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  1. Larry, I would like to purchase two of those bodies if you are willing to sell them. Thanks
  2. Cool builds. Thumbs up.
  3. Great build of a car that is seldom spoken of. I always liked that car. Could you please share with us the kits you used to bring this beauty to life. What about the decals. I do not recall anyone offering those. I really like the Micky Mouse on the hood. Wonderful build. Thank You for sharing.
  4. Hello to all. The last several days I have been looking for a 1/25 scale 1963 Dodge Custom 880 resin body or resin kit. I want to build a David Pearson 1963 Daytona 500 car. Does anyone know of a source of this body style? Thanks You.
  5. Thank You Sir! I hold no ill will. Yes I saw the message on the decals. I have those kits in storage so I do not have to purchase them for the build. Thank You for the information.
  6. Your rendering is absolutely beautiful! My most favorite car ever. I always wanted to have a real one 426 Hemi, 4 speed, black interior and FM3 Panther Pink. Great job.
  7. Well just cause you don’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. It was there.Trust me I research my builds for months before doing them. yellowsportswagon, I`m sorry but I feel I upset you with my words. That never was my desire to upset or offend you. The "gift that you have" in being able to see a race car and having the vision, and ability to build that car is "phenomenal". I am a student of your work and so many others that post here. I do trust you and your research. The attention to detail you put into each build shows the time and effort you put into your research of that build. I had hoped to encourage you with those pics I posted. Some day I do hope to have the ability to build a race car as nice as you are able to do. With the greatest of respect, Radar43.
  8. More research this evening revealed to me this was a car Darrell drove in the 1974 Permatex 300 at Daytona. Not a Cup car.
  9. If anyone can shed some light on this car that would be great. Darrell Waltrip in a Late Model car at Daytona or a Cup car owned by James Hylton and DW brought his sponsor to the car for that race. Questions that need answers.......
  10. Gerald, here is the orange and white Mercury I told you about. Now this would be sweet.
  11. Here are some pics of the car and there is no spoiler on the car. I feel it would be OK to leave it off. Just my two cents.
  12. Tim that is a beautiful build! I have watched that car run, great job. Did you create the #44 decals for the 1972 Richard Brown Monty Carlo? If so, would you be willing to sell several sets?
  13. Art, Thank You for the information. I`m going to try this technique.
  14. So whats next... headers and a cam swap? I see some ladder bars and a set of 50s on the back in the near future. Very nice job on the car! I got my 68 and 69 Chevelles in this week. Very very nice kits. You built a beautiful example of the 68 Chevelle.
  15. Harry Gant drove this car the next year, 1974 at both Charlotte races. I think the owner was Doc Faustina. See photos below. Both silver cars are Gant. The rear quarter of Gant`s Dodge is shown in the second pic. The #17 Dodge is Bobby Isaac.
  16. Thank You. It looks like something is on the hood. It`s just like Joe Frasson ran it. I would make a guess and say what is on the hood is the food store that helped Joe some. What do you think? Thanks Robert!
  17. Nice build, Great job. How did you do the weathering on the tires?
  18. Very nice build. I enjoy this size of wreckers. Good work. Looking forward to the building of the booms.
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