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  1. I built this a few months back as a San Francisco yellow cab. It came in a very plain black and white box.
  2. I saw a base model mk2 Ford Fiesta in a lovely blue colour today. It looked spotless, well looked after. I used to have the mk1 and they were great cars.
  3. Loving this build! I just can't get over the foilingđź‘Ź
  4. Welcome:) Nice rig! I've always wanted to build one since my dad built a Kenworth in the early 80's, but I have no room for them.
  5. Thanks, Rob. Black plastic go's grey when scuffed up, it can be polished back to black but then looks like shinny black paint, I can see the reasoning for black primer on black plastic. Anyway, I won't be using that black primer again. I'll probably do a lighter weathering, like a lightly sun burned paint job showing areas of red primer, either that, or factory fresh box stock. "Stick to what you know" speaks loudly to me, Lol!
  6. Thanks mate. Yeah, it's all good. I've just painted the headliner white again, I always paint the headliner first, so just waiting for that to set so I can mask it off.
  7. Here's two I reckon would sell well, The reliant Regal van from Only Fools & Horses, and the dude's four door Gran Torino from The Big Lebowski.
  8. Lovely work. I used to see these in convoy all the time going back and forth from Pembrey weapons range.
  9. Same masking tape I always use, low tac pinstripe tape. I don't cover my models entirely with tape, I use the low tac on the edge of what I'm painting and then I use paper to cover the model using regular tape.
  10. Thanks, John, I'll clean out the panel lines before paint.
  11. Not sure to be honest. Maybe for beginners to make a quick build? I don't think the plastic was the issue with this, I'd say it was the black primer.
  12. Paint is off and I've scuffed the body up with a brillo pad, so hopefully the paint will stick this time! The grey primer isn't budging and that's on un-scuffed plastic, so I'm betting it was the black primer that was the issue here.
  13. Yep, did it again when I wanted to primer the door! I'm just chasing the damage. I'm going to have to strip the paint off this. Easy enough, all I have to do is cover it in masking tape, Lol!
  14. No, the same primer I always use from the local motor factors, Halfords. EDIT: I used a red primer from Halfords which I've used before with no issues, but I did use a black primer by Motip which I've never used before. Might be that, but I've never had issues with that brand when it comes to paint.
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