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  1. aw, thanks for thinking about me guys🥰 haha. I'm still around, I've just been super busy getting my car sorted, and other stuff I've been putting off around the house for far too long. The '71 Charger is still in progress. I've done a bit more on it but not much. I'll post an update on it soon. 





  2. 14 hours ago, 1972coronet said:

    In my experience with this kit, it's the part of the windscreen which is mounted under the cowl which is the offender. Sand the poop out of it until it's tissue-thin; this'll free up space for the dashboard.

    I'm liking the colour combo. At first I thought that you were using the interior tub from the old MPC 1971 Charger annual kit (which is moulded in orange), then I remembered that one of the latest issues of this kit is moulded in that colour.

    Oh, and another item interference to be mindful of: the driveshaft is too long. I've always trimmed the 'shaft at the rear universal joints, just a smidge.

    Yea, the windshield was the issue. It's pretty thick where the locating pins are under the cowl, they don't really need to be there. Thanks for the heads up on the driveshaft👍

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  3. I got started on this a few weeks ago but been spending most of my time fixing up my 1.1 car, not a Charger unfortunately. Progress will be a bit slower than usual because of that. I've got as far as paint, and a vinyl roof, you know how I love them! and I have the chassis/interior temporarily together to fix some fit issues around the windshield and dashboard. Also the hood needed to be shaved super thin over the firewall as it stuck up a little. Tons of flash on this kit but so far it's going well. 



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  4. 14 hours ago, Engine 51 said:

    Nicely done! Have heard from a couple different builders of this rig that the cab needs to be lowered, and it’s not the easiest thing to do. 

    Yea, it is a bit of a pain. The only areas you need to mess about with are the front cab hinges and the cab supports at the back. You can always raise the front bumper instead, to close up the gap there at the front.

  5. I can relate to Revell decals! Not that they're rubbish, they're just very fussy and don't like being moved a lot. Despite the issues you had you turned out cracking looking Chevy there. Love the colour and the clean engine detail, very nice.

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  6. 21 hours ago, Tom99 said:


    Thanks, Tom.


    19 hours ago, Dragonhawk1066 said:

    Well done!

    Thanks, Craig.


    14 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

    Nice collection of Chargers. Well done.

    Cheers Bill. Yes, I've a bit of an obsession going with them, haha.


    9 hours ago, ChrisR said:


    Thanks Chris.


    8 hours ago, David G. said:

    Nice color combination, excellent detailing and construction.

    Yet another fabulous build Gareth!

    David G.

    Cheers David. 


    7 hours ago, FLHCAHZ said:

    I agree!  Fantastic build.  They all look great!

    Thanks, Chaz.


    7 hours ago, Jim B said:

    Very nice looking Charger.  Well done.

    Thanks, James.


    6 hours ago, grodudulle77 said:

    Nice look !! 👍😀

    Thanks Philippe.


    1 hour ago, happy grumpy said:

    Great looking kit. A lot of love went into this. Great job .👍

    Cheers Mario. ..and a lot of styrene Lol

  7. 20 hours ago, Jantrix said:

    You might be the first person I've ever heard say that. Sure is good looking model though. Nice work.

    Haha, I can believe that! Thanks man.

    17 hours ago, mustang1989 said:

    For a kit like this it sure turned out a winner Gareth. You sure know how to make these old kits shine like a diamond man. Just beautiful.

    Cheers, Joe.

    15 hours ago, charger74 said:

    Thats a great looking charger 

    Thanks, Eric.

    15 hours ago, beeRS said:

    Very nice Charger. 

    Thanks, Sonny.

    13 hours ago, slusher said:

    Fantastic Charger! I sure enjoyed watching you build it my friend!

    Thanks man, I know you like watching these Chargers being built:) I have the '71 Charger coming up soon which is new to me, never built one before but looking forward to it.

    13 hours ago, bisc63 said:

    I like these difficult kits to a degree as well, they make us stretch those basic modeling skills. This one came out very nice, and the red interior and stripe really wake up a white car. Your chassis work is notable, and I always enjoy watching your builds come together. Well done!

    Cheers buddy. Yeah, I love red and white combos. The main reason I chose white really is because I had one more tail stripe left over from one of the three on the decal sheet in the '68 Revell Charger kit. 

    11 hours ago, Spottedlaurel said:

    Another great job Gareth!

    Cheers, Nigel.

    11 hours ago, Captain Spaulding said:

    Nice looking Charger.

    Thanks, Jason.

    4 hours ago, espo said:

    Another beautiful looking Charger. I like the color and stripe combination. Good thing you enjoy all the fabrication you do using this kit. 

    Thanks Dave. Yes, it has to be something you enjoy doing for sure. I have an old issue of the '64 Impala I want to "go to town on" so look out for that. No fit issues with that kit if I remember from last time I built one, so half the battle already won there👍

    2 hours ago, Classicgas said:

    Nicest amt 69 I've seen.

    Thanks mate. Hopefully Round2 is watching and think "Hmm, maybe we could do something with this kit"  We can only wish, hu? ..well, I do anyway, haha.

  8. I can't help but love this kit. Deck stripe is from the Revell '68 Charger, I just split it down the centre and closed it up to look more like the '69 stripe. Grille inserts are mostly out of the box but trimmed down using some styrene for the chrome trim line.  Thanks, guys, for checking in to WIP on this, too many mods to list here so here's some pics:)






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