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  1. Ditto the color "Snake", but it sure "stands out" LOL. Nice job Rob👌
  2. All good lookers, always liked the mid '60's Comets.👍
  3. Very realistic looking Charlie👍. Kinda gives a look of an old barn find, pulled out and cleaned up
  4. Impressive and interesting Charlie👍
  5. Super nice looking 930 Edwin, great picture setting👍
  6. Very cool Tom, great engine detail👍
  7. Ditto on the paint, clear, polish then foil. Body complete before installing completed windows, completed interior and chassis. Final polish. Any foil damage (hopefully none) can be touched up.
  8. Hi Mark. Very interesting what you did with the chassis. Now I have to rethink not modifying mine. Now I'm anxious to see what you will do about the rear end suspension. The hood turned out great by the way. 👍
  9. Wow, great work on that Tony👍
  10. Well it will actually an available color in ' 70. And now you got me wanting to pick up the '55 too. Actually it's another one I have started to get and put back down. 😀
  11. Well Craig, that shop diorama is something I'll certainly be watching. Gonna be a real cool project.👍
  12. Well Craig, i'm starting to have non-buyers remourse🙄 Gotta get today or tomorrow before the 40% off is history.. The colors on yours look great and are the most traditional on those car but I'm thinking about going a bit rarer with the color tho.
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