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  1. Very nice job on the Comet Dave I always liked those cars. 👌
  2. OK my Friend, you did'nt give me a heads up on finishing this. Came out great and you sure did knock this out in a hurry. 👍👍
  3. Very nice Andy. Great looking interior👍
  4. I know you did a tremendous amout of work on the Impala wagon Steve and it came out grrrrr8!!! 👍👍
  5. Looks great David. I enjoyed building the one I did a while back...probably do another too. Pretty blue👍
  6. I never look at boats but the title interested me. Wow, thats a great looker. Beautiful work Steffen👍
  7. Wow, I'm usually not a big custom fan (I know, who cares right?) but man that sure is a beeeee-utiful Merc!!
  8. Really came out nice Bob, I like the darker creme👌
  9. Wow, your engine detail work is super impressive Andrew. Nice overall build👍
  10. Big Pontiacs are definately cool and a fav of mine. Beautiful old build Charlie👍
  11. Looks real good Dominik!! Cool engine choice👌
  12. Very nice Bruce, ditto on the paint and especially all that chrome.👍
  13. Wow Craig, thats super nice and grrr8 job on the top.👍
  14. Well I'll sure be watching. Wow, you did a great spray job with the yellow. Keep the updates coming Jeff😊
  15. Welcome Keith from Mount Pleasant, TN!!
  16. Now this is one very nice looking stock '40 Ford. Great job Mario👍
  17. I very seldom look at big trucks but this one caught my interest. Really cool build there Dan👌
  18. Wow Wayne, thats awesome👍
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