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  1. Such cool looking GTO's back in the day. Someone else on the forum is also building one, actually two if I recall. Gotta put mine on the "production line".
  2. I was diagnosed with it about a year ago, I didn't know why my hand would feel swollen and tingly and oh the pain when waking up in the mornings. So far the pain part (after wearing a brace for about 5 or 6 months has subsided but I still have the swollen tight feeling. I've heard the surgery and rehab is rough so pray I won't need it. Good luck Ron on your recovery period.
  3. Man, you guys' have sure pulled up some interesting stuff, some cool drag cars.
  4. I've never seen model kits in my any Wallyworld I go to. Interesting and sure looks like good prices. Hmmm.
  5. Great post with the website Keith. I've been looking for something like that for some time now.
  6. Model just keeps fighting me.....or I'm just not good enough to do some things. I air brushed side windows (transparent Testors) for tint and, well lets just say, they came out kinda OK. I installed them with some issue of course. So then, trying to mate the body to the chassis, and no matter what I do It just will not go all the way down. And of course in the fighting with it damaged a delicate PE trim piece, knocked another PE piece off and lost it (I know now never again to put delicate parts on until last), popped off the firewall and knocked the engine off its mounts.🤪 So close to boxing it all up and putting it aside for a while. But, its my nature to finish what I start. The exception may be now LOL. Thanks for listening to my rant, feels good to get it off my chest with fellow modelers.
  7. More interesting comments Dave. We'll see, haven't done anything yet.
  8. Thanks for the replies guy's. I now have the bumper I need.
  9. Just getting back to you here Dave, didn't realize you posted here last night. It just feels grainy, the only way I can describe it. It actually looks OK with the exception of a couple of bubble or dirt specks. I guess I was expecting a smoother finish. Another thing is it seems to me that since it has cured out that the color is lighter. Was thinking a few more coats would darken it and maybe I would get lucky and not have any debris in it. There are no emblems to worry about build-up. As always, thanks for your reply.
  10. Ha, one of those days!!!! Accomplished some on my '57 Chevy Street Gasser and then total frustration set in. Installed the tinted windows, firewall and then went to mate the body to the chassis and it all went to BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH from there. Can't get it to go all the way, messed up one photo etch trim piece, knocked off another and lost it (lesson learned don't install these pieces until last), Knocked off the firewall and the whole engine. Soooo close to boxing it all up for a lonnnnng while🤪😕😬 Tghanks for listening to my rant😄
  11. Maybe, or I'm thinking about a good steel wool "sanding" and a bit more of the Createx. As I said earlier, I'm probably overthinking this.
  12. Well, I just don't know. Sounds daunting🤔
  13. One weekend??? Beautiful, that interior looks great, perfect sheen on the "leather" seats.
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