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  1. Hi there Mario, I do appreciate the compliments.
  2. Sorry I didn't see your last post sooner. Looking grrrrrreat!!👌
  3. The origin of mine is pretty obvious by my avatar. Mikes the name, TransAms my game😁. 2002 WS6/6 speed.
  4. Really good looking Duster. I have painted a couple of models in the Createx opaque red. The more coats you put the redder it gets.
  5. Hey there Wiz!! What condition is your 914 in??
  6. Thanks Jerry. The kit wheels are OK but it definately need deep and wide on the rear. Hey Chaz, nice to hear from ya. Thanks for the compliment!! Thanks for the compliment David, always appreciated!! Thank you James. As a former owner of a real one I love to do them.
  7. Thanks Carl. Yeah, I had the '57 and a Willys Pickup going at the same time. Glad to get the '57 done and had to do a repaint on the Willys. Should get the Willys done today or tomorrow then full go on the 914.
  8. Do you remember what trouble tyou had with it? I haven't done any more than what I did with the Sail Panel.
  9. Well John, I missed this until now. Love the look, especially the color scheme.
  10. Ha, goofed that up huh!! My apologies Bruce, outstanding !!
  11. Cool stuff there...that 41 or 42 Ford at the top of the page may be the best looking one I've seen. I never liked that body style and grill but that one looks great. Thanks for the pics Ron.
  12. Wow Claude, thats one wild and crazy good paint job👌
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