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  1. Nice simple kit, one of my favourites. looking forward to seeing it progress. Somehow I had Chicago PD decals with mine but they were the mid 70's decals so wouldn't have looked right.
  2. Beautiful interior work, the engine looks great. Love the little details too, nice.
  3. Ah, ok, that's neat! I'm honoured! Never thought any of my builds would be magazine worthy! Cheers, guys🤩 Here's the kit. I remember going into it with little enthusiasm but it turned out to be a little hidden gem by AMT!
  4. Very nice build, I love those hubcaps.
  5. Uh? What's "Forum Finds"? I did indeed do a WIP on a '71 T-Bird and posted in Under Glass, but that's about it, I never wrote a full page spread! Was it entered into some sort of competition? Have I won something? Lol!
  6. Beautiful, very nicely done. Love the sleeper look on this!
  7. That's the idea! I'm hoping to use the 6 in a future curbside;)
  8. That's what I was thinking, black would show every little flaw in my foil! I think you're right regarding the colour, it's called Ford Tonic Blue. Most of the cars that come up in images are late 90's early 2000's Ford Focus
  9. Thanks, Steve. I just used 1000 grit until I started seeing spots of silver. I didn't rub all the way down, even 1000 grit will rip through foil, as soon I started to see silver I turned to a light cutting compound and then polish.
  10. Thanks, Rusty. Yes, I almost started painting it like a framed car, I primed the inner fenders and firewall then realised it's a monocoque construction.
  11. Started this a few days ago to practice my foil under paint method for the badge scripts. Turned out ok but still a long way to go before I get it right. I bought this kit last year after seeing the new release of the '64, they weren't available in the UK at the time but found this older release instead. Very nicely detailed kit and comes with two engines, a slant six and a 426 V-8. I'll be using the V-8 in this build. Colour is Tonic Blue metallic.
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