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  1. Dude said that he couldn't really do it anymore because of his eyes. I'm pretty sure that he built Gundam models and not cars, that's what it looks like anyway. Most of the stuff is brand new or barely used.
  2. $20 at a flea market in southern Ohio today. Not much variety to the paint but for the price I'm not complaining.
  3. Got my Pace Industries paint booth today. I'm happy to get something not only U.S. built but also made here in Ohio. I'm super excited to use it and be able to rattle can and use big spray heads on the airbrush indoors, but I've worked 30 hours in 2 days so it won't be tonight.
  4. I like to pop into Goodwill and other thrift stores in all of the various towns that I find myself working in. I found this old Copal flip number clock in Piqua, Ohio yesterday for $1.99. Works perfectly, I just need to reglue the little pointer for the alarm on. It got broken off but luckily it fell down inside it. They're pretty popular and actually go for a real good price on eBay.
  5. I have a set I can send you
  6. Picked this up at Ollie's a while back just because it was cheap, I wasn't overly excited about it but then I got some really sparkly metallic Turbo Dork paint and immediately wanted to use it on the roof of something so, here we are. What I know for sure; gloss black, metallic roof and matching metallic dash, this stance but maybe a little lower in the back or higher up front and maybe some other wheels. The metallic paint color is affected heavily by the base and on the spoon sample I have there (which is sloppy and has no clear) the base is black so on the car I think I'm going to put it on a lighter base and get more of a silver metallic than the kind of gold that that looks like. Gonna use the flathead that came with it, it'll be red. Lots of chrome, lots of foil. I usually don't go crazy with interior detail but I'm going to take some time and do the inside nice. I'm really striving to improve with every kit and to take all of the mistakes and things that I learned on the last one and apply it to the next one. I think this is going to turn out really well.
  7. There is a guy on eBay, his store is called The Basement Model shop. He carries a lot of stuff, has great feedback and is based out of Circleville. I order from him quite a bit.
  8. Picked these up in Akron yesterday. Nothing super interesting but I'm a sucker for a deal.
  9. AMT 66 Riviera. I really like this kit. This was my first time using foil. I hated the stock wheels so I copped these from a Corvette kit and made them fit as best as I could. My wife wanted it to be gold , the paint is a Vallejo color shift green but on white primer it does this pearl gold thing. I didn't clear the body and once I did the foil I didn't want everything to have the same sheen so it is what it is now. I did the engine in that color just because I had a 54 Buick with a nailhead years ago and I liked the teal. Exhaust and little detail work and I'm going to call it done. I'm learning and I see a lot of flaws but I feel like every one I do is better than the last.
  10. Such exceptional work! I love that Hudson Industries KW, it's got my vote for this year.
  11. Did some trading this morning, some of my Nascar that I'll never build for big truck stuff including everyone's favorite Kenworth ?.
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