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  1. Wow Tony, thats a cool looking model and great work👌
  2. Good looking '66 Jose'. '66 SS was the first new car I ever bought. Man I wish I still had it. Great job👌
  3. Looking great Craig. I've looked at that kit and thought it was cool since it came out but never bought it. Might be inspiring me to get one. I'll be watching!!
  4. As a huge animal lover and puppy caretaker (we don't call them dogs😀) I'm glad your Suger is doing well. Last week we had to put down one of our horses due to a serious case of un-recoverable pnumonia. I was tough to say the least.
  5. Looking great Dennis. Awesome interior work👌
  6. Cool "old" stock drag car. Nice work Michael👌
  7. Both those drag cars would make great looking models. I really do like the Ramsey car but always thought the bubble hoods were cool.
  8. Very nice Gerald, All that chrome trim sure looks good👌
  9. Excellent build Pierre. I almost never look at NASCAR builds of the new gen cars but I do like the oldies (real stock cars) .
  10. Looking good Robert. I wasn't aware there was a Baldwin '69. Hmmm.
  11. I know you will nail these builds my Friend. Both great choices. I completed the '70 Z-28 and also have the Baldwin car to build. I will be real interested in how you deal with the headlight issue. There are no bezels. I'll be watching!!😀
  12. Cool '57 150 Sedan Sam. I have 2 waiting for the future. Very nice work👌
  13. Very nice John, color and wheels are a great choice👌
  14. Pretty cool there Glen. Some interesting bodies in the background too.
  15. I had an '87. Loved that car. Though it doesn't have the grunt the new Eco-boost 4's have (daughter has an '18 Mustang) it was one peppy, comfortable and fun ride. Mine had the 5-speed. Enjoy!!
  16. Well Hugh, cool to see a great build of my favorite big bird. Great work on the SEA camo too!!
  17. Just just beautiful Jung-min and great photography👌👌
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