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  1. Thanks, guys. The other two colour choices I want to do is all red with white interior, and white with light blue roof and matching blue interior. Two more of these builds to come, so watch this space!
  2. Looks great, very nicely done. I like the dark green metallic, very smooth looking build.
  3. The wood looks great. Very nice looking build.
  4. That is real nice. Paint suits it perfectly, metallics look so right on this design of car.
  5. Those look very nice. Good job on them both.
  6. Incredible workmanship. I still can't believe I'm looking at brass!
  7. You wouldn't miss that coming down the road! Looks very nice. I love the bright wild colours some of these came in, and the names were great, like Plum Crazy and Sassy Grass! xD
  8. I like those. Always interesting to see the techniques and paint methods of early builds.
  9. I look forward to seeing updates on these, Snake, interesting stuff. I've never restored a kit, though I have been mulling it over on some promos I've seen for sale.
  10. Light damage, luckily. Cool looking project.
  11. Here's another '62 Electra I did over the week, all black with burgundy red interior. I didn't post in WIP as I've already done one, but I have included it in these pictures along with the black one. I love this kit, even after two of these in under a month. I'll be more than happy to do another!
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