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  1. They actually have a website, I think it's greenstuffworld.com and it's 4.95 a bottle. They also have a lot of other stuff plus their paints.
  2. Yep, one direction. I used water with a little dish detergent. Don't think dirt was a problem but I'm sure it was too much pressure.
  3. Really sucks about the decals and it being the only color available does too. Maybe at some point there will be aftermarket decals but that won't be anytime soon. Seems I have read the Revell Germany is good about replacing parts.
  4. Excellent build and the pics are great Thomas👌
  5. I just got the Micro-Mesh Pads and did a test on a panel painted black and cleared with Rusto Crystal Clear Acrylic Lacquer. The clear has dried for almost 2 weeks so it surely was plenty dry. I started with the 3000, then 6000, 8000 and finally the 12000. I came out smooth but after polishing it has a lot of fine scratches. Did I maybe use too much pressure??
  6. Nice project, good work. Spo where did you get the Green Stuff World Chrome. That looks pretty darn nice.
  7. All cool and terrific builds.....the green topless P/U is my favorite.👌
  8. If I saw that bad boy coming up behind me I'd give Jimmy plenty of room. Cool build David!!
  9. Well Randy, glad you got it finished and with great results. Love it in black!!👌
  10. Love the look Bil, very cool and nice work. I'm definately a chopped top fan on these old cars. 👌
  11. Well Robert, that is great work on the A-12. Nailed the look!!
  12. The Monty is looking great John. Teh detail in the engine compartment is impressive!! Interesting color scheme on the '57.
  13. Good looking Supra Richard. The LS engine is a cool addition!!
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