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  1. Well James, I had the same problem over the Pearl Createx with the Rusto Crystal Clear Acrylic Lacquer. Is the Acrylic Lacquer the clear you used or actual Rusto Lacquer clear?
  2. Well Mitchy, that is a stunner and those pictures are super!!
  3. I can still get a picture of it, it's in the storage building here at my house.
  4. Cool project. I owned a 1:1 '73 myself. Far as I know there was only 1 '73 Coupe model kit ever built.
  5. Appears orders will be delayed a while. Joe was in a pretty bad accident but said he's doing OK. Talks about it on his website.
  6. We still have it and it has the cabinet too but all in pieces. Will probably never get put together and restored. I will check with my daughter what film it was.
  7. A few years ago my wife had an old Singer somewhat newer than yours Jim. Interesting how the person who gave it to her got it. He is a friend of our daughters and works in the film industry. It was a prop in a well known movie but I don't remember which one.
  8. Wow Tom, thats a looker there!! Great job 👌
  9. Thank you James, it gave me a lot of grief as I also had paint issues and I actually got frustrated and boxed it up for a couple of weeks. Thanks again.
  10. I'll be the first James. I recently completed this one. Yep, as you say, most are two tone. The kit if done without alterations should come togather nicely. My problem was I mated the back half of the '66 Nova tubbed chassis to the front of the kit chassis and had issues. Would never do it again...was too much for my skill level. As you can tell, these are not the kit wheels and tires, and the hood. Anyway, good luck with it, you'll do fine.
  11. Very nice Dominik👌 Did you have any issue getting the decals on...I sure did.
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