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  1. I think eBay are just screwing everyone. I type my usual searches in and the right items come up, but I started to notice that after I bought an item a cheaper one would appear in recommended based on what I bought! I've noticed now that when you click on someone's item for sale, there is another two rows ON THE SELLERS LISTING! of items "similar" and "related" that are usually cheaper than the listing I originally clicked on! Lol, I wonder if eBay sellers know that eBay does this?! Sellers must lose tons of sales by having cheaper items by other sellers ON THE SELLERS LISTED ITEM PAGE! The absolute cheek of it! Lol
  2. I'm sure I'm on a mission to build some of the worst kits I've heard about, Lol. I picked this '73 Mustang up to see if the rumours are true. The '69 Country Charger and '77 Pinto certainly didn't disappoint in regards to what's labelled as a "bad kit" Since I picked up model building again I think I've found the type of building I like, rough but simple kits that need a little more than just gluing together.
  3. I've been looking for another of these since I built one a year ago or so, but they're as hard to find as hens teeth. Although a very simplified kit the box art just doesn't do this kit justice.
  4. Thanks Eric. I have thought about doing something Bullitt related but nearly all the scenes have parked cars I've never seen in 1/25 scale. Thanks, Cliff.
  5. Nice deep looking blue. The '61 is my favourite of all the models, such a beautiful design.
  6. Beautiful colour. I love the '60 Impala.
  7. Very nice work. What a crazy looking kit!
  8. Cheers, Eric. Cheers Mario. I too prefer the 72-76, the moulding looked good from the builds I've seen. AMT looked to have rushed the redesign of the kit which really shows on the front end. Thanks mate. Like the MPC Charger, I enjoy these problematic kits and fixing their issues. I've read the '73 Mustang is a bit of a pain to build, I'll have to give that one a go next.
  9. Definitely be getting this! The curbside was real nice to build, and with the spare engine in this my earlier build will no longer be a curbside!
  10. Before I picked up the hobby again in 2020 the last model I built I think was a '57 Ford Thunderbird in the 90's. Brush painted with Humbroll pot paints. Humbroll was a good paint back then and give a good finish. I used the same cement for the glass as I did for the body and the glass would look all fogged up, lol. I'd buy a kit, a couple of paints and some glue and I build it that day. I didn't think of using aerosols, primers or different glues back then. I wish my builds survived so I could compare them to how I build now.
  11. That looks really good! I'm not much of a hot rod guy but I think I might have a butchers at this one one day.
  12. I love it, you done an awesome job. I've really been looking forward to seeing this when I seen the in progress pic. You cleaned up the front end nicely and I like the stock wheels. When I was building mine I was tempted to cast three more stock wheels from the one that comes in the kit but as you know, this kit is enough work as it is! Very nice build.
  13. I passed by that model shop today I mentioned earlier, it's not there anymore:( The only other model shops in the entirety of Wales, according to Google, seem to only deal in RC cars and trains, so that's that. eBay is the only place I can buy 1/25 AMT and MPC stuff.
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