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  1. This pulled in today while I was working at a Hobby Lobby. Factory Hemi, power steering, brakes and windows. I needed to take a break anyway. 🙃
  2. So, I've only recently (past year or so) really gotten back into building, definitely a beginner. I was accumulating kits as a result of buying and selling auction stuff, which lead to building, which lead to an airbrush, which lead to...well, the rabbit hole goes deep...The Riviera is one of the first one's I got a while back and I've just now decided to start it. The General is one I got uber cheap missing decals and was just going to do it black. Here's my question, the Riviera seems like a very nice kit, heavy, detailed, low on flash and mold lines. The General is a horror show, literally so bad that I gave up. Going by dates on the box, Buick is 2000, General is 2007. Is there really that much of a quality difference in such a short time? Are there different grades of kits within a company? Are newer kits just something to avoid? I just built the Big Game Chevy that I bought at Hobby Lobby and it kinda sucked. What sort of wisdom can you guys impart on me here?
  3. 48's and sealed Suburban are gone. I still have the 38 and an open box Suburban that was only opened to do a body mock-up. All the bags are sealed.
  4. KyCarNut put some of these up and they went quick, I have some too if anyone still wants one. I'd go for: Japanese and European sports cars semis and/or trailers Decent 69 Charger kit (I have an AMT General Lee kit I was gonna build black but it's a pos) 2002 Camaro SS ...or anything but modern Nascar.
  5. Paintandwrenches


    I've got them, I just built this but did a Zebra paint job on it so I don't need them. Pm me your address and I'll send them out.
  6. I've ended up with Corvettes I don't need. Don't necessarily have to get rid of them but if anyone wants them then all the better. I like Japanese sports cars, semis and trailers and I need a 2002 Camaro SS. If you really want something make an offer. MPC roadster seems complete, we can figure out what's there if someone wants it. 67 has been started by someone, looks complete. Again, I'll put more effort into figuring out what's there if someone really wants it. C6R is open box but everything inside is still bagged. The rest are factory sealed.
  7. I'm an automatic door technician and we happen to service Ollie's stores. I've spent the better part of 10 years buying auction lots and reselling things, it hilarious to search anything they sell. If you want to play the long game you might make $5 or $10. I always walk any store I work at and maybe buy a couple because as far as I see a kit for $10 or less is probably worth it. The big hot rod kits are a moneymaker but you have to get in before market saturation which is long gone or wait and sell them months from now. Facebook marketplace around here is loaded with kits people bought thinking they'd make money and they just keep marking them down.
  8. Just wanted the '65 but I can't pass up a good price on a lot...If anyone is a Corvette fan, I've got more than I want.
  9. Being that I finally had a couple days off I wanted to do a real quick, low detail build. Just a day or so, something to look at and smile. I thought a safari Zebra paint job with tan interior would be cool. It's turning out ok, gonna need some touchups to make it look decent. Once the trim is done, it's cleared and dirtied up a little I think it'll look nice. I'm still very much trying to get the hang of using an airbrush. I love the look of this kit, I think I'm going to buy another and put a 55 Stepside Street Machine body on it...maybe. There's a lot of possibilities for some ridiculous things using that chassis.
  10. Okay, so here's the deal. I've only recently gotten back into model building as it was previously a childhood hobby that I hadn't really done in years. Through buying and selling auction lots I got a hold of a box of models and some paint and thought well this will be fun. Fast forward to now I'm building quite a bit and working on getting a lot better at it, also got an airbrush and I'm learning how to do a good job with that. All that being said I work a lot and really don't have a lot of time to dig into crazy projects. I got this in with a whole bunch of other models and it was actually the reason why I joined this forum to begin with, inquiring about what it would take to get it apart and redo it and at this point I've sort of just decided that I'm probably not up to finishing this thing anytime soon. I work 65 hours a week and really like to just open the box get a nice one built make it look good move on to the next one. Maybe later in life when I have more time I'll dig into crazy detail projects and stuff like that but in the meantime something like this is not for me. It's obviously been glue bombed by somebody a very long time ago, fortunately the car hasn't really been worked on but the van's kind of a mess. It seems like it would be right up the alley for some of you guys who like digging into projects like this. I figured I would see if anybody on here was interested in it otherwise it will be down for eBay and most likely listed somewhere around 75 bucks . I'm looking for a 2002 Camaro SS for my son because he wants to get started in the hobby and that's what he wants to build, besides that I'm not really looking for anything else specifically except to say I don't need any more NASCAR or common American race cars. I like Japanese sports cars, early hot rods, semi trucks and trailers. Going by what I'm seeing ones in the past go for I would think that it's worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 to 90 on eBay, I would want to trade somewhere equal to that. I have a ton of pictures, I didn't want to clog up this thread with like 25 pictures but if you need more I can send them. So that's the deal, sorry for the long description. If anyone's interested PM me and maybe we can work something out If not I'll chuck it up on eBay in the next day or so.
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