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  1. BMF done, finally! I originally did the door cards two tone gold, same as the exterior, but the colours were so similar you couldn't really see the two different shades. The seat inserts on the real car look to be a kind of Tartan cloth, good luck replicating that! so I'll probably do the seats in white with gold inserts. The dashboard in this kit is beautiful so I took some extra time to detail it, pedals could do with some toning down and detailing though. The chassis is going black on this one cos I run out of paint to do the overspray I usually do. I'm not buying a whole can of aerosol only to use a couple mg of the contents, Lol.
  2. oh man, that looks good! I love the colours. Look forward to seeing more in completed section. Lovely build.
  3. Very stylish looking car, beautiful work. It hurts knowing Jo-Han is no more when you see a build like this!
  4. Very nice Charger. I like the paint, very smooth.
  5. I like the old jewellery display cabinets. I used to have something similar that my mum gave to me when she moved house but we threw it out as we didn't have room for it at the time, and it was very old fashioned.
  6. Yeah, I'd redo the hood while the paint is still relatively soft, much easier to remove and won't take twenty minutes to re paint.
  7. Lovely looking colour. Nice fine detailing on the door cards and dash.
  8. The yards won't let anyone take anything from there, though I've seen plenty of the workers fill their cars at the end of the day! Yeah, recycled cabinetes would work, I didn't think of that. The space I plan on using is each side of the fireplace, narrow but very tall, about nine foot.
  9. I have often thought about selling some but everytime I pick one out I think, "dang, that looks good" and back in the box it go's, Lol!
  10. Sort of, the joist spaces have that old loose mixed material, looks like someone emptied a Hoover bag up there! The roof just has the basic felt underlayment. I can imagine it getting pretty hot up there. I have been planning on putting shelves in the alcoves in the livingroom with some glass doors, I just need to work out the measurements and get the materials.
  11. Yeah, paper towels can stick to items, especially if it's the type with a balm in it. They collect moisture in the air and can stain what's wrapped up under it.
  12. It is dificult visualising these two shades of gold and how the interior will work with it. It'll work... I think, haha! It is a stunning looking car. Another of my favourite looking '60 Fords is the Fairlane and Galaxie.
  13. That's why I've been reluctant to put them up there, though there's no water boiler up there and I don't think it gets much warmer than it does in the rest of the house. They're stored in the kitchen at the moment and tempretures can vary in there quite widley too, might actually be better in the attic thinking about it now.
  14. That's good, luckily my girlfriend is a car enthusiast too. She likes her Corvettes and Mustangs, so long as there's at least a couple of those on display she's fine with a cabinete or two in the livingroom. Yes, rotating the inventory to refresh the scene is a good idea. I could probably display all my builds so far, but wouldn't take long before I run out of room in those too! lol
  15. Lovely looking cabinetes, Tom. The alcoves either side of the fireplace in my livingroom are ideal for cabinetes, finding something that fits in them though would be sheer luck.
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