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  1. Looks really good, I'm still kind of new to BMF myself. I've done a few kits now but I still mess it up sometimes. I always have a Molotow pen on stand-by!
  2. I'd like to see more British classics produced, Mk3 Cortina, Vauxhall VX4/90, Hillman Avenger, Hillman Imp, Rover P6.. the list go's on!
  3. ah well, it had an engine replacement after a diesel runaway incident!😁
  4. "Train don't run out'a Wichita.. unless you're hog or a cattle, people train runs out of s-s-stubbville"
  5. It looks amazing. I enjoyed following the build on this seeing the conversion, turned out looking really good. Very nice build.
  6. Does it have to be painted? haha. Good luck, man, I could never do a 24hr build! Some nice choices there though.
  7. This thing is a work of art! Amazing looking build, and that engine! ..ooph! Very nice!
  8. ooh, great looking engine! Nice clean work, can't wait to see more.
  9. Paint time! This is just the first coat, it'll take a few passes to make sure all the hard to get areas are well covered. I haven't decided yet if the tanks will be blue like the frame, or chrome using silver tape. I'm leaning toward blue with chrome straps but I'll have to fill the seam lines before I put paint to them.
  10. Thanks, Jeff. Thanks, Stephen. Yeah, any bit of info is a great help. Thanks, Lee.
  11. Well done, it's the one I voted for. It was very difficult to pick which to vote for though as they're all amazing looking builds. The colours and especially details like the soot stains on the trailer is what did it for me, such a nice touch.
  12. Looks amazing. With the car placed there it looks real. Very nicely done.
  13. Very nice build, those decals look really good.
  14. That's nice and clean looking. I haven't seen many of these been built, it looks great
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