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  1. Very nice detail. Looks like there's a million parts to this thing!
  2. That's cool. Turned out great considering the lack of parts you had to start with.
  3. Very nice. Proper old school kit!
  4. ah ok. Not such a bad thing models being moulded in colour if they turn out looking that good just clear coated!
  5. Thanks Mike. I remember I was going to dull it down with some satin clear but I completely forgot before I glued the interior bucket into the body.
  6. Those are seriously nice builds. I especially like the convertible in that mustard yellow. Surprisingly the red interior suits it very nice. Never would thought red and yellow would work that well together without clashing! Very nice work.
  7. Super nice looking build. I really like the redlines against the black paintwork, and the white hood stripe looks awesome.
  8. Nice work. It's a great kit the '70 Galaxie. I like thread resurrections. I take a journey through the archives sometimes but still only see a fraction of what's posted here!
  9. Lovely job. Nice colours, white and orange is always a good looking combo.
  10. Very cool looking build. I really like the retro decals and everyday use look.
  11. Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to trying the Revell '66 GTO next, seen some lovely builds on here. It looks lightyears ahead of the MPC '67.
  12. Halfords motor factors. It's their own brand. I don't think the U.S has a Halfords though.
  13. That's a neat looking custom. Pretty aggressive looking, I like it.
  14. Beautiful build, lovely detail and I really like the colour.
  15. Thanks Bob. I forgot I built this! It's a great kit, very well detailed model. Here's a link to the finished build- http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/154314-1967-oldsmobile-442/
  16. The colour on the seats is called Damask Red, the black is just regular satin black.
  17. Man, that looks good. It's so 50's! I can see it parked outside the diner with Wolfman Jack on the AM ready to take on a T-bucket on the blacktop!
  18. wow, nice work! What an awesome looking 50's classic. Very nice.
  19. Very nice looking Ponti. Shame only the Nova is left of this mould, I'd love to have one of these next to it. Really nice build man, I like it.
  20. Thanks Chaz. Yea, I like the decals in this kit.
  21. Thanks Dave. Thanks Bill. It wasn't too difficult to be honest, just rough in places. Exhaust was buried in flash and looked "lumpy" and the front grill wasn't a great fit but an easy fix. Thanks, Bob. Yeah, I like the blue stripe decals in this kit, shame I got a bit of blackwash leak behind the driver door decal though, lol. Thanks Bob. Yeah, I was expecting a bit of a fight from what I've read about this kit but it's not too bad actually. Everything but the front grill fitted ok. I thought maybe the rear lights would be the worst having such a small precise shape but they fitted perfectly.
  22. Looking forward to getting this one. Love the mid 60's Bonneville bodies. Built a couple of these now and I always want to do another after I've finished, not many kits do that for me.
  23. Beautiful paint. Very well designed looking kit.
  24. That looks really nice. I would never had thought woody trim on a modern car would look good but it works surprisingly well!
  25. I just seen your build in completed section and had to check out the wip, I must have missed this one. I like how you've made everything from the '67 fit a promo so well, amazing work.
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