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  1. I just happened to look in at your 'Vette transformation. Being a huge Corvette fan I gotta say you are doing great Anthony. That engine work is supurb👌
  2. Now thats a cool and novel idea. I'm a watchin' Bill.
  3. Very very nice Dan, love the paint. If I may ask, what paint ands clear is it. Looks great👌
  4. Got the Tamiya X-22.....epic fail. No point in a picture. The beautiful chrome look of the Molotow now has a polished aluminum look. New question. Need suggestions to remove the Molotow from the resin bumpers.
  5. My 2 cents Mark, is for that era NASCAR racer, the paint job on the real car was not super shiny. What I see looks just fine.
  6. Well Harry, you have done us C-3 fans proud. That is one great looking model, superb in every way👌
  7. That is a cool looking Camaro. Nice work Jerry!!
  8. I guess I missed this one Mario.....very cool👌
  9. Ditto on Burbank. Made order Sunday, due to arrive tomorrow (Wednesday).
  10. Very Nice paint jobs Mathias, especially the blacks. What are the paints and clears used?
  11. Blasphamy, a blue Ferrerri!!!! Just kidding , both look great Choi👌
  12. Oh yeah Nick, very cool, love the chopped top👌
  13. Good luck young man. A suggestion for roll cage is the sprue the parts are attached to. Can be bent by applying just a little heat in area of the bend.
  14. Wow Craig, it looks awesome. Great color. I have that clear but never used it. I'm really surprised it can be sanded and polished. Anyway, beautiful 4-4-2.👌
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