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  1. There is a series about this on Netflix called 'Clark' it's where the term "Stockholm syndrome" came from. It mentions the car in one of the later episodes.
  2. Nice! My first car when I was 17, though mine was a four door with dog dish caps. still, just as much fun spinning those rear wheels!
  3. Thanks, Mark. Yeah, I was going to go with green and white if I remember, but then I seen a brochure painting in this scheme and loved it so went with it.
  4. Absolutely stunning. I've built one of these and it does indeed feel like a Revell. Spotless job, and that colour? love it!
  5. Outstanding build, very clean. That colour looks amazing!
  6. I like that! Lovely colour combo. I need to get another one of these, it's a great kit.
  7. aw, thanks for thinking about me guys🥰 haha. I'm still around, I've just been super busy getting my car sorted, and other stuff I've been putting off around the house for far too long. The '71 Charger is still in progress. I've done a bit more on it but not much. I'll post an update on it soon.
  8. Awesome detail going on there! Love the speaker grille and open ashtray😎
  9. Yea, the windshield was the issue. It's pretty thick where the locating pins are under the cowl, they don't really need to be there. Thanks for the heads up on the driveshaft👍
  10. I got started on this a few weeks ago but been spending most of my time fixing up my 1.1 car, not a Charger unfortunately. Progress will be a bit slower than usual because of that. I've got as far as paint, and a vinyl roof, you know how I love them! and I have the chassis/interior temporarily together to fix some fit issues around the windshield and dashboard. Also the hood needed to be shaved super thin over the firewall as it stuck up a little. Tons of flash on this kit but so far it's going well.
  11. Yea, it is a bit of a pain. The only areas you need to mess about with are the front cab hinges and the cab supports at the back. You can always raise the front bumper instead, to close up the gap there at the front.
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