering with it after 30 years!
  9. Some great stuff on here! I'm not sure my effort is in quite the same league, but hopefully it's at least recognisable....... I know now that the Monogram '55 isn't the best to place to start building a Two Lane Blacktop replica, but I started it in my pre-internet days in the early-mid '90s and it was only ever meant to be a bit of fun (that took me over 25 years to get across the line).
  10. Great to see you tunring your attention and skills to this one Jim, I enjoyed reading through and seeing your progress during yesterday's lunch break. That colour will look fantastic, and with just a little extra attention to detail it looks like you're going to give it the classy look it deserves.
  11. Mine appears to be somewhere between the two, it's the Nostalgic Racer version. It has a set of cute alloy wheels (plus the standard items) and an additional sprue containing bucket seats, steering wheel and seat belt components, along with an extra decal sheet including Sabelt logos.
  12. This is the smallest I've done so far: At the time I found it a bit of a challenge, but since then I've started wearing varifocals.....
  13. Look forward to seeing this one progress Tom, I'm sure I'll pick up some useful pointers for mine. Certainly tiny little things aren't they?!
  14. Rover SD1! That should please many of us of a certain age....
  15. Very nice Michael. Also good to know about another purple paint option, as Ford Purple Velvet won't be so easy to find nowadays....
  16. Nice job. One of the first I've seen built-up - good to know it goes together well. Must get on with mine, someday......
  17. I'm not familiar with this kit, certainly plenty of parts and detail there. Good luck with it Sonny.
  18. I made one using parts from a Camaro High Roller which I built as a teenager and had ended up in the parts box: Pretty easy to do as I recall.
  19. Thank you Alan. Interesting to hear about your days with the 1:1s - back then these would have been seen here as a work truck and the concept of dressing them up and/or using them for leisure purposes would have been quite unusual. I got the paint on last weekend. It dried out smooth enough that it didn't seem to need a full polishing treatment, I just gave it some Autoglym resin polish: I've used an automotive Halfords aerosol, Fiat Red Orange, with no clear. It was bought as a genric red which I've used on several projects now, as varied as a Ferrari, Massey Ferguson tractor and a Honda Moped.
  20. Birthday money now well and truly spent: The Terrano has lots of alternative/extra parts - for the sake of a different grille there's a complete sprue containg a load of duplicate stuff, including a front bumper that is very close to what I need on a current WIP. I have an older version of the Tamiya Fairlady (280ZX) which was bought part-built and needs some disassembly, didn't realise until last week that it had been reisssued. The bodyshell is now in white, not black like the original. Still has the top half of an engine under the bonnet but the little battery-powered motor has gone! This issue of the BJ44 Land Cruiser will come in handy with its alternative tops. I have a military truck version with no top, so I can use one of them on that and create a couple of different civilian models. I usually see one or two each year when visiting France.
  21. Last week's birthday money purchases have started arriving: I really like the Toyota Chaser/Mark II/Cressida family of cars (a direct competitor to my 1:1 Datsun Laurel). I have a couple of the Aoshima coupes and was pleased to add this 4-door to the stash. I doubt I'll build it with the skirts and spoilers, but they'll be handy for something else. Separate purchases, both cheap as they're slightly incomplete but there's nothing missing that's of concern to me. I'd like to build a stock-looking version of the Dodge and the Corvette will be an engine donor. The retouched photo of the Corvette is terrible, they're just slapped a solid blue colour on it.
  22. Thanks! Can the front and rear pans be fixed before the bodyshell is painted? The chassis is quite a tight fit within the body and I can't see that fitting them will make it any easier.
  23. Good to see progress on the various builds here. I still haven't yet started mine! For some reason I haven't been fully committed to my original idea of '70 Challenger with Viper engine. I think my issue with it is that it's the AMT kit which can be built as a convertible or hardtop, and I wasn't sure how well I could attach the roof and make it look good. Perhaps roll with it being a separate moulding, but the roof having a vinyl finish so it makes the most of it being separate? Or just build it as a convertible and enjoy the weather en-route?..... Time for a mock-up, this is what I'm starting with: More about the wheels and colour in a moment. This is it with the main components, and a spare set of Fujimi 18" wheels and tyres for trial-fit purposes (probably not the actual ones I'll use, but I might give them a go). They seem to fit with the standard arches and it's sitiing well, about as low as a car used on the road would want to go. The hood has a tiny bit of warp,otherwise everything fitted together much better than I'd expected. The BRS M10 wheels are my preference, they're that bit more 'fussy' which I think looks better on an older car. Overall thoughts on colour scheme are a '70s dark metallic bronze with a cream/tan vinyl roof and interior and gold/bronze wheel centres. I think the colour will look fairly subtle, smart but not too racy nor attention-seeking. At this stage I don't yet know how the kit suspension will work with those wheels at that height, nor what cutting is required to get the V10 installed, but I now feel suitablyinspired to start moving this thing forwards.
  24. You deserve an award for your devotion to this kit! Looking good so far. I look at my DoH Charger occasionally ( an '00s issue I think) , then move onto something else....
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