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  1. Great looking stance on that.
  2. Looks good. Much cleaner without those weird roof windows.
  3. doorsovdoon

    57 Chevy

    Man, what a beauty! The stand is a lovely addition.
  4. Very nice start, love the colour. I need to pick another of these up, such a beautiful car.
  5. I can relate to Revell decals! Not that they're rubbish, they're just very fussy and don't like being moved a lot. Despite the issues you had you turned out cracking looking Chevy there. Love the colour and the clean engine detail, very nice.
  6. Your weathering is right on point there! Love it.
  7. Thanks, Tom. Thanks, Craig. Cheers Bill. Yes, I've a bit of an obsession going with them, haha. Thanks Chris. Cheers David. Thanks, Chaz. Thanks, James. Thanks Philippe. Cheers Mario. ..and a lot of styrene Lol
  8. Haha, I can believe that! Thanks man. Cheers, Joe. Thanks, Eric. Thanks, Sonny. Thanks man, I know you like watching these Chargers being built:) I have the '71 Charger coming up soon which is new to me, never built one before but looking forward to it. Cheers buddy. Yeah, I love red and white combos. The main reason I chose white really is because I had one more tail stripe left over from one of the three on the decal sheet in the '68 Revell Charger kit. Cheers, Nigel. Thanks, Jason. Thanks Dave. Yes, it has to be something you enjoy doing for sure. I have an old issue of the '64 Impala I want to "go to town on" so look out for that. No fit issues with that kit if I remember from last time I built one, so half the battle already won there👍 Thanks mate. Hopefully Round2 is watching and think "Hmm, maybe we could do something with this kit" We can only wish, hu? ..well, I do anyway, haha.
  9. Now those are nice! Flawless looking paintwork.
  10. I can't help but love this kit. Deck stripe is from the Revell '68 Charger, I just split it down the centre and closed it up to look more like the '69 stripe. Grille inserts are mostly out of the box but trimmed down using some styrene for the chrome trim line. Thanks, guys, for checking in to WIP on this, too many mods to list here so here's some pics:)
  11. Nice work. I'm really liking that Jag and the black Cobra. Sweet.
  12. Sweet looking build. Colour looks awesome, and that engine detail... wow!
  13. Impressive work! Colour looks perfect. Aussie cars had a very unique look and range of colours. This reminds me of watching Australian dramas and soaps in the 80's and 90's.
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