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  1. Very nice work! Definitely will follow to completion.
  2. Outstanding work with so much detail. I keep waiting to hear the air ratchets burping away during the build process!
  3. Same here,, test shots are the only ones visible. Nice work, though!
  4. Looking forward to seeing all the details and watching this build progress.
  5. What did you use for the radiator hose? It look so realistic.
  6. Wow!!! I am totally amazed at the high level of detail you are able to create with your mini machine shop. I keep waiting for the driver to walk up, climb in and fire that baby up. Outstanding work. Well done!!!
  7. Great idea. This item is very cheap (cost wise and hopefully not construction wise) on Amazon, ~$13.00.
  8. Nice work, Henry! Your work thus far has encouraged me to follow suit. However, I decided to go with the Revell 85 Olds 442/FE3-X Show Car kit since it has the plain stock hood. Body is identical, probably the same molds used on the 83 Hurst Cutlass. Not sure when I'll start this build as I have a huge stack of cars already gathering dust, but I will definitely get around to it.
  9. I am looking forward to following this build. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Welcome from another newbie.
  10. Yes, indeed. I like where this build is going.
  11. Nope. Looks good so far. Can't wait to see the progression of images.
  12. I feel the same way about resembling factory bodies. I have several kit bashing projects on my list using Revel 55/57 Sportsman and 55 Jukebox chassis with stock related bodies. I know how you feel. It often happens to me, as well. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing the final product.
  13. Very impressive engine. It looks like it is patiently waiting to be fired up!
  14. I am looking forward to following this build. I have the Revell 69 Nova SS in a large (actually too large) stack waiting to be built. I plan on doing a Pro Street/Stock/Mod in one form or fashion.
  15. You have set the bar so high with that build, I doubt anyone could ever top it. I like every item on this car. However, my favorite is the steering wheel. For some reason, it always makes me take a second and third look. This car is master craftsmanship at its finest!
  16. It is the Testors Hot Metal tandem axle trailer. It is 98% metal, a few small parts are plastic. Also, it is 1/24 scale, so a bit over sized for my favored 1/25 cars. That is why I have the sheet of styrene across the floor of the trailer. To me, this makes it appear a bit more realistic with a 1/25 car. I still need to paint the styrene sheet and probably the fenders, too. It has been discontinued and I don't see any available for a reasonable price when conducting a brief search.
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